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Just Gotta Worry About Nintendo These Days...

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first of all, i finally graduated this year and got my exams done, i finally have time for some gaming, going out, and all that stuff you dont get to do with intense studying. it payed off though as i raised my overall average to an 87% from my regular 82% and got accepted to all of the universities i applied to, it feels good to succeed after a rough year ;)

now about nintendo. they increasingly make me worry about their most recent decisions. the way i see it, the company that used to dominate gaming back in the 80s-90s is falling down greatly.

i could see what they were going for with the wii, and i accept it, but the 3ds is where i started to get confused. its launch was just terrible. high price and no games. that is the worst a company can do to their gaming product on release in my eyes. now my brother bought a 3ds around launch even though i warned him not to, but 10 year olds just dont listen to advice do they lol. we were treated to a much lower price later on, ambassador games that werent any good at redeeming the full price we payed (i mean come on ive played all those games already on their original consoles, and owned many of them on the wii, they didnt do us any good), and now the 3DS XL

the 3ds XL doesnt look like its a must have update, i mean its just got bigger screens for the most part. but what really ticked me off was releasing an "upgrade" only a year after release, AND WITHOUT THE SECOND ANALOG. why nintendo, why NOT put the second analog into the so called upgrade, i mean you already released some big ugly peripheral for that right? why dont you just release an even bigger second analog peripheral, im sure that wont hinder the 3ds's portability. leaving the second analog outside of the first 3ds model was already a mistake in my eyes.

now for the new smash brothers game. smash bros is a solid frnachise. its considered a great party game for family and freinds to duke it out with their favourite nintendo characters, but it also has plenty of depth, so much that you can get very good at it and get very competitive at tournaments, thats saying alot about a game. then nintendo had to give it to namco bandai... seriously when i read this news i think i zoned out for 10 minutes in confusion. why in the world would nintendo give a solid franchise to a 3rd party, and important franchise at that. one where if you mess up, the damage will just be too great. was this a good or bad move on nintendos part i dont know. im sure sakurai is monitering its development, but they still gave it to a 3rd party. just look at what happened to metroid other m. that game was being monitered by nintendo as well, but they still managed to screw it up. dont get me wrong i liked other m, but they seriously messed up the whole concept of a metroid game with that game.

of course there is the wiiu which everyone has mixed opinions about. im not so sure this will do so well because the casuals wont really be able to tell the difference. it looked the same as the wii, in fact i thought this was just an add on to my wii. besides that im glad they fixed the gamepad, and the games look good so far. i also like how they are offering that regular controller as an option. but something makes me feel like not many people will notice this console due to it looking just like the wii, and possibly by microsoft and sony completly over shadowing it in the near future. oh and the games are already avaliable on the ps3 and 360, im sure i wouldnt buy a wiiu to play assassins creed 3 or mass effect 3 when i own both a 360 and ps3.

anyways i thought i would vent out that info here since its been awhile since my last blog (even though not many people care to read them). what are your opinions on nintendo. are you surprised by these decisions just like i am?

Killzone 3 and i just made smash bros brawl 100x better

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first off i bought KZ3 for 20 dollars at walmart today, i picked it up because the price was great. so far i like it but im only at the beginning. i like how the controls work alot better this time around.

now what i really want to talk about is Super Smash Bros Brawl, and how i made it work just like melee. ign posted an article about project m, a legal "hack" that changes brawls controls and gameplay back to melee style, and gets rid of all the cheap moves some brawl characters had "looks at pit". you need a copy of SSBB and you DO NOT need to hack your wii. basically it fixes the problems that brawl has.

this is a project being worked on by over 50 developers, and so far its in a demo stage where it is almost complete. this is the website : you can read and download it for free. i just tired it out myself and i love it so much. i have a reason to get back to playing brawl again. just thought id share this with you guys.

Oh Yea This Game...

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the other day i was looking through my gamecube collection to relieve some memories, but i ended up relieving a bad one. on the shelf was Star Fox Adventures, a game i had forgotten about, and i was glad i did.

im pretty sure you all know this game was originally called Dinasour Planet, but nintendo decided to put starfox in it which just ruined the game imo. you know what, instead of me blabbing about it here this video sums up my exact thoughts in a much more entertaining way:

to this day i have not completed the game, and i never will.

What do you do with a walmart gift card....

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you buy games of course :P !

it was my birthday recently and my parents decided to get me a walmart gift card. not the best gift in my opinion but i still appreciated it (since walmart has games ;)). i treated all 3 of my consoles to new games which are SKYRIM (360) LANOIRE (PS3) and RAYMAN ORIGINS (WII)

i played some skyrim and rayman so far, i really like both games. i still didnt try out lanoire. im just happy i have some new games to dig into which should keep me busy for a long time.

