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New Games!

Well, since I havent bought a game since december with CODMW2 and all that i ordered a few games!

1) Blur - played the beta and loved it!

2)Battlefield BC2- had the first one and loved it, got bored of cod and me and my friend want something new to play together online

3) Prince of Persia Forgotten Sands- loved all the POP's so i will love this

4) God of War Collection- never played the first 2 so

5) Batman Arkham Asylum- loved the demo, just never got around to getting it

6)mass effect 2- never got round to getting it, loved the first

Also, i need to get Red Dead Redemption badly!!

peace out

COD MW2 again lol

Just a few days after my last blog post, im getting bored of this game, 3rd prestige will be my last, god its so dmn repetitive and theres so many things in it that tick me off, eg noob tubes

Madden 10

I got this game and its awesome.

Its very hard though, well i think so, but i think thats because ive been player 07 for 3 years, very different

get this game asap!


So, first of all, I was suspended for a day.....because i didnt use the sticky thread. In my post i acknowldged this and waited for an answer in the sticky thread and never got an answer.... Bull ****, but whatever.

I also bought Ninja Gaiden 2, Lost Odyssey and Devil May Cry 4 all for the 360.

That is

Favourite Games

10.SSX 3 (PS2)

9.Grand Turismo 3(PS2)

8.Metal Gear Solid 4(PS3)

7.Battlefield Bad Company(360)

6.Tekken 5(PS2)

5.Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare(360)

4.Mass Effect(360)

3.Assassins Creed(360)

2.Prince of Persia The Two Thrones(PS2)

1.Prince of Persia Warrior Within(PS2)

Getting a PS3!

Yeah im getting one in the next couple of days with

Killzone 2

Resistance 2

LittleBig Planet


Metal Gear Solid 4

Lucky me!

First blog post in two months!

Ok, well, yay christmas tomorrow!! woohoo

also games that i got recently:

Prince of Persia- Awesome!

Mirrors Edge- pretty good

Gears- very good

should be getting lips and COD WAW for xmas

Fable 2 and Saints Row 2

Ok, I just got these games yesterday and spent some time with them, here are my thought:-

Fable 2- This is AMAZING. The graphics are not bad, they can look a bit 'meh' sometimes, but for the most part they look beautiful. The gameplay is awesome. Very easy to get the hangs of. What I love most is that even though the main quests are awesome and intense, ive spent more time just going around, spending time with my wife and baby at my house. Not to mention doing some of the other ladies in town ;), lol, yeah i love this so far.

Saints Row 2- Pretty much the same as number 1 but with updated graphics and more things to do. This is a good thing as i love it, but they could have took something like a cover system from GTA4. Im actually having a funner time with SR2 than I had with GTA4.

Overall I am happy with my purchases :)

Burnout Paradise and Condemned 2

I picked these up two days ago for £15 each, bargain!!!!

Burnout- I really wanted a new racing game seeing as the only racing game I had on the 360 was PGR3. So I picked this up, and I have to say, this is one of the best racing games Ive ever played. In fact its probably my joint fav. racing game along with NFS Underground 2 for PS2. The crashes are so awesome, and the online is so fun. :D

Condemned 2- I was a huge fan of the first game, so I thought I have to pick this up. I love this, the SP is really good and the MP is surprisingly good, I wont write much more because I really cant be bothered but I recommend it.