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Where does the time go? Huge update blog about everything!!

Hi Everyone :D

it's been nearly two months since my last blog :shock: I should of done my birthday blog on my birthday but it was my 18th this year so I was busy :P I also did record a video blog but by the time i got a chance to even get it uploaded i had even more new stuff to do a video blog about and I just thought well I might aswell wait a few weeks and do a huge video blog. I will come back to the idea shortly once I get some other stuff put into this blog which I get the feeling will be very huge :?

Birthday Gifts

So my birthday was nearly 2 months ago on the 22nd of may I should of done my birthday blog either day after or on the day but I got dragged to work for a few weeks and never really got the chance to do a decent blog. i had a very nice birthday and I got some awesome gifts from my fellow Gamespotters Hanzoadam and benleslie.

My Parents got me a new TV for my birthday since my old one was dying very slowly. Heres a picture

Its a very nice TV and to my surprise that was just the start of what I got....

ingore the awesome Japanese game i will get back to that in a second. My parents got me a Vita aswell and i was like OMG :P The vita is a very good console and it is very very impressive in terms of processing power and all the awesome things it can do. When i do my video blog I will be reviewing the Vita and another game I Imported aswell so look out for that :)

Now from my fellow Gamespotters I got

These awesome gifts are from my very good friend Hanzoadam :D The figure above is a 00 Exia from Gundam 00 Its very awesome if you look back at the picture of my Tv i Have it standing infront of it as a sort of guardian :P

The manga is Rose Hip Zero its very good I've read it 5 times. i want to get volume 2 so i will have to look on Ebay when I can.

The next gift is a drawing from benleslie5

This is a very awesome drawing of Inori from Guilty Crown which he drew for me the weekend before my birthday and then PM'ed me the picture on Gamespot. i currently have it on my wall alone with my posters :) When i do my video blog try and spot it while I give you all a tour around my very small room :P

From Steve (matastig) i got God Of War 1 HD and God Of War 2 HD from his PSN account.

Recent Pickups/Imports

Okay thats all of that out of the way :P As you may have read above i mentioned I have been working with my dad the past few weeks so i have brought some awesome stuff over the past couple of weeks well months now really :P

I got

Tales Of Graces f, Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City and Devil May Cry HD Collection.

Tales Of Graces f is awesome I had to buy a US copy for 45 quid from Grainger Games but by god it was worth it. If you like JRPGs you MUST buy this game!!!

Resident Evil ORC is a okay game luckly for me I got it just as Capcom patched the Ai and sorted out some bugs. Ita a good game for a spin off and its a decent shooter though i can see how people felt dissapointed with it when they playec it.

Devil May Cry HD Collection.

I had a problem with this when I got it. I brought this game a few weeks before my birthday and I still had my old SD TV. i was really hyped to play DMC3 again until the cutscences started,,, The sound lags about 15 seconds behind the picture it was really annyoing which is why i wanted a Hd Tv and once i Had the Tv it was fine. Capcom you suck for that but you are kind of forgiven because i love DMC.

Now on to my Imports.

Look at the picture of my Vita above. The game there is a import for my PS3 its called Gundam Extreme VS cost me about £42 from Ebay and it arrived within a week of ordering it. Its avery awesome game its a arcade fighter with Gundams which are jkust huge badass robots that look aweome :P Look out for a gameplay review in future video blogs!

Next is a Vita Import

One of THE best portable game I have played in a very very long time. This is Gundam Seed Batttle Destiny. Its like the Gundam games on the PSP and it is alot of fun to play it has about 80 mobile suits to play with 50 pilots to play as or 52 if you make a 2 custom pilots.


So with the money I earned I also preordered a few figures and games.

The first figure I preordered was

My friend spotted this a few weeks back and I was like I MUST HAVE THAT FIGURE!!!! so yeah I preordered her. i forgot about this figure until I finished watching Guilty Crown this weekend :P

Now the games i preordered are


I never got to play these games on my PS2 and when I saw this at £22.85 preorder I just couldnt resist the buy button :P Cant wait to its released its gonna be awesome

The last Preorder i did was...


I brought this because I watched the trailer a few weeks ago and saw Rin and heard some songs i listen to on my Vita so I thought hell why not.

Well I'm gonna end this blog here and do another one either next week but as a Video blog or just a normal blog at the end of the week.

But berfore i go i was wondering do you guys have any questions for me at all? I can answer them on my video blog for you :)

Well thats it thanks for reading this longish blog and I hope you enjoyed it :) Look out for any future Video Blogs! :)