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The Crooked Man, Guild Wars and catching up on missed anime

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Hey Everyone! 

Yes another blog from yours truely and today I'm gonna show you all a pretty neat indie horror game thats free on the internet called The Crooked Man.


The Crooked Man is an excellent game it provides a very tense atmosphere imo and has a great storyline. I've been playing for about an hour or so and already haad one bad ending but managed to get around it =P 



You may be thinking holy crap its pokemon! no... no it's not =P The Crooked Man plays like pokemon in a sence where you use the wsad keys to move around and the enter key to look or pick up items in the story. It also has an awesome soundtrack to boot. If anyone is interested in this game just google The Crooked Man and download the game =)


Guild Wars 


Guild Wars is an MMORPG from ncsoft/arenanet. Guild Wars is a game I played while i was in Year 9 at school and stoped playing at the end of summer before i started college. To put into account how long I've played for my current playtime is 1582 hours. i loved this game back in the day but now I want to play through it all again but the damn severs are empty because Guild Wars 2 was released not too long ago. I may end up buying Guild Wars 2 to see if I like it.



Sword Art Online Catch-Up


Its been SOOOO LONG since I acutally watched SAO I never finished it either I got to about episode 13 at best and didnt continue =? I'm gonna start watching it all again tonight though and see how far I get and hopefully finish it. NO SPOILERS PLEASE! =P


Anyway everyone thanks for reading =)