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I just checked out the new Blood anime since I loved the movie and original series so much. It's called Blood-C and first episodes was alright, it had no where near the impact the original series did in the first episodes but it still seems very promising. Some of the elements that I liked so much about Blood+ appear to be completely gone this time around, which is a letdown, but who knows? maybe they will be replaced them with some new neat ideas.

I would have still prefered a sequel to Blood+, tho. :(

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I'm always surprised to see there is always a bunch of people who have apparently tried out every anime out there and yet disliked every single one. Why not stop watching? :P

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Gintama is king.

Worst? I dunno... Queen's Blade? stopped watching after 5 min so I feel uneasy calling it "worst".

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Think about Sailor Moon or Card Captor Sakura since is a story about magic girls who fight against monsters but without the moe factor, the jokes or the happy stories, this is a dark, tragic and very dramatic story with some serious plot twists, however, it's also a very deep and touching story, IMO nothing less than a modern classic.


Hmm I may have to give it a try. CCS is actually one of my favorite anime.

Give it a try, i strongly recommend it to anyone, but don't expect anything like CCS, like i said is much, much more darker, however, i think it is a superb show with a lot of memorable moments.

I just watched the first 2 eps.... all I can say for now is that the art is really amazing imo.

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bro gamers :P

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My credit card was gonna expire back in february so instead of going through the trouble of calling someone in India to get it cancelled I just didn't do anything hoping it will set me back to silver as soon as they were unable to charge me.

I stopped connecting to live, played only SP games for a while but today I connected to see if I could download some stuff from the marketplace and realized I still have Gold.... I know I have been getting emails saying they were unable to charge me and they will cancel my subscription but apparently it hasn't happened yet.

Anyone familiar with what happens now? can MS mail me a bill later for the past few months? can they lock my gamertag or something?

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Now he says it will still be May first i thought that this man worshiped Satan. But to my suprise the bible states before Jesus returns there will be a rapture. Which is really odd, all i can say is this is one confusing life/world. We come here not knowing anything, why were here, what happens when we die, if there is a God, space...ect.

The bible also states, "No man will no of the hour" but if im not wrong( i could be correct me if im wrong ) that a prophet will warn the people about the world ending... I dont know my heads going to explode, thoughts?


If this were true the end of the world would simply never happen. It seems that every second there is some new fool thinking he knows the exact date and time. How can God pick a date for rapture when there is always some new idiot a step ahead of him who already guessed the date he was about to pick?

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Thanks a bunch, yea I do know torture attacks as I've used them before... there's lots of combos here it's pretty insane, but fun at the same time. And I haven't been to Rodin's store yet, I'm guessing that's in those "hell" portals probably? I'm sure I'll run into there pretty soon.

Most manuals aren't too great with games these days so I guess it's not a big deal that I don't have it. Thanks again for the info :)


no problem. and yea the hell portals are where rodin sells you stuff. I recommend going there anytime you get the chance. there is some really fun new moves and weapons you can get there.

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Hi all, I just received my copy of Bayonetta in the mail that I bought used. Unfortunately, the moron who sold it to me from Amazon was dishonest and did not insert the instruction manual with it, so while I've learned the basic ins and outs of the gameplay, combo system and most items so far, there are some things I don't get.

1) Under the energy bar there's a meter consisiting of numerous purple crystals, that fill up when you get the 'Witch's Time' abilities by narrowly dodging attacks. Is Witches Time the only way to fill this up, and WHAT exactly is it used for? I've acquired purple butterfly items to fill it up but don't know how this meter is utilized - do you get a special attack ability or something? If so, how do you use it?

That's the magic gauge. It fills up as you fight, when it reaches a certain level you can perform torture attacks. You know torture attacks?

2) Those halos you collect - when do you get to use them? I saw after completing the Prologue that you can either use points by playing a sort of mini-game or you can trade in your points for halos. What are halos used for, and what do you get by using them? Is that black guy you talk to (forget the name) some sort of merchant you trade things in to? Where is he located?

Halos are the currency. You spend them on new moves, health items, new costumes, amulets.... have you gone to Rodin's store?

3) The save system saves consistently throughout your gameplay, and I've noticed that it saves the amount of items I collect but I can't start mid-level if I turn the game off, but need to start at the beginning once again. So I guess the save doesn't actually save where you are but it does save what you've gotten. Do you only get to save after you complete each section/chapter?

I don't remember this....

4) The concoction system is strange, you collect various red, green and yellow "orbs" and then you need to go to that screen that fills up the meters, at certain points for some items you rotate the right joystick to concoct it. Can only single items be concocted together or are there ways to fill up a meter a bit, and mix and match in order to get a concoction ability? Does the game automatically display the 'rotate R' icon when you hit a point on the meter that you're able to concoct something?

Don't remember either

5) I don't get the storyline, who is Bayonetta? Some kind of mercenary, vigilante or something?

Don't bother that much with the storyline in your first playtrhough. It's hard to understand, you might get it the second time. :P

6) Why have they not made a game that pins Dante of Devil May Cry with Bayonetta on a 2-player demon hunting adventure? :P (that's a joke)

It should be a 3 player game with Ryu Hayabusa also included :P

7) Finally, is there anything else i should know about items, gameplay ins and outs and whatever for this game that you would suggest for someone who does not have an accompanying instruction manual?

meh... game manual is kinda crappy for this game. doesn't tell you much.