MGS2 is an amazing game

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just beat MGS2 on my MGS HD Collection for the first time. i have to say i really enjoyed this game just so much. even with its age it was still amazing. granted i didnt like the camera as much but it actually fit the game. my only complain is the shooting cause if i wanted to aim accuratly i had to keep going into FPS mode but it was still fine.

gonna move onto to MGS3, hopefully its even better.

Why FPS Games Should Take Tips From Halo

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ever since i got my new 360, ive been putting good time into halo reach. i have to say so far this gen, halo reach is the best shooter for me, i had the most fun with it and i felt like iw as playing a quality game.

im gonna keep this short. FPS games today should take tips from reach. great and long campaign, COOP PLAY IN CAMPAIGN, great online with many modes to enjoy, tougher to play (meaning make us use more skill). Reach has nearly everything.

i certainly enjoyed beating reach on legendary WITH FRIENDS OCCASIONALLY and the online play. comparing it to MW3 i feel like the campaign was worthless, and although the online play is enjoyable it got old fast and it feels cheap and easy imo.

I Never Thought I'd See the Day...

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how it happened was beyond me. i thought it was a thing of fantasy. but it happened yesterday

my dad walked into the house with a new Xbox 360 250 Console!

apparently he got it as a gift from work or smthn. and thats pretty awesome. this is the first gen of gaming that i own every single console, oh the freedom to get any game released. it feels good.

i set it up today, got halo reach and fable 3 with the console, and 3 months of live with the console as well. i downloaded reach, but i didnt use the live card yet since it would be a waste. i wont be playing online on the 360 just yet so im going to save that card. this online issue really ticks me off to be honest.

overall great console as i always thought it would be, but i still prefer the ps3 because i feel its more...accessible. free online, alot more to do on it, i can use my usb to watch movies or save some data, use the web browser for various things, alot more games to play of course because of the exclusives, etc. good thing about having the 360 is that i can finally play my old xbox games again, and i can get those select few system exclusives that i missed out on. oh also skyrim is an option now since its alot better on the 360.

my family wants to go get kinect now too, which im not really interested in lol, but i wont stop them. anyways thats all for now, my live id is Almonster94, feel free to add me. HAPPY NEW YEAR btw.

Just Beat Zelda SS. Amazing Game, Now I Feel Sad...

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i finally beat SS, with 37 hours on it. i feel so sad now that its over, i was enjoying it so much, and the wait for the next zelda is gonna be long lol.

i have to say this is the most fun ive had on the wii, and in a zelda game, ever. the game is brilliant, it had a great origins story which was very touching, and the controls just suck you into the game. when i was fighting the last boss every sword attack, and sheild bash was controlled by me, and it felt so good and i truly felt that i was link.

the characters in the game are also pretty good, some have some great depth in them and you even come to care for alot of them. the side quests are also decent although i havent done them all.

i liked how well the items were used in this game, as they were constantly used. rupees were also a problem to save up this time around since there are many things to spend them on to help you in your adventure.

what i didnt like was how the sky didnt have much to explore, the enemies were not as diverse as they usually are, the harp was pretty much useless and not well used, and hyrule should have been connected. other than that everything was great.

those are my quick opinions on the game. ill go back later on a replay the game on hero mode. but for now its time to complete the MGS HD COLLECTION. that might take awhile lol.

if you have a wii, i reaaallly recommend skyward sword, one of the best wii games ever made.

Metal Gear Solid: Rising, the phantom game that will never happen

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did you guys see the new Metal Gear Solid: Rising trailer, or should i say Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (yes it got a new name)?

this trailer literally ruined my day. ive been anticipating this game for awhile now, and E3 2010's trailer of the game was amazing. the game had alot going, but now they ruined it all.

they just turned it into some arcade sword game, that borrows some slight ideas from ninja gaiden. flashy colors? no stealth? hack and slash??? cheesy quotes????? WTF HAPPENED????????

please remove the name Metal Gear from this game, as it doesnt deserve it. well i guess thats one game off of my most anticipated list...

Ode to Gamespots Tom McShea

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Ode to GameSpot's Tom McShea

Gamespot's ignorant Tom McShea,
Zelda Skyward Sword he tried to play.

He claimed the controls were bad,
And made the Zelda community mad.

Not because they can't handle his score,
But because he played with errors galore.

"Do not waggle" we were all knowing,
But Mr McShea made no such showing.

He pointed his remote at the screen,
Motion Plus usage he could not glean.

Like it was Twilight Princess he would play,
Never once thinking that he'd lost his way.

He wrongly criticized Skyward Sword,
Unaware the controls deserve an award.

Publicity perhaps was the trick up his sleeve,
But now no review from Tom can we believe.

So a reviewer who knows not a game's worth,
Shall be called a "McShea" from this day forth.

i dont take credit for this, i just wanted to share it with you guys, i thought it was kinda funny ;)