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I'll be older soon, New Pickups and my damn internet is down =(

Who's missing me then? :P

Hope everyone has been enjoying the nice warm weather in the Uk this weekend its been really nice unless of course you play on a PC all day like myself and end up melting into your chair due to the combined heat of the sun and a PC... it;s not nice :lol:

Anyway's as my title suggests it's almost my birthday AGAIN, seriously it can't be a year already since my 18th :? This year I shall be 19 on the 22nd of May. Already decided I'm tottally going to be seeing Star Trek Into Darkness for my birthday since the last film was epic. 




New Pickups.

This week I took the money I've been saving.. well some of it and brought myself some awesome stuff.

Fire Emblem Awakening. 


This was £35 from Grainger Games in my town centre, wish I preordered it and got the art book. I'm loving this game sp far since i don't usually enjoy grid based games such as this but its just fantastic. Only about 5 hours in just leveling up all my characters for bigger battles so I don;t just use one team for every battle.

Hitman Sniper Challenge


I brought this because it was 25p in HMV, havent had the chance to play it yet because my internet is down :(

Final Fantasy 7 PC 


It was 4.99 on the square enix store at the start of the week so i thought hell why not, still not tried the Pc version out because as I've already mentioned my internet is down :(

Legacy of Kain Soul Reasver 1 & 2 + Blood Omen 2 





Legacy Of Kain is a series I've been wanting to play again for such a long time it's been killing me :P I noticed the entire series was like 99p a game so I brought the ones i didn't already have for my Pc which made me really happy.... then of course my internet went down.... D:

Battlefield 3 Premium


Brought the Premium version of Battlefield 3 because Origin had a St George's day sale on and it was £21.50, I'm really enjoying it and the DLC is really good, I quite like trying to mow people down on a dirt bike :P


I don't know why but my internet went down last monday which really annoyed me, nobody has been in since friday so my dad rang and arranged for a technition to come down and fix the problem. of course that was yeasterday and nobody turned up :( There just being lazy due to it being a bank holiday weekend over here in the UK. I swear to god if it's not up by tuesday someones gonna die... 


Anyway everyone thanks for reading my blog and hope your all having a great weekend, I'm gonna go level some more on Fire Emblem :P 






Recorded more youtube videos, thinking about doing another Q/A blog

Hi Everyone! 

First lets start with my new favourite song :P

Love this song and band there awesome!


As you all know I started a Youtube channel about 2 weeks ago and its been alot of fun recording gameplays with friends and having alot of fun  while doing so. i started a new Series in my lets play playlist which is Dead Space 3 which I'm really enjoying so far and I've been looking forward to play this for awhile now. 


Also brought Amnesia The Dark Desent for £3.24 from Steam in yeasterdays daily deal and so far its epic, waiting to get a webcam so everyone can laugh at me geting scared :cry: :P

Heres a link to my youtube channel and I thank you guys for watching my previous videos and I hope you all enjoy my next lot of videos.


Thanks for reading! 

Fire Emblem Awakening Demo/ Soul Sacrifice Demo Impressions

Hey everyone =D

So today I checked out the Fire Emblem Awakening and Soul Savrifice demos out on the Vita and 3DS and here are my impressions so far

Fire Emblem Awakening


This game is fantasic, I've never played a Fire Emblem game before this and I've missed out. This game has one of the greatest soundtracks I've heard in along time and boots the best looking graphics for a 3DS game so far. The combat is a grid based stratage game simular to that of FF Tactics or Disgaea even. The characters so far Chrom, Sully, Virion, Frederick and Lissa have very good personalitys and Lissa is very cute =P


Soul Savrifice

This game looks interesting for a Vita game its good so see that more games are starting to come out for the vita since its been out for a year and theres not a huge selection of games to play.

The game is about a character who is captured by a mage who has gone mad for reasons not really explained in the demo (well to what I have played upto anyway) 

The combat is like God Of War (Hate GOW) but is mostly based around spells and huge boss fights. It has great visuals and a decent combat system but I will wait for this one to drop alittle before picking it up.


Anyway guys just a short blog today, gonna do a Vlog on my youtube channel so if you guys want me to answer any questions you may have post them below and I will post the link to my vlog here once it's done =)


Spent 100 pounds on Steam and started a Youtube channel

Hey Peeps!

I've expanded my Steam game collection tenfold by adding £100 to my wallet and spending it over the past 2 weeks =P Since I've been playing liie mad over the past 2 weeks I've decided to record some of the games i play and upload the fottage to youtube with one of my work friends, as of yet I'm not doing any commentary to them until i get a turtlebeach headset but I am doing a playthrough series of Legacy Of Kain Defiance. If you would like to check out my videos heres my channel.

if you look tell me and you get a case of cookies =3

New Steam Games and pickups!

Okay so heres what I have brought from Steam over the last 2 weeks 

The Last Remnantthe-last-remnant-wallpaper-12.jpg







Black Ops 2






Legacy Of Kain Defiance



Garry's Mod 



Also brought abit of DLC for Black Ops 2 and got 2 copys of Garry's mod because my friend wanted it to. 


