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That Close!

Man... I was that close to getting Burnout 3 today :(

Last week I was contacted by someone that works for EA Games, about my awesome Burnout Series Fansite called The Burnout Skool of Hardknocks. He offered me 5 copies of Burnout 3: Takedown.

That's right FIVE COPIES! 2 PS2 copies and 2 Xbox copies for giving away in a contest on my site. And a 3rd PS2 copy for myself! Anyway the came today... unfortunately I have some issues with being home when couriors come to my house. He came at 2:20pm, 2 hours after I left from home and 3hours before I got back. But I will get it tomorrow, I'm gonna take the day off and stay home and wait for the delivery to come. Even if I have put a lawn chair on my front porch and play GBA until he gets there. I will do that!

Oh yeah, remember the last post? I checked for NHL2k5 again, didn't have it. Stupid stores...

I'll post here tomorrow when I get Burnout 3!

Finding Games In My Town... grrr....

I just want to talk about the worst thing about the town that I live in. It really sucks for finding games, especailly if they are not of the huge release type. Any I've been looking for ESPN NHL 2k5, and I can't find it in any of the TWO stores that sell video games within the city limits(which is about a 20 minute drive on all sides.)

Why does this suck? Well the game's shipping date was August 30th, 2004! Like I said there are two stores that sell videogames around my little city/town and they are "Real Canadian Super Store" and "Zellers". Americans have probably never heard of them but Zellers is a lot like K-mart or Wal-Mart. Super Store is a lot like well it's just a really huge grocery store that has a few extra departments, like clothing and electronics.

Anyway, I was in Superstore on Tuesday, I was in there around 5pm PT and the lady that was working in there was putting out the new shipment of games that they just got (Tuesday and Thursday is when they get new shipments of games). She put out stuff like WWE Day of Reckoning, SRS: Street Racing Sydicate and Star Ocean(which also had a Aug30 ship date). "That isn't so bad" I thought. So I stuck around to see if she would put out NHL 2k5. It wasn't looking good when she started putting out Rapala Pro Fishing and Deer Hunter: 2005 Season in the PS2 section. Rapala and Deer Hunter 2005 aren't even listed on Gamespot, for crying out loud!! That made me REALLY mad! Deer Hunter and Pro Fishing?? What about games that are important to Canadians like HOCKEY??!!

Anyway it gets worse, I went to Zellers to see if I could luck out and find NHL2k5 there. Nope, to make a long story short. Oh and too boot, they sell there games for sometimes up to $12 dollars more than superstore! And the employees in the electronics dept. get to play their own music for some reason, and half of them play crappy stuff like country that I don't want to listen too, or play hip-hop with offensive words that they shouldn't be playing. Back to the money thing, Star Ocean: 'Til the End of Time, that the woman put out at Superstore was listed as $55.77 cdn. In Zellers the price was $68.99! over $12 dollars more, WTF! And guess what the motto for that store is? "THE LOWEST PRICE IS THE LAW!"

Want even more "war" storys? Okay. Sometimes the NEVER get the game I want. It took 2 years for them to get Burnout(1) for the Gamecube. They never got NHL2k3 for Gamecube. Everytime a new game is coming out I have to like almost pray that they get it. If it's not a huge release. And even if they do get it I have to wait 2-3 days for the game to get to my little town.

On the positive side, I can drive for 45 minutes(both ways) and get games at the Future Shop in a town called Courtney. But I don't want to do that, really, but to get NHL2k5 it looks like that's what I'm going to have to do. I wonder when they are getting Burnout 3, maybe, by the time Burnout 4's gonna come out?

I guessed WRONG...

Remember when I guessed that Gamespot was gonna give Burnout 3 a 9.2?

Well they gave it a 9.5 on both PS2 and Xbox! I am really surprised!

Now I'm even more excited about the game, because when Gamespot gives a 9.5, they really mean it. That's just half a point off of the rare 10, that Gamespot has only given to 4 games.


Now Playing...

I'd like to talk a little about the games that I'm Now Playing.

You see Burnout 3 in there, well that's just there so I don't have to remember to do that when I get the game. That's all, it's even in my collection for the same reason.

The first game I'm playing is SSX3 it's the awesome sequel to SSX Tricky. Anyways, I love this game. My favorite thing has got to be the mountain, and how you can free ride from the top to the bottom, and it take almost 30 minutes! The graphics are stellar and the Music is good if you turn off cirtain tracks. I've been playing this game since January when I got it, it's that good!

The other game I'm "really" playing right now is NHL HITZ PRO it's the sequel to NHL Hitz 20-03. This is one of those games that you can't judge by it's cover. It seems like just a typical Arcade hockey game. But underneath the Arcade elements are some of the best MOST REALISTIC hockey elements I've ever seen. The Puck phsyics are amazing. The AI is incredable, the players behave like hockey player would/should. I'm a huge hockey fan and I know what plays to expect on cirtain parts of the ice, and these players to them. For example in most game, including the "MOST REALISTIC" game NHL2k5 players will just face away from the net and will just back had a one-timer through their legs if they aren't facing the net.

The Players in Hitz Pro Pivot and face the passer, and it helps them get a better shot off, it's AWESOME! There are so many little hockey details that only hockey players and hockey fans will notice, like players, jumping or side stepping point shots to create screens. This game was made by Hockey fans, almost all the people at Next Level Games, either are hockey fans or actually PLAY ice hockey, and it shows. Forget these so-called realistic games. Did I mention that this game has the best Hockey goalies ever made? I didn't? Well it's true. If NL Games where to ever make a realistic game like NHL2k5 or NHL2005, it'd be the END ALL game, you'd never need another hockey game EVER!

oops... I LOVE HItz Pro can you tell... LOL... I'll have more soon, maybe Burnout 3 stuff!

Just a little note...

Burnout 3 is coming in 2 days! It's going to be pretty awesome! I can't wait for it.

I'm going to need a new Dual Shock 2 soon, the one I have, is the one that came with my PS2, and the sticks actually get stuck sometimes on it. I'm not sure what else to put here. come to think of it I might need a new memory card soon as well... hmmm...

That's it for now, I'll post here again when I get Burnout 3 this week. And state my first impressions!

Burnout 3: Takedown

Today I think I'll post a little bit about Burnout 3: Takdown.

I'm really excited about this game... IGN reviewed it today and gave the game a 9.4(PS2) and 9.5(Xbox has better sound options).

Now I can't help but think what the awesome people here at Gamespot are going to give the game, I'm sure from the way the video-preview and that little thing on Let's Gamespot last week sounded, I'm sure it'll get a great score, not that that's super important, I'm getting the game regardless. Because I'm a huge Burnout fan.

Just for comparison reasons: I'm gonna guess the score:

For a High guess: a score of 9.2 sounds about right.

For a Low guess: a score of 8.9 sounds about right.

Well, I'm outta here for now, let's see how close I get to the real score. And if anyone else reads this you can check out my Burnout site: Alex Ward has even been there...