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My top 50 games (part two)

40. Elder scrolls: Oblivion


39. Assassins creed 3


38. Demon's crest


37. No one lives forever 2


36. Thief deadly shadows


35. Amnesia : The dark decent


34. Dragon age origins


33. The neverhood


32. Shining force 2


31. Plants vs zombies

My top 50 games (part one)

This will be kind of a different list. It's gonna contain few console titles and some really big titles will be skiped. I am hoping for you to see some unfamiliar titles here. 

50. Mini ninjas


49. Crash team racing


48. Pro skater


47. Counter-strike


46. Battlefield 2


45. Tekken 3


44. Gta 3


43. Batman arkham asylum


42. COD modern warfare 2


41. Gta IV (on pc)

Video games give good depression

So a new video was on gamespot recently pointing out that the video games can reduce your depression. In my opinion it is wrong. Of course for a casual gamer who only plays Mario and Sonic video games are fun and joyful but not for a hardcore gamer who has seen some serious tragedies that happen in video games. I recently played "Conker's bad fur day" which I say is a must play game even now. It is of N64 so at first you may think it is just like mario or banjo etc. But the deal is different. the funny squirl keeps throwing jokes (sometimes dirty ones) but in the end everything turns different which is a very depressing ending (That I don't want to spoil) and that is only one example. I have seen this before basically because I        

1 apocalyptic worlds especially fallout 3

2 Conker's bad fur day ending (despite the whole game itself)

3 Batman arkham city's ending where Batman is carrying joker in a state that resembles the first painting in the game that is about "Cain and Abel"

4 Spec ops the line

5 Cold war crisis: where you revisit the resistance

6 Metal gear solid games

7 And the one that made me cry even in bed is this: Castlevania lords of shadow ending. It is pretty depressing if you think of the journey Gabriel had and is going to have

... and so on.

Castlevania an awesome game

Reasons new Castlevania game looks awesome
Well I ask you how did you feel while playing dragon age or skyrim and other fantasy games. I myself would enjoy the plot and the setting for the first moments of my experience. new creatures and new fantasy. New worlds to explore and unusual plots. But after playing such games for some time you get tired of it sometimes you may say So What? What do I care about the origins of hags What do I care about the story of dwarfs. It is because they are unreal beings of tales and the creators themselves add some new info to them. This makes such fantasies boring. Also fantasies with high references may seem heavy to accept. Like Dantes inferno and Darksiders with biblical references. They are stories you have heard before.
Now lets take a look at Castlevanias plot. It is a mix of fantasy and reference. You both see fact and fiction. It is not like skyrim that there are many gods. The world of castlevania has a supreme being. Its main antagonist is satan not a flying dragon but it is also telling us the story of Dracula. It makes connection between reality and fiction. When I think of the plot and its different aspects I say Well there is satan and there is God so there could be a fight going on and satan could be planning on making a Dracula and Dracula could be on no side. And this awes me. Many Japanese games and animes you see with a high level of fantasy and absolutely no reference. But this one is a Change what you want thing about story. The original Dracula book would be too lame to be a video game and a new fantasy with little reference would bore you just like skyrim did. But to steal the idea of a book and Change in a better one is just so right. Dracula is like what you always wanted him to be. I mean the original story of Dracula involves a vampire in a castle. So what? But this stoy is way better. In castlevania Dracula is not only a vampire. He also is a rival of satan. His enemies are both light and shadow. And it is like he is going to make a change in this world. I would not like to see what satan is up to but I sure like to hear the story of this dominating Dracula.
The other thing that awes me is that this game is based on old games that you would Imagine its world. Graphics of old castlevania games were not that appealing but the atmosphere was awesome. Whenever you would play castlevania you would wish that it was more real. And now it is your wish. With these awesome graphics you can experience a way better atmosphere. I mean there are many old games that I liked to see them huge and castlevania is one of them.

A Game Of Conspiracy

With Deus ex released 2 years ago and the newly released Assassins creed 3 that both are about conspiracy theories I decided to post this blog to say my expectations of a good game about conspiracy.

1 New theory with a new start

It should have a new point of view and a new start. We are seek and tired of the "New World Order" thing and those cyborgs of deus ex.

2 One theory is all I ask

I dont want a game that puts everything together

3 It should have eastern references

4 It should have less historical references that happen to be false

5 Your fight should be meaningful and with every step you take you get closer to victory

6 bosses should be hard to hunt down each with a unique personality that when you get to them you feel a relief. Boss fights should be tough and epic.

Reasons Skyrim does not deserve all the praises (Part One)

Reasons Skyrim does not deserve all the praises (part One)

Weak story: I know some may say the story was pretty well, But I say it was not. Oblivion had a much better story where you had to deal with deadras, and close the oblivion gates. The missions where well designed especially the part where you had to go to the mythic down hideout. The atmosphere of that place was very well. But about Skyrim when you find the hideout of the old blades you just see some dumb rooms, a hall, and a training ground. The best you see there is the Alduin wall, and even after the blades settle there again, the glory of the place is not back. (If there had been something like that) The story is not like ?fight hard for a reason?, but is plain fighting. When you do all the stuff including killing Alduin you just feel like ?Well, the job?s done?, while in oblivion you would feel like ?Who! The job is finally done?. During your quest for save of the world you meet the dumbest people who have no depth. The blades are fighting because they are bind to their oath; The Graybeards are helping you because of their master. The jarls are aiding you because of politics and if you don?t feel like a lone wolf then I am surprised. Your followers, well I don?t need to say much. While in a comparison to Fallout 3 and the mutated guy ?Falk? you can see how silly your followers are. In your journey you can?t make great choices like bringing ?Falk? with you. In fact the story has no point where you can make satisfying choices and build you character?s personality. In fact all other quests are like this. For me killing Alduin was like killing a bird instead of killing a black winged dragon. He was killed so easily in just one battle. And when he died I felt like killing a rat not a dragon.

