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My Xbox live account was hacked- Your can be too, be careful

My xbox live account was hacked the other day. Since i had my credit card on file to pay for my xbox live Gold, The hackers used my card to make a grand total of 35 purchases, totaling in over 60$ worth of goods. I immediatley changed the password to my account and manage to get a hold of it from the guy who had purchased my info.

Apparently they find your information, purchase several things using your bank account, and then sell it to someone across the globe on some kind of trading website similar to ebay. (They guy who purhcased my account tried contacting me after i changed all of the info and passwords)

I called microsoft in order to refund my money, and the service rep was very helpful, but as i looked more deeply into the matter, i discovered that apparently this hacking is far more widespread than i expected. Using an exploit in fifa 12, users accounts are hacked into, leaving a trace of 3 'ultimate teams' achievments in fifa 12.

There are hundreds if not thousands of people here who have had the same problem as me, and it even prompted a main article on IGN

I have never fallen for any internet scams and i have no idea how they were able to figure out my information, but now i am locked out of my account and have no access to my username for at least a month while they try to figure out what happened . Worse yet, apparently there are people who never get access back to their accounts, and even half a year later are still waiting.

If you have a credit card on file with xbox live Gold then change your passwords and be careful because it can happen to anyone !!

Crysis 5/9/2011

Hey yo havent been on it waaay too long. (2008 it seems) Anyway why cant i get into crysis 2? Its a good game by all means but for some weird reason it just doesnt "feel right" to me. I dont know if its becasue the enemies are difficult to track or there is simply too much going on at once, but everytime i boot it up i cant get sucked into it like i do with Halo or Call of Duty. I play for like 30 min and then set it down again. Weird. Anyway i also beat Demon Souls for ps3, i highly recommend it for anyone. I know alot of people wont be able to finish it (like my roomate who claims its the worst game in the world because he cant beat it haha) but i think that its less about skill and more of perserverance. Yes you will die a hundred times but it will feel awesome when you finally get through it.

As for my life for anyone whose interested, im graduating soon with a degree in MIS (Management information Systems) Its basically a programming degree as ive been taught to code programs on the computer and make cool Apps and stuff. Gonna have to start looking for a job soon, which i something that i dont look forward too.

Also its a bit late but congrats to Nightmare in my old Naruto Union for becoming leader. Its a tough job to lead a union, especially one thats become as big as the Naruto. Congratulations and the best of luck to you, I know youll do great!

Havent Been on in forever

Hey guys, I know i dont really do this Gamespot thing anymore but ive been bored recently so whatever. I Just beat Dead Space, It was a pretty sweet game, although i felt like it could have been etter. I cant tell you exactely what could have been better it just feels like something is missing. Oh. How about a coherantly good story? It was farily recycled crap and the so called "twists" had no impact on me. How about for Dead space 2 they make a story i actually care about huh?

Lets see, since i havent been on in forever i wil also mention that i beat assasins creed and metal gear solid 4. For all thr hype surrounding MGS 4 i was farily excited being a huge mgs fan. Ultimately as a stand alone game it is outstanding, but for an entry in the Metal gear Franchise i was dissapointed. It felt like it was a too big a leap from the other MGS games and it felt like a shooter far too much. My favorite entry remains as metal gear solid 3. The boss battles in 4 were crap and half the game turnes into a shooting thing. Although i was satisfied by the final battle with liquid that was pretty sweet.

And assasins creed was fun, there is not much else to say about that one. Took a while for me to get into it but after i killed half the people i was supposed to kill i finally got interested. Yeah. Weird ending.

Anyway as for my personal life i am still going out with my girl, which is pictured below. Still in college, Prolly going into sometype of buisness major, maybe accounting or some crap like that. Anyway, nice talking to yall again, see ya later

New leader?

Hey everyone, its me again. Just chyming in cuz i havent been on at all recently ,and im beggining to wonder just how much longer i will be on. I have so much other things going on right now including school, parties,swimming and my girlfriend that i just dont feel like wasting time doing nothing online. Im not leaving just yet, but i have gotten to the stage where i am thinking about it, so a new leader may need to be appointed soon to the naruto union. I have been trying to avoid this situation as long as possible, because i am fairly sure i know whois going to be able to run the union, with his expierence inthe different things, but this will lead to some conflicts as well, as other people who have been a part of the union longer would have been expecting to lead after me. Tough situation and tough call, but i will have to make a choice soon.

Ill let you know more in the upcoming weeks.


Edit: I will be officially stepping down, and ask that everyone please votes for a new hokage in the naruto union here:

One night in Bangkok...

So for the last day, i have not been able to access my laptop. Why you ask? Because its been illegally comnicating to bangkok.

Ok let me explain.

On saturday nightaround 8:30 ish my CPU was flagged by my schools servers as sending messages through IRC channels. Apprently, it was communicating to a server in Bangkok? wtf? Campus security shut down my interent access thinking that i was sending viruses through my computer, and confiscated my laptop. I was outraged, and when they checked my allaby and realized i wasnt even in my dorms at the time, i was no longer in trouble but they decided that they would scan my computer.

