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hmm when i think about it a ff7 with ps3 graphics would be awesome but if i was square enix and i was about to go bust i would use FF7 as a save for the company because i konw lots of people would buy it theres been alot of rumors about this but i dont think they will remake it. all i know is that there making more movies like FFAC and more games like Crisis Core but about Cloud but again this is only a rumor
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hmmm... *thinks really really hard* its soo hard to decide! they are all cool apart from the ff12 ones they are useless xD

for me it has to be either Bahamut and Diablo Bahamut is pure awesomeness in terms of looks and power plus its non elemental damage so bye bye Behemoth xD all though in FF7 there was like 3 forms *i think!* and i only used Neo Bahamut the most. i think Bahamut is the best in FF10 personaly he looks ao awesome and mega flare is just sooo powerfull.

Diablo is also another one of my favourites because again it does damage dependsing on your max hp and doubles it or somthing like that i remeber startin disc 2 and dealing 9999 damage with him on everything because of how high my hp was. ans plus hes a giant bat and bats are awesomessssssssss xD

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[QUOTE="altyendings"]same here Tetra Master is awesome its on VIII too! ;)magitekk

I don't know if it's quite the same game. FFVIII's card game was called Triple Triad and FFIX's was Tetra Master. They seemed very similar, but Triple Triad seemed a lot harder for me.

they are in a sence because they are both the same game with difrent cards and a difrent name i never got to play the ff9 version though because my copy of the game doesnt work :( FF8 is quite annyoing though silly rules and stuff its all confuseing!

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I was never able to get into any FF minigames. :/DrAwesomeMD

really? wow i guess it depends on what you like to do more in a Ff game

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@altyendings: now I see more great games. Resistence, GTA, and Assassin's CReed 2. You must have quite a selection.EthAnDRake72

yea i do about 30 odd games but i dont have the time to play them all xD also i just noticed the lil roxas next to your sig Awesome!!! :D

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same here Tetra Master is awesome its on VIII too! ;)
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still playing Dissidia 410 hours in..... yea i have way to much time on my hands till uni starts again. also still trying to do all the marks on FF13
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would poison count? if so it would have to be poison i like to kill things slowly :P
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i dont see why people are giving ff13 low scores i gave it a great score you guys should check out my review :)
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anyone here ever played a silent hill game?? i just brought silent hill orgins for my psp and i really like it