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Long time no see

Hay guys havent been here for a while haha. Im just wondering does anyone still use these blogs for regular use?



new stuff

hay guys waz up ok hay so school started a while back im sick already yay reach is out so now i have a reach banner. with some other things i have a youtube channel still wondering i f you know anbody that has call of duty waw online all i need is a friend code. i cant decide if i want to perstige or please leave comments bye

i love call of duty XD

i got call of duty for my psp and i got call of duty waw for wii i suck soooooooooooooooo bad its noy even funny leave your friend code if you want XD XD :D

nerf war oregon rogue river

hello today i have decided to organize a nerf war in rogue river oregon united states of america it will be a couple hours if your interested pm me or leave a commet down there l


help me on pokemon diamond

i need help i cant beet the elite four at all my team is fine i chose piplup in the begining i asked mariland on youtube but i still cant and no wifi so i'm dead