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*LATE* 2 year on Gamespot Blog

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Hello Everyone! i posted a blog a few days ago regarding me being on Gs for 2 years and i asked you all some questions and i will post the answers now and also ade a few other bits aswell as i go along =)

i joined Gs 2 years ago on the 16th of November because i was downloading some mods and patches for my copy of Oblivion for the Pc and i noticed that you could post blogs and videos pictures add friends well you know what i mean so i started tracking people aswell has adding my good friend warbrady because we were in the media class when we were at school. so every day i was in my media lesson and had finished all of my work i was on here looking for interesting people to track.. i know the first person i started tracking was Darkman2007 then from his friends list i found my good friend Hanzoadam and well you get the picture right? =P

Since then i have made alot of friends and joined alot of unions and met alot of people with the same interests as me and even got introduced to anime whiich is what i watch now instead of Tv because TV off here in the Uk has gotten really bad and i mean bad

Also with being on Gs i have found THE greatest people to be my friends on the PSn and just to name a few heres my list

@Hanzoadam- ive played the odd game of MW"s spec ops mode with you and tryed to help you get the plat but we never got around to it but we had alot of fun on DW Strikeforce =D you have also reccomended me all the anime i have watched and have reccomended me some really great games for me to play on my PS3 aswell and we used to talk ahell of a lot but now we dont get the chance we should play something soon when your not uber busy =)

@matastig- We have done everything together lol killed zombies gone tresure hunting and slayed a few trolls i always talk with you and your always make me laugh Steve

@Just-Adam- we have played the odd game on Uncharted 2 with matastig but you were allways on the other team and always kicked my butt but you always laughed when i kepy going NOOO and kept saying i was a cheater when i killed you =P

@Darkman2007 when i first brought my PS3 we played a few games of GTAIV it was alot of fun but you were always better than me at it by far xD we should play some more some time =)

Questions and Answers (QnA)

so in my last blog there was a few questions posted my way from some of my friends and i have my answers for them now


1.What's your relationship with blimps really
2.Do you have any brothers and sisters.
3.Worst game you've ever played.
4.As we all can see down here you gave Gears of War 3 a score of 1.0 why?
5.A while ago i was chatting with you about something so personal and i was kinda sad and told that i miss my Fiance but all the sudden out of nowhere and without warning you typed :
you know Hanzo is really smart *and my brain was all over the wall* i mean what was that all about? and don't blame the blimps that was really weird and i've never felt so disconnected during a conversation before, it was like my mouth saying words, but your brain is thinking monster trucks!......

!. i just like then i think they look funny :lol:

2 no i do not thank god trust me i would be driven mad by a brother or sister :?

3. hmmm Dantes Inferno and Gears Of War

4. i hate the gears of war series the controll are horrible and the storyline is something a 4 years old made by watching the odd war film copying deaths form the film so the characters die the smae ways with a crappy musical score thrown onn top... plus is a xbox game :roll:

4. i already answerd that in my last blog :P


Favourite Anime at the moment?

well i am really enjoying this anime

i love the stroy and characters i really likeInori Yuzuriha too... ;)

What Manga are you reading right now?

well im not readiny any as of yet but i was reading a few weeks ago over the net..

lol thats it @Just-Adam you had a question for me dood but you forget to tell me what it was! :cry: message me or post it in the comment section and i will edit it in later =)

anyway guys and gals thank you all for an amazing 2 years on this awesome yet glicthed up website and i hope i have many more great years to come:D

2 Years on Gs?

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wow i dint even know till i looked at the date i joined and then todays date.. i do think i missed my 1st year blog xD

i will have to prepare something to put down for my blog i will do it next week if anyone has any questions to ask or anything at all feel free to tell me

Not Again..

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so guys im not gonna be online till hopefully the 16th of december because im dad has kicked me off the internet for coming home early from college when i wasnt ment to which wasnt really my fault because i thought i didnt need to do ict the other day at college and well yeah he thought i was twaging it to play MW3....

