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New Vegas and Black Ops

I do a really bad time trying to get off my ass and post stuff. The problem is When I finally have some spare time that I don't have to waste on School Work or Real Work, and it comes down to Playing Games or Talking About Games on the internet, I would rather play them. Also I have A Social Life, Which normally involves me being a jackass with my friends in the dead of night. Not to mention, I'm a really lazy guy, Like you have no idea. I am really lazy. Not to mention The Desert Bus for Hope Marathon is happening right now. If you don't know what that is, It's a 24/7 Video Game Marathon of a Canadian Sketch Comedy Group (LoadingReadyRun) playing Desert Bus (The most boring game ever) to raise money for Child's Play. It's Rather entertaining and Is sucking up a vast majority of my free time. Anyways onto the games I've been playing.

Fallout:New Vegas

I loved Fallout 3. I went back and looked into the older Fallouts, I discovered I loved Fallout Tatics as well. As for Fallout New Vegas it's....something. The gameplay it self is Great! Playing the game and exploring the world is tons of fun. The really improved the Gunplay, It feels so much more fun and well....all around just better. They really improved it with the improvements to the Gun Recoil they made. The Weapons Mods are awesome. The New Perks are Hit or Miss, Some are really awesome, while others are useless.The only New thing they added that doesn't work out too well is the survival skill and the new ammo system. You see certain enemies have heavy armor on, you need Special ammo (Armor - Piercing Rounds) and their are other special types of ammos. See, I have a problem with this. The stores NEVER have any special ammo in stock. Now there is a new system where you can craft Guns from items you salvage, but problem with this is that you almost never have the correct items. Another problem with this ammo system is that they tweaked the stores so that they take longer to restock their inventory, including ammo. Bottom line: The special ammo is a pain in the ass to get.

Now the Survival Skill (Which I just mentioned) governs how well you can cook, you see when you kill a Gecko, you get Gecko Meat. You can cook the Gecko Meat so that it will heal more of your health. Problem is, I have 89 Stimpacks, which unlike food, heal instantly and are not irradiated. I have no need what so ever for food,but the real problem with this game are the glitches. Not only have I had Enemies get stuck in Walls and The Ground, I had a rare weapon, that was quite good, Be deemed unusable thanks to a glitch. Worst of all, at the moment ANY Saves I make in the game, cannot not be reloaded and just tell me that the saves need DLC before they can load. I can't play any farther into the game, because the minute I have to turn off the console and save, The save will be broken. From what I understand all three versions of the game have major issues with the saves and Bethesda said that their working to fix this, so all I can do is Sit and wait for this to be fixed...sigh.....

In Closing when your noting be assaulted by the mass amount of glitches, It's great. Too bad the glitches rear their ugly head every time you press a button.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops

I love this game. The multiplayer is so well thought out and balanced, unlike that other COD game we won't talk about, Nazi Zombies is worth the $80 buck I paid for it alone, and the Campaign is shaping up to be the best in the series. Hell why am I here talking about it, I've got to go play this fantastic game!! I don't really want to pass judgement on it until I'm fully ranked up in the Multiplayer and have beaten the campaign. However in case you can't tell, I'm really enjoying this one.

Beyond that on Tuesday I picked up Assassin's Creed:Brotherhood and haven't played it because of....well, Black Ops. Needless to say I don't really have a opinion on AC:Bros 4 Life besides that I'm really look forward. By Next blog post I'll have beaten Black Ops, so I'll be ready to talk more about that and hopefully I'll have played Ass Creed:Bros by then too. Hell maybe even Splatterhouse, which I'm picking up on Launch.


Monday Night Combat and Generic Games

So I was gonna have this whole big blog about what games I've played recently, but i just don't feel like typing about that. Why you may ask? Because I'm Hitler....ok not really, but I had you going there for a minute!So...yeah that Red Dead Redemption Review I made, you should take a look at it here. I'm gonna try and pump out a review for both Transformers:War For Cybertron and Monday Night Combat Soon as well. Speaking Of Monday Night Combat, let's talk about that game abit. To anyone who reads my blog that owns a Xbox 360 and has any interest in online gaming, buy Monday Night Combat right now. For only $15 you get a brightly colored, well balanced, ****based Third Person Shooter. Ever since I played Call Of Duty MW2's Online I've been dying to find a new online game to play, you know one that's fun and balanced, unlike MW2. I played the older Call Of Duty Games, I played Bioshock 2's Online for a while, I played Transformers, I even *Shivers*.....went back to Halo 3. Now, Finally I found a new online game to play! It's name is Monday Night Combat!

