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PSN Error Code 8002A231.... i Think Ive Been Suspended.... D:

Okay so i just tryed to log into my account (LionheartFFVIII) and for some reason i got the following error message.. You Cannot Use PSN With This Account... i have no idea whay i have been suspened ibecause i was online like and hour ago i dont swaer at people i dont go trolling in Home i dont swear over my headset i dont pick on people or say anything offensive... so i really dont know whats going on... ive heard that an email gets sent to the email address of the account which your PSN is linked to in 48 hours... so i guess im gonna have to use one of my many other Accounts till this is sorted.....

Got My 8th Platinum

Plated Dead Nation today so i never have to play THE most boring game in the world again..... it is a good game but when you have played through it like 5 times through and you know every location of every bit of loot and every zombie spawn location in the game, so now im trying to decide what to plat next i could plat Infamous but i needa find those last 2 blast shards... max out all powers as a good guy and take over all discrits which wont take long at all... Or i could plat Brink i just need finsh hard and kill people with certian weapons like satchel charges and get to rank 5 as well which is basicly get you charactor up to level 20 Anyway peeps im off Thanks For Reading

Brought Brink and Damn Those Blast Shards!

well i brought Brink the other day its a pretty good game i really like how the parkour works even though about 75% of the time you find yourself never using it.... The love the level of customisation in the game its huge from charactor design to gun camos and attachments and thers atleast 40+ guns in this game my favouirte weapon is the SMg that looks live the TDI Vector its really powerfull and has an insane rate of fire.. i will review the game shortly so be sure to keep a look out for it =) To this day i still havnet found the last few balst shards i need in Infamous... i only need 2 but mehh im taking a breck from that allthough i will go on it to take over the Neaon and the Warren becuase i still need the trophys for doing that and i still need to max out all the powers on my good svae as well... Anyway Peeps i have som Anime to be watching Thanks For Reading! ;D

Infamous 348/350 Blast Shards....

Hello Everyone... As you can tell by my blog title ive been hunting those annyoing blast shards in Infamous i only need 2 more but i have no idea where they are at all and ive combed through each part of the city about 1000000 times and nothing... ive got all of the ones on the prison and the really odd one in the Neon that in the middle of the ocean and the one thats at the top of the skyscraper but nothing its really annyoing me too since i only need that and a few more trophys for the plat =( Im gonna plat Killzone 3 so i can trade it in to get Brink so i can do it on COOP with my good friend Hanzoadam when he gets back from hoilday, i also need to finsh DW Strikeforce on my playthrough so i can do the storyline hes doing with him and then get to the next boss on Borderlands so he can help me get a gold trophy so i can get a trophy for killing a boss in coop... Anyway guys im off to go eat i will blog again tomorrow or maybe in afew days Thanks for Reading!! :)

Reach Out To The Truth

For Those of you that HAVENT played persona 4 yet Reach Out TO The Truth is the name of the opening theme to the game which im currently listening to while i type out this blog... Recently i reached Trophy Level 15.. at 1840 trophys i finally hit the level ive been wnating to get to when i first opened my PS3 i would post a picture but i cant since i blog on my PS3s internet browser (which sucks) becasue i dont have acsess to a PC or a Laptop since all of mine dont work... =(. I Started a Anime called Mayo Chiki! the main character reminds me alot like my self i just dont get nosebleed when a girl touches me... im just incredibly shy around girls... Anyway Doods and Doodets im off i got some house work that needs doing so i can play my PS3 allday like i usualy do

Infamous and Persona 4

Hi Everyone Anyway as you can tell from my blog title ive been playing Infamous and Persona 4 first lets talk about Infamous Ive been playing it again soon after completing it on friday i started my Bad save data im allready about to fight Alden again to get the ray sphere, i love the bad karma powers like the awesome "light grenade" and megaton hammer it makes the game lag so bad if your riding the rails and keep spamming an infinte amount of these. Also ive only got 140 blast shards left to collect and 10 more dead drops to find so the plat is in the bag once ive done that but i do have to go back to my data as a good guy and get the max out all good karma powers and the same goes for my bad data too. Ive alos been playing Persona 4 while taking a break from being such an awesome badass =P ive got to the battle against Kanjis other self but he keeps kiciking my ass so bad i need to go train everyone on my team is level 20 but everyones equipment is top notch =/ anyway guys im off to bed Cya!

New Games Ordered!

Hey Guys I just ordered the following for when they are released.. Mass Effect 3 MW3 MGS HD Collection ICO HD Collection Silent Hill Downpour Battlefield 3 Bleach Soul Resurrection Resident Evil 4 HD and Code Veronica X Games i still need to buy and really really want Code Geass Lost Colors Another Centurys Episode R Dynasty Warriors 7 and the Gundam Games aswell Infamous 2 some i might wait for a price drop like Infamous 2 and i need to order Code Geass Lost Colors and Another Centarys Episode R from Japan anyway im gonna finsh up this blog and go get somemore trophys on Infamous

End Of Week Blog Volume 1

Well Everyone heres my first of many end of week blogs, i will be doing these when i can i will blog about my trophys and what ive done this week and talk about what games i want to order/ordered and what anime im watching. So last night after requesting the help of Co-Op partner me and Matastig finished the story last night it was soooo much fun and awesome we kept trying to get all the loot in all of the missions but we kept geting 96% =( but with is help we got all the armor well i was missing 2 but i went back and got those this morning, also i started it on Grim which is hard mode and ive gotten to chapter 6 in 3 hours i was at chapter 8 but the game glitched and made all of the zombies run at 5x there normal speed and instakill me =( This week i started watching Fate Stay Night which is awesome i love it i will tell you guys more about it in my next blog since ive only watched 3 episodes lol xD anyway guys thats it for now since im doing this on my PS3 and have reached the limit for words :roll:

My Evil Plan...

just been playing Dead Nation with matastig again.... he kept dying because he kept walking in my grenades and getting killed by bosses called Slashers which have blades for arms so i have to kill everything myself :P Also Just-Adam... that lazy virus of yours spreads really fast :P I was playing Infamous again today i love the static thrusters and the megaton hammer there awesome. I might play Persona 4 from where i left off i was going to fight Kanjis otherself but stopped playing it for some reason... I also started Fate Stay Night its awesome it reminds me of Bleach but with a better Storyline Im gonna be doing my end of week blog tomorrow as well so stay tuned to my blogs :D

Hunting Zombies

Me and Matastig started Dead Nation today it was funny he kept saying that the odd zombie that pops up after killing 30 odd is Just-Adam being lazy, i think i will call him Just-Lazy now :P I might have an anime night tonight heres what i might watch... Angel Beats Code Geass (Again) Darker Than Black or maybe Bleach... or you guys could recommend me one and i will post my feedback in the morning :P Anyway guys im gonna take a break catch you all later!