Also i finished MW3... i wasnt impressed by it really the story felt rushed and i olny really liked the missions where you play as Task Force 141

i will write a review later

The Adventures Of Jack And Steve (An introduction to my random life on PSN)

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well everyone this blog is actually a joke blog that matastig started with me on the PSN the other day, for somereason he started calling me Jack on the PSN (when he knows my real name) so ive started to call him Steve which in reaction he said i owned him, but after which i thought hell i could mkae a silly adventure sort of blog outta this with some of the games where gonna be playing over the next week or so, and for good measure a few of my others GS friends will be added to the story but you will have to wait and see whos gonna be added =P basically me Stig and Just Adam are gonna be sharing ideas about what we can write like a mini story marking our greatest gaming achiviments and also taking the mess out of each other, expect to see a video poping up like matastigs RPG battle video which is located on his Gs page which i would link but i dont know how =P

In other news my copy of UC3 was posted the other day but im not allowed to open it till christmas =( since i asked my mumu if i could have MW3 instead, also i preordered Skyrim because it looks awesome and ive got MGS Hd collection on the way to which i really cant wait to play since i never started Peace Walker on my PSP

anyway guys the Adventure of Jack And Steve and Dr.Evil will start next week once i finished drafing so silly ideas and scripts since i think it will be fun to do something like this

oh and also matastig told me we are all allready dead i was killed by a Blimp according to him xD

Small Update

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Got My 9th Plat... CoD Classic Watched Gulity Crown it was awesome Preordered MW3... say what you wish we have different opinions Preordered Uncharted 3 Getting Sick Of Online Gaming RIP Simoncelli (MOTO GP Driver)

ohhhhh interesting

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just noticed that FFX as been added to the list of PS2 games coming to the PS3 in awesome HD... i cant wait i really cant i loved FFX and now its coming to HD!!!! i do wish some other games would come out in hd like...

Legacy Of Kain Blood Omen/Soul Reaver

Persona 3/4

Final Fantasy 7/8/9/Crisis Core

Kingdom Hearts1/2 Final Remix(i think i can hear Hanzo shout why!!) =P

i am trying to think of others but i cant think of any.... i really cant i know that Resident Evil 4 is coming out in HD along with Silent Hill but im not sure what else to add.... im sure you guys can think of some other games

Also im working on my return to the PSN when i can as i said in my last blog it could take a few days or weeks its all about begging my dad to turn it on again since i had a fall out with him not too long ago and need to sort it out.

Well Guys and Gals thanks for reading my wish list :cry:

GUNDAM!!! and an update

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well hello everyone i thought i would do a blog since im hijacking my dads computer while hes not in hahahaha :twisted:

well i brought myself some new games the other day i brought

I love this game its awesome the gameplay is fantastic its a hack and slash game but it weridly doesnt get boring the gameplay is more or less about capturing the opposing forces fields which eventually lowers the defenses at there HQ and allows you to destory there Gundams and make there commander to appear on the battlefield. i will review this game soon.

Dungeon Siege 3 Limited Edition

Well this game is pretty decent i got it from my local supermarket for £12 ive played the other 2 games and all the expansions before it so i wanted to see what was new the combat is like Dragon Age like everything else in the game since it has been made by the same guys who did Dragon Age. The game play is really hack and Slash on the Ps3 and is really easy but the story isnt going far if anyone is interested in buy this game try the demo.

Red Faction

Well this game is allright i got it for £7 and well its allright the Geo Mod 2.0 is aweome but the game itself isnt my thing since i dont play alot of Free Roaming games like this but i will get around to playing it more since ive only played it for like 25 minuets and have nothing to say about it =P

anyway guys if you miss me on the Psn then i should be back in the coming weeks and will talk to Matastig and Hanzoadam later on so you guys need to keep an eye on your PMs =)

Everyone else thank you for reading my update blog =)

Update on PSN Account Status and Revisting Johto

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Hello Everyone as the peoples who read my last blog know i said i was suspended from the PSN well i got my message from Song and i got banned for the following reason... Dear Lionheart FFVIII This message is regarding that of your current status of you Playstation Network Account. Your account has been suspended for 7 days due to the use of harsh language on the XMB menu. this isnt a copy of the email i just typed it up from what i could remeber from when i read it. This is obviouly a joke from one of my friends because i dont tend to swaer unless im tslking to a friend but im not bothered i return on the 12th so.... Anyway while im waiting for my account to be enabled once more i have been playing Pokemon Heart Gold and well i finished it in a day beat the Elite Four in 19 hours or so and got all the kanto badges in half a day but i have fully trained alot of pokemon while beeing offline and have a team for WiFi all i need are a few friend codes until i get Pokemon Black My Fc is 4856 8409 3288 (HG)