I'll be older soon, New Pickups and my damn internet is down =(

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Who's missing me then? :P

Hope everyone has been enjoying the nice warm weather in the Uk this weekend its been really nice unless of course you play on a PC all day like myself and end up melting into your chair due to the combined heat of the sun and a PC... it;s not nice :lol:

Anyway's as my title suggests it's almost my birthday AGAIN, seriously it can't be a year already since my 18th :? This year I shall be 19 on the 22nd of May. Already decided I'm tottally going to be seeing Star Trek Into Darkness for my birthday since the last film was epic. 




New Pickups.

This week I took the money I've been saving.. well some of it and brought myself some awesome stuff.

Fire Emblem Awakening. 


This was £35 from Grainger Games in my town centre, wish I preordered it and got the art book. I'm loving this game sp far since i don't usually enjoy grid based games such as this but its just fantastic. Only about 5 hours in just leveling up all my characters for bigger battles so I don;t just use one team for every battle.

Hitman Sniper Challenge


I brought this because it was 25p in HMV, havent had the chance to play it yet because my internet is down :(

Final Fantasy 7 PC 


It was 4.99 on the square enix store at the start of the week so i thought hell why not, still not tried the Pc version out because as I've already mentioned my internet is down :(

Legacy of Kain Soul Reasver 1 & 2 + Blood Omen 2 





Legacy Of Kain is a series I've been wanting to play again for such a long time it's been killing me :P I noticed the entire series was like 99p a game so I brought the ones i didn't already have for my Pc which made me really happy.... then of course my internet went down.... D:

Battlefield 3 Premium


Brought the Premium version of Battlefield 3 because Origin had a St George's day sale on and it was £21.50, I'm really enjoying it and the DLC is really good, I quite like trying to mow people down on a dirt bike :P


I don't know why but my internet went down last monday which really annoyed me, nobody has been in since friday so my dad rang and arranged for a technition to come down and fix the problem. of course that was yeasterday and nobody turned up :( There just being lazy due to it being a bank holiday weekend over here in the UK. I swear to god if it's not up by tuesday someones gonna die... 


Anyway everyone thanks for reading my blog and hope your all having a great weekend, I'm gonna go level some more on Fire Emblem :P