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i love angry joe he is hilarious, although he does over do it sometimes lol. i also agree with what he said, the xbox 1 looks like a great console specs wise and with all of its new features, however this recent news is just a dealbreaker for me. ill have to wait until e3 for a final decision but so far ps4 is looking good.

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ok so i want to do the mission where i speak to silius (?) in dawnstar. the mission is called pieces of the past i think.

when i enter dawnstar guards chase me and start attacking me. im assumung this is because of the dark brotherhood mission where i killed some lady and fled the city. they also dont give me the option to surrender whatsoever. when i enter silius's house he also attacks me so i cant start the mission.

does anyone know how to fix this?

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its all about the counter attack for some enemies

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i cant get on the store, and i wanted to download the catwomen thing before i start playing batman arkham city

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If you want to skip the game because of a few minor glitches then go ahead. It's your loss.ShadowsDemon

dude i bought the game on the 360, i was just asking about the ps3 version

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thanks alot guys that helped with alot of quests :)

unfortunatly the golden claw one cannot be marked on the map, im still trying to find the guy in whiterun.

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first of all, not every PS3 user had the lag issue. Second, yes, the PS3 lag issue was largely fixed with patch 1.4. Third, Google is your friend. Fourth, there are still a ton of clunky glitches in the game, but if you can overlook them the game is excellent. Fifth, I like pudding.... darn I was trying to make it to eight...Essian

thanks for summing that up. when i googled i searched "skyrim ps3 and 360 comparison" and got many different answers so i thought id ask you guys. guess i should have googled the actual patch LOL. what made me buy the 360 version is the fact that i constantly read bethesda games are more reliable on the 360. my friends said it, google said it, and a few guys said it here on GS.

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im sorry COD just cant be defined as a hardcore game anymore imo. just look at mw3, full of kids and everyone can get that support package and rack in kills. a more hardcore shooter by your definition would be halo since the controls are harder to master, and you need to work hard for a kill.

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i just picked up skyrim a few days ago and like it so far (its my first elder scrolls game). my question is you know how you have all those quests in your journal, how do you complete each one of them. by that i mean how do you know where to go for each quest. for example i have a quest on which wants me to return the golden claw to its owner but i have no clue how to mark the location on my map or compass.

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Halo is garbage. try playing killzone 3 and resistance 2, 3, you will never touch halo againPinnacleGamingP

well, im not too sure about that. both KZ3 and Resistance games have ok stories, halo is abit better. also the fact that halo still has coop play in the story mode and great MP options makes me like it more.