In Monday Night Combat you have 3 modes to pick from a Offline Co Op Mode, A Online Co Op Mode, and a VS Mode. The Co Op modes you play with 3 other players (so 4 including yourself) and you all pick a ****to play as. You are then dropped into a arena where you and your friends/teamates protect your "Moneyball" from waves of robot enemies. This "Moneyball" I speak of is a glowing ball that once your enemies get to it, it's shields will fall and they can then do damage to the core of it. Once your moneyball has no more health, you lose. But! You can built 4 different types of turrets to defend it and you have a series of special moves to help defend it as well. Overall The co op mode is a fun time waster and the two harder co op modes, Playoff Blitz and Scramble, are a good fun challenge. I recommend getting a friend or two and playing through the co op levels, they are quite fun. P.S. It helps to have someone play Support, the heal gun comes in handy.

Then there's Crossfire, the real game. This is a 6 Vs. 6 multiplayer mode. You pick to play as one of the six charcters (You switch to a different one when your waiting to respawn) and then you get out there you try to take out the enemie's moneyball, while they try to destroy your team's moneyball. I like to play as the Support or Assault, although those aren't my best characters. I'm much better with the Tank or Heavy. I'm having a lot of fun with the game at the moment and chances are you will too. I have had some minor issues with some Abilities that seem overpowered, like the Sniper's Ice Trap, but overall it's pretty balanced game. The major thing I've been feeling as of late is that I'm tired of Generic games! I'm tired of all these bland FPS games. Right now I would rather play something like Mirror's Edge, something that had a original thought in It's head....even if the game sucked. I have Mass Effect 2 and Borderlands DLC waiting for me to get back to, but Borderlands has gotten abit bland and Mass Effect 2's gameplay really sucks. There's nothing Bad about those game it's just that borderlands is just "Go Here, Shoot This" repeated until the credits, while Mass Effect 2's gameplay is a slow paced, boring cover based shooter. The only reason I want to finish Mass Effect 2 is because I like the Characters, and the story is great! I do have Alan Wake waiting for me to finish, maybe that'll do....

Back from another Vacation

So yeah I went away for a while yet again....BUT I'm back now and have posted a Red Dead Redemption Review and my next blog post will done soon....hopefully.

Back From Vacation + New Games

Just got back the other day, my apoligies for leaving without a warning. I really need to try and get on here more. I got to see both Inception and Predators while away AND buy some cool new games. Blog on What I'm Playing Now Is Half Written, Open In A different window as I type so expect that soon....ish. I also want to talk about Inception and Predators soon. Beyond that here's a list of games I got since my last post:

  • Avatar (360)
  • Call Of Juarez:BiB (360)
  • The Club (360)
  • Borderlands DLC (Underdome and Secret Armory)
  • Mass Effect 2
  • ACDC Live Rock Band (360)
  • Conan (360)
  • Tales Of Vesperia (360)
  • Transformers:WFC (Did I mention this yet?) (360)
  • Sonic 2 (XBLA)
  • Puzzle Fighter (XBLA)
  • Trauma Center (DS)
  • Trauma Center 2 (DS)
  • Prof. Layton 1 (DS)
  • CSI DM (DS)
  • Unsolved Crimes (DS)
  • Risk Factions (XBLA)

Now I also got some Steam games a while back (almost a month back) which I don't remember talking about so here they are:

  • Codename Gordon (Free)
  • Cryotasis (5)
  • Ghost Master (1)
  • Killing Floor (10)
  • Necrovision (5)
  • Peggle Extreme (Free)
  • Sacraboar (5)
  • Thief Deadly Shadows (3)
  • GTA4 (5)

Peace Out

PS - Anyone else have a really bad craving for Dr.Pepper?

Gaming Update (Finally)

Well remember how I posted a blog about not posting blogs. Well now I'm posting this blog, which is about that blog, which was about those other blogs. Short version of my excuse for not posting in a week or two: School. Anyways updates on the games I've been playing, go now!