Weak gameplay:

Combat: Yes, I know. Skyrim is so varied in combat. You can be a mage, two handed sword man, one handed sword man, An archer and so on. But the variety itself does not make the game enjoyable. But the depth does. I mean I can?t enjoy the game being just an archer. I should be everything to enjoy the game. Just look at the magic and how much its depth has been reduced since oblivion. I can?t be a mage and not an archer can I?

Misc: Smiting is new to this game. But Can you smith every sword in the world? Or use every enchantment you like? Horses are the funniest thing because you are the only horseman in this game. No others use Horses, while in oblivion we saw otherwise.

Q: And what is the use of horses? A: Mountain Climbing.

Horses do not have special attitudes. All are the same ?dumb?. You can?t pick every item you see in the world for you home decoration. Even if you could, making them fit in place would be a chore.

Q: Can you camp in jungles? Stay in places where no one has ever explored and chat with your follower(s)?

A: You can?t camp. You can?t chat and you can?t have more than one follower. It is not dragon age people. It is the game of the year, skyrim.

Good use of followers could make the game a great experience. But as I said?oh forget it. Textures are not good. If you say they are then compare Blades armor with dwarven armor. Quests are not deep. If you say they are then compare Darkbrotherhood with Bards?college. Shouts are not good. If you say they are then go shout ?firebreath? on a child and see him/her chilling.(in fact he/she will chill and escape the hell out of there but that?s because you?ve sounded like an Insane man who thinks his shouting actually has some effect.) Swordfights are not fun. If you say they are then compare it with fallout 3 pipefighting. Food is a joke.? Don?t eat food and food will eat you?. Why have they even used this in this game if there is no meaning to it? I say it is an unfinished feature of the game. (Like the rest of the game)

The reason bioware is not planning on CHANGING the end to Mass effect 3

well by the topic I first wanted to talk about the way the game ended. Let me just remind you:

Earth's solar system was destroyed.Your ship landed on another planet.The door got open. this is the exact way that the game finished and the way you actually tried to SAVE the "EARTH" by DESTROYING it. when I saw this ending I thought I was humored because the end was not MEANT to be like this. I mean just think about the launch trailer for mass effect 3. its headline was "Take Earth Back". well, Did we really do this? Did we save earth? No, we actually destroyed it. and without asking a single question from that VI. So what I am saying here is that the story was not right. It needs to be changed due to what bioware promised and what it brought us. But as you see they are insisting on not changing the story. Now there is this big question: "Why?"

I answer this: remember the very first cutscene of this game where Anderson said something like "May God watch over us all". From that moment how many times did you even hear the word "God"? or similar words like "Faith" , "Humanity" , "Honor" , "Brotherhood". Well I tell you "Never". Never after that you heard such words. I remember that intense fight (actually all the fights were intense but this one was even more intense) where we had to launch some rockets on one of those reapers and all the strong enemies were just fighting us. I fought hard and shot bullets more than I did in any other intense shooters and always tried to keep my followers standing. But when the fight finished, Shephard, instead of saying something like "Oh thank God", "Have faith my friends" or "Be honored, people" said something that even an atheist from another planet who wouldn't care for earth, would not say.

Now I clear my meaning: they (bioware) ruined the end of the story because of one thing "Materialism". Yes I believe the producers of this game were bunch of materialists. they ended the story like this so that they could say humans are just like other animals they are like plants and dust. like them humans disappear for sometime and again like any other organic being they start a new generation in another planet. They said we humans are meant to be destroyed. that we humans are meaningless. The exact saying a materialist would tell you. And you know what honor meant to them? the honor in their vocabulary meant this: "Your story will be told by a grandfather to his grandchild". just like that. You fought those intense battles just to be the tale of on old jerk. I'm not saying that they should talk about religion in there games but I say they could at least not spit in the face of humanity by telling us that "You humans are just like other organics, live and die. And let your honor be a tale". Well, when you bring homosexuality in a game you sure can't talk about being a priest I know. but at least you could talk about being a human. A human who is trying to save his home world and even if he does not succeed in doing so he (or she) has reached his end. But by that kind of ending none happened and all due to materialist believes.

I know, the Mass effect 3 is a high fantasy game, but this ending was beyond fantasy. it was a lie. And I believe the reason they are not going to change the story is because, the best way to end an story in a way that it'll be based on materialist believes, will be this way of ending it. So if I were a materialist I would love this ending but sadly I am a believer in humanity so at this point I bid mass effect series goodbye. "Mass Effect! Go To Hell!"

next generation video games


We sometime may think the games that are being played by people all around the world have reached a level beyond imagination. This topic tells of more that can come. Things that, you have not yet seen in video games. And they probably will be the next gen ones.

3D experience: the current 3D experience is malformed. A true 3D experience will put you IN the world of video game. Whereas, wherever you look you?ll see the 3D objects, not only on the screen.

Faster Computers: there are computers in development that try to speed up a game for better experience. But, in fact they are reaching the limit of their capability. And this is due to one thing: ?Electrical Computers?. Fortunately this can be solved by the use of a ?photonic computer?. This kind of computer will be much faster due to its mechanism where photons do the calculations.

Audio improvement: you may sometimes just experience it yourself that these audio systems are week and not nice to the ear. Other than that captioning the audios of games that include lots of dialogs requires many actors. For instance in RPG games lots of actors are put to work and the final result of the job is hearing the same sound every time you play the game. Well this improvement allows one actor to have many voices. So you are hearing too many different voices but all are captioned from the voice of one actor.

Smelling and Tasting: this may take more time to find its place in video games. But surely after a few decades it eventually will.

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