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Ordered some more games and i was gonna do something else but i forgot my USB!!!

Hi Everyone! :D

First of all I did take a few pictures last night of my Yu-Gi-Oh card collection the games I'm currently playing and a random picture of me but for some reason there not showing up on my MP3 player :cry: useless piece of crap!!! :x :P I will try to add them into my next blog or edit them in later :) I also thought i would take a picture of myself because I havent done my video blog yet which i promised you guys awhile back I would do. I'm thinking of doing the video blog after my birthday so you can see what i got ect ect.

So with my birthday in a month and 2 days (may 22nd) I showed my mum what I wanted for my birthday and well I got het to order the following.

Agarest Generations Of War Zero Collectors Edition :Trailer


First of all no I wont get the awesome t-shirt unless I get it from Ghostlight but the game and all the other extras are only £20 on amazon so I thought it would be nice for my mum to save abit of money hahaha "save money" :twisted: :P

Devil May Cry HD Collection

dmc_hd_box_art.jpg :Trailer

For those that know me well you will knoe that I love DmC games and should know I'm not gonna miss getting the HD collection :P Always loved Dante hes badass well he will be until the reboot comes out later this year :P I'm absolutly crazy about it!! :P

Resident Evil 6

06-Resident-Evil-6.jpg :Trailer

CANT WAIT I dont care what you guys say about me but I'm hyped! I know release isnt until novemeber but I got my mum to preorder through so I hope it arrives really.

Dragons Dogma

dragons-dogma-box-art-ps3.jpg :Trailer

Only just saw the trailer for this last night looks epic its like Dark Souls got thrown in a blender with Devil May Cry :P okay Steve you can kill me for that :P Comes out on the 25th of may so I will have to wait a few days until it arrives.

Tales Of Graces F

Tales-of-Graces-F.jpg :Trailer

Another game I really cant wait for I might even ask my mum really nicely if I can have it early because we had to get a US copy because the UK release isnt until september the 1st I think.

Thats it guys! There are a few more games I might get with any money I get for my birthday which I will list below but I might not end up getting some of them unless there abit cheaper then what they currently are our going to be or depending on reviews.

Sniper Elite V2

Max Payne 3

Ghost Recon Future Soldier

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City

I hope you enjoyed my blog and I will sort out my pictures for next time :)

Thanks for Reading!