So, a full day passes without internet access or being able to use my laptop, and the next morning i show up at the campus cpu repair center. They did not find anything on my computer. Anything. Any traces of the message, any programs that could have sent the message and any viruses that could have been broadcasting it. They would absolutly nothing after scanning it several times with all different types of software.

Finally today i got it back but i cant help but think.....WTF JUST HAPPENED???!!!

The Paradox of Jetman

So a while ago i spent a total of 14 hours in 1 day working on my english portfolio. The inquiry analysis and the paper itself. The topic? The correlation between the industry of marketing economics and education. So i finish the whole damn thing and decide to finish the editing the next day, however something happened that halted my efforts. Something that was so powerfully addictive that it caused all thoughts on the portfolio to vanish. What is this terrible drug? Jetman.

In case your wondering, yes jetman is the facebook app where you control a "high octane fool" with a jetpack that has to weave in and out of difficult obstacles. My stupid drinking buddy Belton challenged me, and so it begain. Un-believable. Ithink i spent more time playing this game than i spent playing Prince of persia warrior within.

You press the spacebar to go up, but if you let go, you enter free-fall. The physics of the game are incredible. you see the guys feet tilt down slowly if you jetoack upwards, and i think that can clasify it as more technologically advanced than most PS3 games.

Anyway, the selection of characters is varied, and you can choose male or female jetman from the getgo. Other options include a monkey, a bannana, a sofa, or even my favorite, a beer bottle.

The paradox you ask? simple. You can be fantastic at the game and get a high score in the 2000's, only to hit the first damn wall in the arena and lose with a score of 32. Yike indeed.

Positive:If you are playing jetman, you will have a fun time and become addicted, especially if ytour friends play too :)
Negstive: the english portfolio will still be due tomarow :(

Priceless advice: scary movies

Priceless advice: Bring your girl to see a scary movie. Yes, she may be curled up into a little ball, shaking with her hood up during the priceless and quite humorus torture of some fat guy who has to poke out his eyes or be ripped apart by a weird bed, but hey, its worth it ;)

now to a little side note:

Let me get one thing straight, i love the saw movies. I went to go see Saw IV on halloween and yes, she basicaLy watched it like described above but what I dont understand why people hate them so much. (im not talking about people who are scared of it, im talking abiout movie critics/ people who hate the franchise)Everywhere i hear, oh god, another saw movie, theyre so stupid! Why keep the franchise limping? Just give it up alreasady! No no no no NO!! The saw franchise is perhaps the only thing thats keeping the horror franchise alive today in theatres. Every horror movie that comes out has the same stupid concepts of slasher films, and there arent nearlyu enough interesting horror flicks to come out. Saw re-invented the genre with its awesom thrilling, mystery, twisting, gory premise, and rightfully so. yes i must admit that they have gotten worse as the movies coninued, but Saw IV was a good entry into the series, better that both II, and III.

i was gonna post some pics of my halloween costume, but ah, i dont feel like uploading them :P tough luck

Priceless advice: Getting Served

ALPha's priceless tip#2: the trick to getting served at bars

Follow these simple instructions:

a)Go in a group of 4 or more (make sure theyre all 21 or over)
b)get a table first, when the waitress asks for drinks, get water with lemons (Everyone else gets alchocal)
c) Move to a different table with the drinks in hand, finish yours and get the rest of your friends
d)at the new table ask for refill of whatever your friend had (in this case vodka + lemonade) (make sure its different waitress)
e) Move to bar seat with drink in hand, make sure introduce yourself to bartender
f)After finishing your 4th galss of vodka and lemonade, proceed to look for amusement
g)Start up a load game of quarters in the middle of the bar
h)Start to taunt the older folk into playing against you
I)if you wiin, they buy u a round; become load and rowdy
j)Make sure everyone in the bar remembers your face and how bad you won the last game
k)Leave a nice tip and get out

So next time everyone remembers you an u wont get carded :P have fun

Priceless Advice

Well being in college for a full 2 months now i am starting to figure stuff out pretty well and basically ive got a lot of stuff on my mind. Ive decided i need to write it out somewhere somewhere, and the best way to do that would be to make it in an advice and tips column, so here you go.

Alpha's Priceless tip #1: Learn the "Im walking, but so tired/hungover i cant see you" walk. This way when you see someone that you dont want to talk to, you can simply pretend your so tired that you dont notice them :) all it takes is slowly closingyour eyes, quiclky opening them, and slowly closing them againwhile walking, head facing downward. (a plus if your hoodie is up)

If your lucky, the aformentioned person will decide to not confront you, thus saving you the trouble of explaining why youfelt the needto jump onto and break aformentioned persons beer pong table during the middle of an high stakes beer pong game, drunk off your mind.