I'm trying to decide if i want to do a playthrough Of Skyrim or not for my channel but its something thats been over played on YT imo. 

If you guys want me to play anything and see how awesome(rubbish =P) I am at it then leave a reccomendation below =) 


Thanks for reading! =3 

The Crooked Man, Guild Wars and catching up on missed anime

Hey Everyone! 

Yes another blog from yours truely and today I'm gonna show you all a pretty neat indie horror game thats free on the internet called The Crooked Man.


The Crooked Man is an excellent game it provides a very tense atmosphere imo and has a great storyline. I've been playing for about an hour or so and already haad one bad ending but managed to get around it =P 



You may be thinking holy crap its pokemon! no... no it's not =P The Crooked Man plays like pokemon in a sence where you use the wsad keys to move around and the enter key to look or pick up items in the story. It also has an awesome soundtrack to boot. If anyone is interested in this game just google The Crooked Man and download the game =)


Guild Wars 


Guild Wars is an MMORPG from ncsoft/arenanet. Guild Wars is a game I played while i was in Year 9 at school and stoped playing at the end of summer before i started college. To put into account how long I've played for my current playtime is 1582 hours. i loved this game back in the day but now I want to play through it all again but the damn severs are empty because Guild Wars 2 was released not too long ago. I may end up buying Guild Wars 2 to see if I like it.



Sword Art Online Catch-Up


Its been SOOOO LONG since I acutally watched SAO I never finished it either I got to about episode 13 at best and didnt continue =? I'm gonna start watching it all again tonight though and see how far I get and hopefully finish it. NO SPOILERS PLEASE! =P


Anyway everyone thanks for reading =)





Hello Everyone!

So as my title suggests I have a new PC and yes I do so I have spent most of the day logging into old accounts on various MMO's I used to play and downloading a few game from Steam.

The first game I downloaded was



Warframe is a free to play 3rd person coop shooter and is really really good. The combat is mixed with shooting and melee combat with a sword. i;ve played it for about 2 hours or so and its really good for a free game.

Afterwards I downloaded

Blacklight Retribution


This is a free to play FPS game that is mostly about online matches against other players. The game play is like CoD or Battlefield. Its a really good game and has a uber cool feature in the gameplay where you can look through walls to see where other players are and get the advantage over them. Unfortunatly its more of a Pay to win game where you can spend real life money to buy upgrades and weapons rather than waiting to amass the amount needed with the in game currency system. However it doesnt really give other players an advantage because the game is well ballanced.

If anyone wants to add me on Steam then search my user ID which is LionheartFFVIII.

Thanks for reading everyone, now I have a PC i can blog again!! so what shall I blog about next? haha =P

Back from the dead =P

Hi evrryone! =) Its been quite sometime since my last blog I haven't really found myself with anything to blog about and i've been quite busy working and sorting things out ib my life. I'm going to start nlogging again i've been playing alot of games since my last blog and even picked up another handheld console can you guess what it is? =P I'm going to do a huge update blog during the week so keeo an eye out for that =) Thanks for reading =)

Where does the time go? Huge update blog about everything!!

Hi Everyone :D

it's been nearly two months since my last blog :shock: I should of done my birthday blog on my birthday but it was my 18th this year so I was busy :P I also did record a video blog but by the time i got a chance to even get it uploaded i had even more new stuff to do a video blog about and I just thought well I might aswell wait a few weeks and do a huge video blog. I will come back to the idea shortly once I get some other stuff put into this blog which I get the feeling will be very huge :?

Birthday Gifts

So my birthday was nearly 2 months ago on the 22nd of may I should of done my birthday blog either day after or on the day but I got dragged to work for a few weeks and never really got the chance to do a decent blog. i had a very nice birthday and I got some awesome gifts from my fellow Gamespotters Hanzoadam and benleslie.

My Parents got me a new TV for my birthday since my old one was dying very slowly. Heres a picture

Its a very nice TV and to my surprise that was just the start of what I got....

ingore the awesome Japanese game i will get back to that in a second. My parents got me a Vita aswell and i was like OMG :P The vita is a very good console and it is very very impressive in terms of processing power and all the awesome things it can do. When i do my video blog I will be reviewing the Vita and another game I Imported aswell so look out for that :)

Now from my fellow Gamespotters I got

These awesome gifts are from my very good friend Hanzoadam :D The figure above is a 00 Exia from Gundam 00 Its very awesome if you look back at the picture of my Tv i Have it standing infront of it as a sort of guardian :P

The manga is Rose Hip Zero its very good I've read it 5 times. i want to get volume 2 so i will have to look on Ebay when I can.

The next gift is a drawing from benleslie5

This is a very awesome drawing of Inori from Guilty Crown which he drew for me the weekend before my birthday and then PM'ed me the picture on Gamespot. i currently have it on my wall alone with my posters :) When i do my video blog try and spot it while I give you all a tour around my very small room :P

From Steve (matastig) i got God Of War 1 HD and God Of War 2 HD from his PSN account.

