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Is it too late to get a ps3?

Hello everyone , so now i am thinking of getting a ps3 ! i want to play the exclusives mainly... do u guys think its too late?? or is it even worth it just to play the exclusives ???

Can i buy PAL PS3 From U.S?

Hello everyone ...

So i am going to get a ps3 from the USA (Cheaper) , I know the PS3 is Region Free , but my problem is with the voltage difference , in the Middle East we use 220-240V but in the USA they use 120 V , in Europe(PAL) they use 220 V too ...

SO my question is can i get a PAL PS3 220V from the USA??

Any help Would be appreciated ! :D

HEllo everyone! NooBFeed

hello everyone!

so lately i have been unavtive for a sum of reason the most important one is because i joined another site called NoobFeed .

and its great everyone should try it , the community is great as well as friendly! i would apreciate it if u try it!

BTW i am not leaving Gamespot! i am just more into NoobFeed

MassEffect 1 + 2

Hey guys .

i will get straight to the point so i want to get mass effect 2 (it got a 9.6 on IGN) but in the review they say its better if u have the save from the first game but i played the first one on the pc (and deleted the save) so what do u guys think? should i play the first again to get the save? ( mind u i will be playing both on the x360)

Hello Guys I Am Back!!

Hello everyone Hows it been going? missed ya all.

So i moved to a new house and as am typing my computer is on the floor because i yet to have a new desk for it :D

i've been busy latley And i got a new LCD TV samsung 32" and a new optical fiber internet and two new games , darksiders and darkvoid , and one old one which is crackdown :D .. but man the graphics are completely amazing when playing the xbox on a 32" TV everything is clear i replayed the aweful games just to see how much better they look :D ( but now i am replaying batman AA :D ) .

Now about the weather its pretty cold here its been raining for 3 days straight , accompanied with lightning and thunder ofcourse :) .

Anyway how are u guys anything changed?.

Optical Fiber better than ADSL?

I guess optical fiber is better right ? and i read somewhere that fiber link gives u what buy like if i bought 1 MB internet speed my download speed will be 1 MB? i don't think that is true but i gotta be sure! so what do u guys think!?

THank u for reading