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Sorry I haven't been on lately :( I've been on vacation and also had no time before that :P

I've gotten The Orange Box, Batman: AA, Deus Ex 1and 2, Battlefield: Bad Company, LotR: Conquest,and Bioshock recently :o

And that's all :P

oh yeah, Skate 2 and Disturbed are awesome :P

5K Posts, Uncharted 2, Half-Life, blah blah blah!

I reached 5K posts! W00T! :P

You can visit the party thread here... if you want of course :P I AM NOT ADVERTISING! :x

In gaming, I got Uncharted 2 :D I'm not too far.... I'm far-ish :P And I got Half-Life :D Getting chopped up by a fan sucks! :P

I haven't been able to game much, recently :( And my quest for Wi-Fi is going nowhere :(

SCHOOL SUCKS! :evil: :x I actually don't mind school itself, too much. It's the homework that I despise :evil: At least 3 hours every day, 5 or 6 at most :( Nothing compared to college, of course, but it's not fun :|

I'm gonna try to finally try to end Super Mario Sunshine, after 5 years :P And I'm going ice skating... meh, not my fav :P

I'm probably gonna slow down on posting. I was just trying to get 5000 before cheesyjon :P Seriously, that kid posts like 200 a day, every day! And... well that's about all...

THAT'S THE END! ................................

no, seriously go away, it's getting creepy :P

1st Blog and 1st tagging

Well, I've never done a blog before, so here goes nothin!

a while ago sadpspaddict tagged me so here's ten mostly true facts :twisted:

1. I have a PSP (duh! :P)

2. I got a PS3 for Christmas

3. I like it

4. I have no wifi :( (please feel sorry for me :P )

5. I want some bacon!

6. I like bacon

7. I do not live in Maine :P

8. I'm running out of true facts (at least that I'll tell you :twisted: )

9. The next fact is not true

10. I just lied :twisted:

well there it is, my first blog... that was.. exciting? :| :P