Alan Wake (Xbox 360)

This is a really good game. I heard about Alan Wake from...god,I don't know. Did they show off at last year's E3? Anyways for those of you who don't know Alan Wake is an Xbox Exclusive Survival Horror game where the light is your guide and the darkness is your enemy and it is presented as a TV series, being split up into five episodes. In this game Mister Wake has a fight with his wife, blackouts out, wakes up in a crashed car, and doesn't know what's happening. On his way back to town he runs in people from town who have been possessed by Something called "The Darkness" and you must banish The Darkness from them with your flashlight before you can hurt them. Wake will also find lost manuscript pages from a book he can't remember writing and the book is coming true. This adds a very interesting aspect to the game, where if you want, you can read the pages of the manuscript that you find. This will let you know what's about to happen, but not when it's going to happen. I normally chose not to read the manuscript, however there was one time when I played and decided to read a page from the manuscript and ended spending half a hour scared silly of the battle I knew that was coming up. The common complaint I've heard about this game is that It's repetitive. I can kind of get why they would say that, but not really. True you are fighting the same enemies with almost always the same tactic, Weaken with light, destroy with firepower. However through out the first 2 (of 5) episodes they are constantly introducing new weapons. They introduce new guns and new devices that give off light, For example, Hunting Rifles and Flares. At certain points you'll also have to fight or dodge objects (like barrels and other rubble) that The Darkness has possessed poltergeist style. Hell at some points you don't even get any weapons and you have to mad dash past enemies into the closest source of light! So at least for me the game was always able to keep it fresh and interesting. I do have a couple of complaints, such as poor lip synching and not too great character models. As for my praise of the game...everything else. The sound design, graphics, Atmosphere, Great original game play, and Great Presentation. Oh and of course Amazing Story thus far. I have one more episode to finish before I'm done.

Darksiders (Xbox 360)

Darksiders is a rather fun game which is quite good. Then again since it gave Mark Hamill a pay cheque it would be ok in my books even if it sucked, which thankfully it doesn't. It's actually quite a rather good game, even if it is unoriginal. Imagine if God of War had a child with Legend Of Zelda, you would get this game. You have a game that has the God of War beat – em up style combat system, but it's areas are separated into Zelda Style Dungeons and include Environment based Puzzles just like Zelda. The combat is pretty fun, but it not doesn't feel as natural or free flowing as say Arkham Asylum's combat. My only real problem with the game thus far is the boss fights can be a tad annoying and the Environment based puzzles suck.

P.B. Winterbottom (XBLA)

Screw this game. It's not fun, It's obnoxious. I don't even want to talk about it. Don't waste your money.

Outrun Online Arcade (XBLA)

I bought this game on a whim one night when I had a itch to play a racing game and I can't say it's very good. The game gives you almost no Instructions on how to play. I still have no idea on how to drift and that's a problem considering you need to drift to win in certain game modes! I don't have much to say besides it your average arcade racer. I would say pass on it. If it ever becomes deal of the week and drops to say less than 5 bucks, then maybe It's worth getting, but otherwise it's pretty mediocre.

Watchmen: The End Is Nigh Part 1 (XBLA)

Remember how Batman Arkham Asylum had a really natural feeling combat system and each blow seemed to flow perfectly from one to another. Yeah well imagine if it didn't do that and you'd have this game. Oh and you know how the stealth sections where, by far where Batman AA shined, yeah this doesn't have any stealth sections. It's just straight mediocre brawling, sure they spice it up a little with a few combos and the basic weapons, but nothing amazing. The level design is almost depressing in how basic it is, go here and fight, pull switch in different room, come back and fight, then go through door, repeat until the end credits. Pass on this one unless your a huge Watchmen fan.

The Passing:L4D2 (DLC)

Now this is a must buy for anyone who has Left 4 Dead 2, Not only does this add in the cool new campaign, but an amazingly fun game mode as well. The Passing was a good campaign, One thing I'm very happy about is that it seemed to have more of a story to it than others, which is something I've been craving for in a Left 4 Dead game for a while now. What little chunks of Story they give us in L4D 1 and 2 seemed very interesting, so It's nice to see them slowly progressing to a more story based game. However The Passing is very multiplayer based and adds in the new game mode "Mutation". Mutation features a new variation on a already established game mode each week. My favourites so far where The ones where it was Co op campaign Chainsaws Only and then Co op Campaign while one of the team has to be carrying the dreaded gnome. Considering this DLC is only 5 bucks it's well worth and I have already gotten my money's worth out it, very good product.

