Back from vacation!!

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Yup that's right! After 5 weeks I'm back at Gamespot. Too bad, because I miss Suriname a lot. I really enjoyed with my friends and family there and I am now so lonely without them. I can't think anything else but Suriname:x. School is beginning almost for me and I fancy Surinam than school! I really don't want to go to school, because I have to make homework and to learn and I am too lazy to do that:cry:

But let's talk about my vacation in Surinam. As you know I enjoyed there a lot. I went to many places and city's there. Ofcourse I live in Paramaribo. I went to Nieuw-Amsterdam, Wanica, Wageningen and Nickerie which took us three hours to go there with the car. Almost each day we went to a cool place.

I also have enjoyed the nature of Surinam and the mountains. There are beautiful and I am not used with mountains, because in Holland you don't have any mountains. I also have sitten for the first time in a Hummer Car and that was amazing. I also shot some pictures which I am going to post now.

This was the airplane which took us to Surinam. It took us eight hours and 20 minutes to go to Suriname. And the food wasn't well at all:?

The beautiful nature of Surinam on the Brownsberg. It was amazing to see it.

The beautiful waterfall of Surinam. And ofcourse we were swimming in that waterfall.

This is the second waterfall I've seen in Suriname. It's really amazing. Fresh and drink water.

This is my uncle's car. They say you don't have much of these Hummer cars in the world. I am not sure if it's true, but the car is amazing from the inside.

I have made hundreds of photos in Surinam, but I rather keep the rest for myself :wink:

I really miss Surinam and really want to go again, but the only thing is, I have no MONEY :cry:

Now I am back at Gamespot, I'll start posting in unions and blogs!

My vacation!

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Yup, at last after 5 years I am going on vacation to my beloved land. I am now very busy with packing my coffers/chest/trunk. I don't have much time to write much, so this blog won't be big, only a few sentences. Where am I going? To Suriname where my parents and family came from, a tropical, hot land.

This pic will show you where:

I'll leave tomorrow and will be back at 2 September (almost 6 weeks!) I hope you guys also will enjoy your summerholidays!

See you!

Recent movies and a Ipod!

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It's a long time I haven't updated my profile with a new fresh blog! So here I'm again. I decided a few days ago to watch Transformers with my uncle in the cinema since I've heard of many people who said it is an awesome movie. Honestly I agree with them. Transformers was an amazing movie, just like Die Hard, althought I don't like many realistic action movies. (NO SPOILERS!)

Transformers. The plot is pretty simple: Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) is a rebellious teenager who buys his first car. Little does he know that this car is actually an alien robot named Bumblebee, sent to protect the human race, along with the rest of the friendly Autobots, against the evil Megatron (Voiced by Hugo Weaving). Overall, Transformers is simply a must see for action fans, and hardcore Transformers fans as well. The action is superbig, and it doesn't slow down. This has become my favourite movie of the summer, and I would highly recommend checking it out during your long 4th of July weekend.

My rating: 9/10

300. When I had first seen the previews for it, it looked like it would be pretty good. But I was just going to wait till it came out on DVD. It's such an amazing and epic movie. From the amazing battle scenes to the well strong story line. The battles with extreme blood and guts. Some scenes were hard to understand for me. But that's what finished such a fantastic movie. Twists. I strongly recommend anyone that hasn't seen this movie to see it as soon as possible.

My rating: 8/10

Live free or die hard. This movie was also good, although I've never seen the previous parts. Yippie Ki Yay... Jerk. Bruce Willis in the forth installment of the Die Hard trilogy and this time not only is he in the wrong place and the wrong time but also has no hair. A simple task of him to take a hacker (played by Justin Long) from New Jersey to Washington D.C. does not go as planned when "terrorists" are planning a "firesale" during the 4th of July. The firesale makes all of technology (such as traffic lights, cell phones, TV) go off and the bad guys are now in control of it. New problems wil face him.

My rating: 8/10

Two weeks ago my brother gave me a new Ipod (4 GB), because he had two of them. I am now very happy with my new Ipod nano and a little bit unhappy. It's not just a MP3, but an annoying one. YES, a real one. I can't transfer music from my pc to my Ipod basically. I have to do with Itunes and Itunes is a very bad and a slow software. I am glad I have found another way to transfer music with winamp. Much easier:D I rather prefered a sony or a samsung MP3, because they are much better in my opinion, but you need to be happy with the things you get, especially if you get it for free:wink:

Spiderman 3 and Halo 3 beta

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(No Spoilers)

Yesterday I watched Spiderman 3 and played Halo 3 beta. Actually I wanted to see the movie earlier, but all the tickets were sold out. So I decided to go a week later. The movie was so amazing and awesome. I really enjoyed the movie. I won't tell any spoilers, but I recommend you to see it too. The movie might be 2 hours and 40 minutes but you'll really enoy it. I still don't know why IMDB gave a 6.7. But in my opinion this part was the best of the whole trilogy

I also played Halo 3 beta yesterday and I also enjoyed of the game. The assault rifle is now stronger and shoot aiming is now lesser than Halo 2. And it's also totally different than halo 1 and halo 2. Somehow I couldn't play Halo 3 on wednesday, because I couldn't click on the 'Download Halo 3 beat' on crackdown. That was weird, but thursday I was able to download it. I am now happy, because Halo 3 is really cool and now I can't wait to play the single player. 

