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Wait a minute guys!

no one answered my question.


are you sure I can play the Story mode with 2 (+) players?????

I need a games that supports the story mode for more than just 1 player... at least 2


So, what about the "Ratchet & Clanck: Collection"... at the PSS ti says 1-4 players.

but do they mean the Story mode? 

Because that's what I need 

Same about Little Big Planet and other suggestions 

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Ratchet & Clank? But as far as i know you can not play the story mode in 2 players...

it's like... side quests, mini matches...  I mean something that we go for it together for a long game, not just a match 

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I'd like to play a game which has a 2 (or more) players mode, which may be like Super Mario Wii game

something like Rayman Origins?

you know, some monsters, jump, attack, take coins or whatever... platformers


obviously for PS3, and if possible to be on the PS store (US)

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Wair guys... isn't it the same game?

what's the difference? 

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will this come to Playstation Store? or only on CDs?


it's actually more modern to put every game for digital download... I wtopped buying CDs... it's cheaper to buy digitally and you can always keep your copy safe and always availabe 

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Will it come to Playstation Store? or only on CDs?

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I haven't noticed it's a different title though... well it was just an example - there are many other games that are supposed to be Cross-buys God of War Origins Collection for instance... Ninja Gaiden titles what about The Walking dead which will soon be realeased for PS Vita? wil I have to pay for another season pass? it's insane , seriously guys...
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E3 2013 - and not any single word about Cross-Buy? (PS3/Ps44 - Vita)

I mean... what aobut the double platform games? 

Shouls I still pay twice to play the game on the Ps4 and on the Vita?

where the revolutionary thing about the "games" and not just the PS4 platform?


Batman Origins is coming out soon on PS3 and PS-Vita... I hope they'll make it a cross-buy game, and the rest of the upcoming titles

otherwise, there's nothing revolutionary about the gaming world, but jsut milking moneyyyyyyyy 

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But it makes no sense!

Someone has to do something about it! a protest, an article in the gaming zone... I don't know...

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I'm not a blogger or a journalist. However I really hope some people could identify with me andmaybe share my thoughts somewhere else in the net and make a difference.


I received a Vita about half a year ago with Uncharted, in a grift box with a ribbon. I was really glad to own it...

After I played the fantastic Uncharted game, and I started looking for other games, either hard or digital copy (PS Store).

I purchased the Rayman: Origins for PS3, but I felt bad about the fact that it costs 20$, while the Vita version is 26$. that's tottaly unfair.

It MUST be a cross-buy game! Why does Sony allow this... stealing thing.... hwo come?

the same about the upcoming games like Final Fantasy HD. for the PS3 they sell a collection, but for Vita they sell it seperately ? it's stealing out money - I obviously am going to buy the PS3 version just because it's cheaper, but am I going to use my Vita one day? ever? 

how the hell on earth do they make it? will he have more cross-buys?