Zombie Apocalypse (XBLA)

When buying this I expected to get a Left 4 Dead knock off, but instead I got a Smash TV knock off....but with Zombies!!!! Woo? It's alright game, but I think it trys to do too many things. For one thing some of the enemies types just plain suck, basically all enemies that throw projectiles (I mean Zombies with guns? Really?). A lot of the weapons are rubbish and The game recycles the same 8 stages over and over again for 50 levels! Needless to say this game can get very repetitive. My other major problems is that there's nothing on screen to tell you how many lifes you have left! What the hell game, I'd kind of like to know how many lifes I have! The game's ok in small doses, but can become very boring. It's a okay game.

Next time I post a gaming update I'll talk about the games I'm currently playing like Red Dead Redemption, Transformers, Banjo Kazooie, The Godfather 2, Splinter Cell, and lots of DS games! More blogs soon, including More E3 thoughts.

My Thoughts On E3

Kinect is currently slated to be priced for $150 dollars. F*** You, you expect to pay $150 for a oversized PlayStation eye toy that has a microphone? Not mention how many good games are available for it, oh right, none. Needless to say Microsoft failed this year. They showed off four games we already knew about. Which by that way the best two games, Metal Gear Rising and COD:Black Ops, are not X box exclusive. By the way Microsoft Gears Of War sucks, always has sucked, and always will suck. Two more things Microsoft you should announce more than one new game and don't spend half of the show trying to sell us acrap product. Also the new X box – It's useless to me. Sure for someone who hasn't gotten a X box yet it's great, but it's hard drive is built in unlike the external ones on the current 360s, Which is bad and serves problems for people like me who might want to upgrade to the new one without losing their save data and having to re-download everything. Also I already have the $50 adaptor for my X box so mine already has Wi – Fi, thank very much. I'll pass on the new X box.

As for I even have to say it? Sony failed, worst than Microsoft. Why they showed off Portal 2 when it's cross console, I'll never know and by the way I don't care about Wii:Sony Edition. The Move will suck, you know why? Simply put The Wii doesn't suck because it has a bunch of great Nintendo franchises on it, however since Move is a carbon copy of the Wii, but it doesn't have any of those great Nintendo franchises it will suck. However the Portal trailer was still cool and The new Twisted Metal was a cool surprise.

As for Nintendo, I believe the song "Ode To Joy" comes to mind. A new Zelda game, the new Metroid, A new Kirby, a New Donkey Kong, and a New Mario Sports game? Now that's a hell of a line – up! Nintendo made a smart move making the new Mario sports game a mixture of different sports, which has gotten even me interested in it, and I hate sports games! Also am I the only who thinks it's about time for a new Donkey Kong or Kirby game? Finally, The new DS looks amazing! Count me in on this! A New Kid Icarus, Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, LOZ:Ocarina Of Time, and no doubt a New Pokemon game! Count me In! Besides the "Technical Difficulties" with the Zelda game the Nintendo press conference was great! Nintendo wins, with Microsoft in second, and Sony in last! Also as an side note – Sonic Colors also looks really good.

My Top Ten Games Of E3 (From 10 to 1)

  • Red Faction:Armageddon/Fable 3 – This is a tie. I enjoy Red Fac:Guerrilla and Fable 2.
  • Kid Icarus:Uprising – Kid Icarus was a good game, thus I look forward to this new one.
  • Civilization 5 – I like RTS games and Civilization is as good as it gets.
  • Portal 2 – THE CAKE IS A LIE. Also Portal 1 was awesome.
  • Dead Space 2 – Dead Space 1 is truly one of the best Horror games I've played.
  • Kirby:Epic Yarn – I love me some Kirby. Kirby 64 and Kirby's Adventure are better than any nes Mario games.
  • Sonic Colors – I'm a Sonic fanboy, leave me alone.
  • COD:Black Ops – Modern Warfare has ruined my life and Black Ops will continue to do so.
  • Assassin's Creed:Brotherhood – Assassin's Creed 1 sucked, but #2 was amazing.
  • Paper Mario – I love Paper Mario, they are some of the best RPGs out there.