I hope you guys also enjoyed the game and the movie:) 


I got a PSP!

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Yep, it's true. A few days ago I bought a PSP Value Pack. The reason why I did bought it is, because of the games and the functions.

First I wanted to get a a multimedia mp3, but then I realized the PSP is much cheaper and better. You can watch videos, listen to music, high quality 3d games, downloading videos and you can also go on the internet via Wi-Fi and more stuffs.
I am very happy to have one, because the playstation portable is soo amazing. And I also bought a Dragonball Z game.

These things are the next things I am going to get:

Accesoires: PSP cover, screen guard, pocket, bag and a 4 GB memory stick

Games: Metal Gear Solid Portable, Killzone, Killzone Liberation, GTA Vice city stories, Pro Evolution and Prince of Persia Rival Swords.

Movies: Casino Royale, Silent Hill and Ghostrider

I think these stuffs are enough for my PSP:)

My 15th anniversary!

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Yup, today it's my birthday. I am 15 years and also very happy. :D:D:D

Some people will visit and ofcourse they will give me presents.  

15 years old is not a big step to the new world, but I am older and it feel good to be older, because I am allowed to do more things.:D 

Old Disney Movies!

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Well, Yesterday I was watching some old disney movies which my brother got. These movies are so amazing. Disney films are so awesome. Don't think I am a little baby who is watching some baby movies. It reminds me when I was a little kid, I always watched these movies with my dad. Aladdin, Little Mermaid, The Lion king, Beauty and the beast, Peter Pan, Bambi and many more. A great story, beautiful music and nice graphics. Just see and you will realise how amazing these old Disney Movies are!

So, I introduce you Aladdin- A Whole New World!!!

Turn up the volume and listen!


Prison Break and Lost

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Yup, time for a new blog. I have decide to watch the popular series Prison Break, since I have heard of many people it's one of the best. Also all the ratings of the episodes of Prison Break on are higher than a 9. So I have now watched the first five episodes of season 1. And it is pretty good and it is exciting. I hope it will be exciter and better. 


But still I prefer Stargate Alantis and Lost. Lost is just the best series in my opinion, just every episode is excited. Something the series force my the get the whole season, and I just need to see all the episodes. But it won't be cool to watch the whole season in one day. The series has only three seasons. That just so sad. Lost is brilliant as in one hour it can make you feel the whole spectrum of emotions from shock and ecstasy to fear and sadness because even though its a show about a struggle for survivel on a desert island its also about the characters. And it's not just about a bunch of people stranded on an island solving problems that come their way, this island has some REALLY freaky things going on in it. Such as: A "monster" type thing that tears up trees and kills a few people (but no one has actually seen), polar bears start attacking people (on a TROPICAL island), these "special" numbers keep on appearing everywhere, some sort of hatch is embedded in the ground....with no way to open it, I could go on and on.....but it's better if you just see it for yourself.

My own union video

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Yup. I have made an introduction video for my union.  Earlier I made an video for another union. But this time I had worked really hard for this. Just with a lot of ideas. It tooks a few days. I am also very sorry for not beeing active in some unions. I am really sorry. I have tried to make it professional. I have worked with Magix Movie Edit pro 10 and it was really good. Some things aren't so good, but I am not a professional. Only the video quality is somehow worse than I expected:(

Comment will be appreciated and maybe I will change it. And also rate :D




The Champions League (First knockout round)

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Anybody watch Champions League?
Yup the Champions League First knockout round has began already. Some clubs were very disappionting to me.
Here are the results:

Roma - Lyon: 0-0 Second Leg: 06/03
Barcelona - Liverpool: 1-2 Second Leg: 06/03
Porto - Chelsea: 1-1 Second Leg: 06/03
Internazionale - Valencia 2-2 Second Leg: 06/03

Celtic - Milan: 0-0 Second Leg: 07/03
PSV - Arsenal: 1-0 Second Leg: 07/03
Lille - Man.United: 0-1 Second Leg: 07/03
Real Madrid - Bayern: 3-2 Second Leg: 07/03

Damn, Barcelone really disappointed me this match versus Liverpool. They were playing really bad to me, and didn't come with real actions. And Chelsea 1-1:(
I thought Lyon was a really powerful team that surely would win from Roma. And Real Madrid either.
PSV was the only team that had made me happy as results against Arsenal 1-0

I hope that they'll play better in the second leg.