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Hello Everyone!

So as my title suggests I have a new PC and yes I do so I have spent most of the day logging into old accounts on various MMO's I used to play and downloading a few game from Steam.

The first game I downloaded was



Warframe is a free to play 3rd person coop shooter and is really really good. The combat is mixed with shooting and melee combat with a sword. i;ve played it for about 2 hours or so and its really good for a free game.

Afterwards I downloaded

Blacklight Retribution


This is a free to play FPS game that is mostly about online matches against other players. The game play is like CoD or Battlefield. Its a really good game and has a uber cool feature in the gameplay where you can look through walls to see where other players are and get the advantage over them. Unfortunatly its more of a Pay to win game where you can spend real life money to buy upgrades and weapons rather than waiting to amass the amount needed with the in game currency system. However it doesnt really give other players an advantage because the game is well ballanced.

If anyone wants to add me on Steam then search my user ID which is LionheartFFVIII.

Thanks for reading everyone, now I have a PC i can blog again!! so what shall I blog about next? haha =P