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Installing Yellow Dog Linux on my PS3

I'm imbarking on a mission to install Yellow Dog Linux (YDL) on my PlayStation 3. I have just downloaded the .iso file of the operating system and burning it on a DVD. Hopefully everything goes alright and will be able to use it by tomorrow.

Keep watching this place if you want to know when I have successfully done that.

Got a Playstation 3 at last

At last I managed to get the PlayStation3. Currently playing Resistance: Fall of Man and Ridge Racer 7.

The console is really great althought its pretty tricky connected to the internet. The quality of the games is brilliant and looking forward to other games.

Guild Wars: Nightfall

Just bought the game and started playing. I must admit its a pretty good game. I'm currently on Level 5, playing as Paragon.

Can't wait to increase my level to atleast about 10, must keep on playing. :D

Playstation 3

I have nothing to do at the moment so decided to write this.

I have been planning to buy a PlayStation 3 for some time now. Problem is I keep on facing blockages, I ordered to from eBay, and unfortunately none arrived, although I got refund. Anyway, I wont be buying from eBay anymore hopefully and will get it soon. The reason why I'm not so interested at the moment is that there's hardly any good games out for PS3.

Games I am looking forward to buy are:

Metal Gear Solid 4 (cant wait for it to come out)

Gran Turismo 5

The Getaway (PS3 one, obviously)

Pro Evolution 08 (I played most of its prequels on PS2, so greatly looking forward to this one)

Splinter Cell

GTA 4 and some other good ones.

Read my reviews, that I have written, most of them are on PSP as I have played them recently.