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Back and updating collection again

I am now finally back on Gamespot. Well I've been checking the site for updates on and off. Never really posted anything on my blog here. May start doing something with that. I am going to start focusing on updating my game collection. Though it is going to take quite some time. May take weeks, months, heck maybe even a year. I am serious and no I'm not kidding. I have at least 3,000 or more games.

Games have always been and will always be a big hobby of mine. I play mostly newer games but do occasionally play my classics and retro stuff. I just can't stand to trade in my games. Partly, because you get ripped off too easily. I can't see paying 60 bucks for new games, playing the crap out of them, and trading them in for less than $10 bucks. It's just not worth it. Also in part because if I trade something in, I know I'm going to want to play that game as soon as I get rid of it. So it's just easier if I don't trade or sell games.

So I will slowly and steadily be adding my game collection here onto Gamespot.With over 3000 games, it's going to take some time. I'll have to go over the consoles and lists of games and check off what ones I have. No clue when it will ever be done. Eventually yes, but not anytime soon

I used to use IGN for my collection. However I hate all the new updates they have performed there. You CAN'T sort your collection or view it by specific consoles anymore. You used to be able to do that there. Now you can't. Why they got rid of that and made that part of the site worse, is beyond me.

I need to update my collection soon

Seriously. I've always kept my collection up to date on I guess because I have too many games, I only add some on rare occasions to my Gamespot collection. According to IGN, I have 1,491 games currently in my collection. I need to update that again though. I have around 20 more games to add to that. Since I got some back in July when I visited my family in Virginia, and a few more since I've been back in New Jersey. So thats really around 1,511 games in my collection. That's a lot of games I need to add to my Gamespot collection.

I know I should sell my games, but I just can't. Most new games are so expensive, that it just is not worth it to sell or trade in. Also, with me, if I get rid of some games, later on I want to play the games I got rid of. So I can't get rid of my collection. Video games are my hobby, and will most likely be a lifelong hobby. My collection will continue to grow bigger and bigger. I haven't played some games for quite a while but I do try to cycle through them all.

"Revenge" is sweet

By that I mean Burnout Revenge. This is way better then takedown. Loads more cars and tracks. Fun new gameplay modes. The crash modes have ben revamped and are awesome. I haven't done everything yet but I think theres less then 100 crash events. However they are much more fun now. There are no powerups at all so its a bit of a challenge now but thats good. You can now get insanely high scores over 15 million points on some crash levels. Unless something goes wrong, you should always get over a million points. A new part of crash mode is a number that tells you how many cars are in the course, and how many you have hit and damaged. Activating crash mode is interesting since you have to get the turbo meter filled by crashing and making cars explode. Once it fills it starts to empty so you have to tap the button to get it to 100% to blow up your car. If your really good you can use the crashbreaker at least 4 times in one crash event.

You can also use the crashbreaker in the single player world tour too. This is only in certain races that have crashbreaker in the name. If you crash you can use craskbreaker. If you destroy any computer cars you get a Revenge takedown. This seems to be where the name of the game came from.

One of my favorite new events is traffic attack. In any races you will not crash if you hit traffic. If you rear end anything they crash, you dont, and you get points. If you hit oncoming traffic, tractor trailers, semis, buses, traffic at a 4 way intersection cross traffic, or anything big you crash. In traffic attack the objective is to crash as many cars as possible to get points and time. There is a clock once it gets to 0 its game over. Crashing gives you money and more time depending on what you hit and if it hits something else. If you complete a lap you get a money multiplier and earn more money.

Road Rages are back and better then ever. Much shorter too. Instead of eliminating the last place person only once per lap, its now eliminating someone once every 30 seconds. So road rages can be faster and more intense.

Anyways I am like 70 percent done with the game. I am also up to the highest rank, 11 Elite.

Burnout 3 Takedown

Ok well I've been playing a lot lately and now I have 83% complete. I have all the crash newspaper headlines, all but like 2 or 3 signature takedowns, around half of the postcards from special laps, 1 of the 4 trophies, around 115 gold medals the rest being silver or bronze and the last few races I haven't completed yet and like 60 cars as to which I only need one more from crash mode which is the 90 million dollar garbage truck.

Anyways the game is definitly fun. The 100 crash mode missions alone make this game an excellent purchase. I'll probably have the game beat 100% soon hopefully.

New Games!

Well on Thursday I got some new games for my collection. They are Serious Sam (GBA), 18 Wheeler American Pro Trucker (GCN), and Burnout 3 Takedown (PS2). Burnout 3 is awesome! I've been playing it for a while I think it says 7 hours or something like that. I've got like 28% complete, 30 gold medals, something like 70 or so available events and a bunch of other stuff. The graphics in the game are just awesome. The game is spectacular!