EDIT:I forgot about Fallout:New Vegas and Brink. They are both made of Win.

Quick Update (E3 Related)

Just got back home after the last day of school, I'm currently waiting for Gamespot to post their recording of microsoft's E3 Press Conference. All I know is that Metal Gear Rising and Halo Reach was there and that they announced Xbox 360 Slim (The Slim was acually leaked yesterday). So far VERY UNIMPRESSED. Halo is a "meh" series and The Metal Gear Games have grown old and boring for me and as for the 360 slim I know it comes with built in Wifi and a 250 GB hard drive which is AWESOME for people who don't yet have an xbox, but I do so I honestly don't care. While I'm waiting for Gamespot to post the video, I will watch Ninja Assassin and Daybreakers. Currently working on a blog talking about all the games I've played - It's a long one!


So much for posting blogs again like i said,huh? School got really hectic again really fast. In fact 'm about to sit down to5 hours of work. This is bull**** we only have 3 days left till Final exams, cut us a break with the homework. Anyways I will try to get back on next week,once school ends (Tuesday). I will hopefully talk about what games I've been playing and about E3.

Gamespot Fuse=MASSIVE FAIL

I know i said I would talk about Pokemon and Splinter Cell,but I'm only gone for a month or two and look at what Gamespot does. Introduces a glitchy and broken feature. Why does it auto add games to my Now Playing list and then I can`t remove them! Why does it not read my Xbox achievements and for the love of god why does it display my most recent ones downwards instead of sideways (look under my profile pic). It`s not that big of a deal I know, but Gamespot shouldn`t be releasing such glitchy features,no wonder they refer to it as a Beta.

I'm back in da H00d

So I've been away for a while due to school being a pain in the neck. However the weight on my shoulders has subsided and I have the free time to post blogs again (YAY!). I've played through alot of games Since last I posted so I think I'll just go over some of the bigger ones I've played. The day after tomorrow I'll post about The newest Splinter Cell and Pokemon games,both of which I'm currently playing. After that I'll post a review of Assassin's Creed 2 (and a small blog on it) since I just got done with that game, I'll then post most likely about Modren Warfare 2's broken online which for some reason I still play, and then Plants Vs. Zombies! I'll also have to post about all the cheaper games I played and the Arcade games I played,and all the DLC I played,and....well you get the picture. Dear god, that's alot of typing for me to do....crap. Oh well tonight I'll just familiarize my self with this whole Gamespot "Fuse" thing and add all my games to my Collection on the site. Peace!

List of Games I bought since my last post (I think this list is complete...):

  1. Prototype (360)
  2. The Godfather 2 (360)
  3. Saints Row (360)
  4. Splinter Cell Conviction (360)
  5. Plants Vs. Zombies (ipod)
  6. Soul Calibur 4 (360)
  7. Knothole Island (fable 2 DLC)
  8. The Passing (Left 4 Dead 2 DLC)
  9. Red faction Guerilla (360)
  10. Chronicles Of Riddick (360)
  11. Desperate Escape (RE5 DLC)
  12. Pokemon Soul Silver (DS)
  13. Dinner Dash (Ipod)
  14. Stimulus Pack (Modren Warfare 2 Map Pack)
  15. Super Mario 64 (N64)
  16. Super Mario World (SNES)
  17. Jurassic Park Rampage Edition (Genesis)
  18. South Park (Xbox Arcade)
  19. Megaman 10 (Xbox Arcade)
  20. Chime (Xbox Arcade)
  21. Banjo - Kazooie (Xbox Arcade)
  22. Call Of Duty Classic (XB Arcade)
  23. Perfect Dark (Xb Arcade)
  24. Scrap Metal (Xb Arcade)
  25. Bioshock 2 DLC Pack 1
  26. Timeshift (360)
  27. Toy Soldiers (XB Arcade)
  28. Lost Planet Colonies (360)
  29. LOTR:Conquest (360)
  30. Max Payne 2 (PC)

WOW.....How do I spend that much??????