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Alex's Pet Peeves - Part 3

As some of you already know i have been listing off some of my major pet peeves. If you missed Part 1 and Part 2, you can go ahead and take a look at them.

Starting today and for the next few segments there will be a common theme with the pet peeves - The Mall. I have many pet peeves that involve the mall or similar places that involve shopping (i.e walmart).

So to get things started..... This weeks pet peeve is.....

People who buy non electronic items at the electronic section!

I'll buy this cough medicine, some soup, honey, hand soap, oranges, and these 20 other items.... oh yeah and this CD

Come on people! I want my purchase of video games to be quick and efficient i don't want to wait for someone to buy the entire store and just one electronics item.

If you must have that "CD" then pay for ONLY that at the electronics section and pay for the rest of your items where you are SUPPOSED to.

Seriously, you slow down the entire line behind you, just because you are too lazy to go and wait in line with everybody else. Be more considerate and think how you are effecting other people.

Also i do not think that stores should allow people to do that, they should let the customer know to go and wait in line in the proper place so that they don't slow down the electronic sections line.


Alex's Pet Peeves: Part 2

Another week, another pet peeve. This weeks topic is something that most of us have experience and hopefully i am not the only one that gets annoyed by it.

This weeks pet peeve is......

Musicians who say their names at the beginning of the song

"Thanks, WE KNOW!"

I see there being two different "times" when we listen to music. The first being where you have already downloaded the song or listening to a song on a CD. In this case we already know who sings the song so we don't need you to announce your name at the beginning!

The second time would be when you are listing to the radio or when your friend gets you to listen to a song, in these cases the DJ should have told you who's song it was before it even came on, or your friend should have mentioned the artist. Either way i don't need to hear your name at the beginning of each song.

Seriously it's not like adding your name to the song will make it more creative and sell more copies it just gets annoying and repetitive


Alex's Pet Peeves - Part 1

It has been almost two years since my last blog post. This is due to the fact that i have been super busy and have basically stopped going to my profile, and instead just use the forums.

However i have had this idea for a series of blogs for awhile now and now would be a perfect time to start them.

So every week i am going to post a new blog entry with one of my many pet peeves. Feel free to comment on your pet peeves or if what i describe is something that you do:P

Anyway back to the blog.

This week my pet peeve is.........


This friendly smile is just a trick!

Don't get me wrong, we all need hair cuts every once in awhile, but thats exactly what i want A HAIRCUT!

I absolutely hate it when they try to make small talk to me. I have no clue who you are, you really don't care about me, just cut my freakin hair and let me get out of here!

One time i would like to try going on and making up hilarious stories when they ask me questions. "My name is tony, and i am travelling across the country trying to make a living as an extreme violinist". "Whats an extreme violinist you ask? Simple, we basically do life threatening stunts while playing the violin"........ and just lead them the entire time they cut my hair :P

Tony the extreme violinist

I understand if you go to a salon and you have the same hairdresser every single time you go, then they actually do get to know you. But i go to a walk in haircutting place where i don't need an appointment, and have a different person every single time. You do not need to know where i go to school, what program i am in, what i am doing on the weekend, how my week has been etc. Just cut my hair! I am not paying you to chat me up, i am not paying you to be my "buddy", i am paying you to cut my hair, and thats all i want!


Two years at gamespot

So today (July 4th) is myanniversary with gamespot. It has been two years of fun, and excitement

I almost have 4000 posts, and i think this is my 40th blog. I have accomplished a lot in the past 2 years, and hopefully this coming year will be great as well,

Thank you, to all of you that make this site worth visiting

Goodbye school, Hello Summer

This song says it all

Summer is here, no more homework. Chilling out playing video games........ until i start work next week :( everyday during the week, and some random weekends. But atleast it is better than school

Oh...... i almost forgot, i got myself a game for the summer ......

So far, it is a decent game. Once i have beaten the game, and played a bit of the online, i will post a review for it.

Until then, have a good summer (if you have school, and it is summer break for you), or have a good whatever your doing right now.

E3 2009 ( Nintendo press confrence) My summary

So last year i summarized Nintendo's e3 confrence, and i was a bit harsh, because nintendo disappointed many people.

Anyway lets get started with this years E3.

Cammie: Boom out of no where New super mario bros Wii. 4 player co-op it looks awesome!

Cammie: Talks aobut wii fit plus. More games to play. Looks good

Reggie comes out: Talks about wii sports resot,and wii motion plus. Wii sports resort looks really good, and so does Red steel 2

Shows lots of 3rd party games. DS Mario and luigi Rpg 3, Golden sun (awesome),

Shows off zelda spirit tracks

Iwata comes out: Talks about bringing in newcomes, and then announces wii vitality sensor (WTF IS THAT!)


Reggie comes back out: talks about 3rd parties (conduit, Resident evil, dead space).... and then WHAMMO Metroid: other M (will be excited for this once i play the trilogy in august)

Overall a lot better than last year, but still this year was really short and wii vitallity sensor come on nintendo. We already have enough peripherals. I don't get what it does :S

Got a Nintendo DSi

and it is amazing.

I have never had a DS before, and just a couple of months before the DSi was announced my MP3 player went through the wash. And it kinda does not work anymore:P

So after hearing about the DSi, i just had to get it.

The cameras are fun, i don't own a camera so now i can take pictures, and mess them all up.

I like how i can listen to music on the dsi as well. Yes it took me awhile to convert all my MP3's into AAC's, but it is worth it. Chaning Eminem's voice to really high pitched, and speeding it up is so funny.

The internet didn't work so well. I could not watch youtube videos, and gamespot was not really working for me. Google still worked though so i guess if i need to search up infromation somewhere i can still do that.

I am keeping my 1000 free points to download something in the future, nothing right now catches my interest.

The 2 games i got with it are New SMB, and Zelda PH. Both great games so far, and i still need to get pokemon platinum.

So that is it about the DSi, it is really fun, and i am glad i got it.

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me! happy birthday dear me! Happy birthday to me!

Today is my 17th birthday, All i got for a present was some money. But with that money i will buy some video games.

So sit down relax, and enjoy the cake :P

Done my exams !

So today i had my last exam. Now i am done, and have until monday to do whatever i want.

I will most likely be playing video games seeing how for the past week i have had to study for my exams.

Today i had a physics exam which i think i did well on.

Yesterday i had a chemistry exam which went so-so

and monday was Math which i got an 83 on.

So all together i think i did decent.

How did your exams go? (if you are still in school :P)