Recent Pickups/Imports

Okay thats all of that out of the way :P As you may have read above i mentioned I have been working with my dad the past few weeks so i have brought some awesome stuff over the past couple of weeks well months now really :P

I got

Tales Of Graces f, Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City and Devil May Cry HD Collection.

Tales Of Graces f is awesome I had to buy a US copy for 45 quid from Grainger Games but by god it was worth it. If you like JRPGs you MUST buy this game!!!

Resident Evil ORC is a okay game luckly for me I got it just as Capcom patched the Ai and sorted out some bugs. Ita a good game for a spin off and its a decent shooter though i can see how people felt dissapointed with it when they playec it.

Devil May Cry HD Collection.

I had a problem with this when I got it. I brought this game a few weeks before my birthday and I still had my old SD TV. i was really hyped to play DMC3 again until the cutscences started,,, The sound lags about 15 seconds behind the picture it was really annyoing which is why i wanted a Hd Tv and once i Had the Tv it was fine. Capcom you suck for that but you are kind of forgiven because i love DMC.

Now on to my Imports.

Look at the picture of my Vita above. The game there is a import for my PS3 its called Gundam Extreme VS cost me about £42 from Ebay and it arrived within a week of ordering it. Its avery awesome game its a arcade fighter with Gundams which are jkust huge badass robots that look aweome :P Look out for a gameplay review in future video blogs!

Next is a Vita Import

One of THE best portable game I have played in a very very long time. This is Gundam Seed Batttle Destiny. Its like the Gundam games on the PSP and it is alot of fun to play it has about 80 mobile suits to play with 50 pilots to play as or 52 if you make a 2 custom pilots.


So with the money I earned I also preordered a few figures and games.

The first figure I preordered was

My friend spotted this a few weeks back and I was like I MUST HAVE THAT FIGURE!!!! so yeah I preordered her. i forgot about this figure until I finished watching Guilty Crown this weekend :P

Now the games i preordered are


I never got to play these games on my PS2 and when I saw this at £22.85 preorder I just couldnt resist the buy button :P Cant wait to its released its gonna be awesome

The last Preorder i did was...


I brought this because I watched the trailer a few weeks ago and saw Rin and heard some songs i listen to on my Vita so I thought hell why not.

Well I'm gonna end this blog here and do another one either next week but as a Video blog or just a normal blog at the end of the week.

But berfore i go i was wondering do you guys have any questions for me at all? I can answer them on my video blog for you :)

Well thats it thanks for reading this longish blog and I hope you enjoyed it :) Look out for any future Video Blogs! :)

Ordered some more games and i was gonna do something else but i forgot my USB!!!

Hi Everyone! :D

First of all I did take a few pictures last night of my Yu-Gi-Oh card collection the games I'm currently playing and a random picture of me but for some reason there not showing up on my MP3 player :cry: useless piece of crap!!! :x :P I will try to add them into my next blog or edit them in later :) I also thought i would take a picture of myself because I havent done my video blog yet which i promised you guys awhile back I would do. I'm thinking of doing the video blog after my birthday so you can see what i got ect ect.

So with my birthday in a month and 2 days (may 22nd) I showed my mum what I wanted for my birthday and well I got het to order the following.

Agarest Generations Of War Zero Collectors Edition :Trailer


First of all no I wont get the awesome t-shirt unless I get it from Ghostlight but the game and all the other extras are only £20 on amazon so I thought it would be nice for my mum to save abit of money hahaha "save money" :twisted: :P

Devil May Cry HD Collection

dmc_hd_box_art.jpg :Trailer

For those that know me well you will knoe that I love DmC games and should know I'm not gonna miss getting the HD collection :P Always loved Dante hes badass well he will be until the reboot comes out later this year :P I'm absolutly crazy about it!! :P

Resident Evil 6

06-Resident-Evil-6.jpg :Trailer

CANT WAIT I dont care what you guys say about me but I'm hyped! I know release isnt until novemeber but I got my mum to preorder through so I hope it arrives really.

Dragons Dogma

dragons-dogma-box-art-ps3.jpg :Trailer

Only just saw the trailer for this last night looks epic its like Dark Souls got thrown in a blender with Devil May Cry :P okay Steve you can kill me for that :P Comes out on the 25th of may so I will have to wait a few days until it arrives.

Tales Of Graces F

Tales-of-Graces-F.jpg :Trailer

Another game I really cant wait for I might even ask my mum really nicely if I can have it early because we had to get a US copy because the UK release isnt until september the 1st I think.

Thats it guys! There are a few more games I might get with any money I get for my birthday which I will list below but I might not end up getting some of them unless there abit cheaper then what they currently are our going to be or depending on reviews.

Sniper Elite V2

Max Payne 3

Ghost Recon Future Soldier

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City

I hope you enjoyed my blog and I will sort out my pictures for next time :)

Thanks for Reading!