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New Pc

Been a few YEARS since i wrote in my journal, not that I havnet been usin my account, just didnt write in this idk why.

my current machine:


Processor:AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3400+, MMX, 3DNow, ~2.4GHz

Memory:768MB RAMHard Drive:120 GB TotalVideo

Card:NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTMonitor:Plug and Play Monitor

Sound Card:SB X-Fi Audio [AC00]Speakers/Headphones:

Keyboard:USB Root HubMouse:USB Root HubMouse

Operating System:Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 2 (2600.xpsp_sp2_gdr.050301-151

I love my machine but i want more power(escpcially cpu), i was impatient and built my pc with ignorance. Ive had it a good year now i think.  I could of saved a around $450 had i waited till now and probably of even got mpre performance for my money.

Thinkin about Quad-core or just dual seeing how price will drop alot after AMD quad is out. Definatly guna go SLI, runnin outa space need a new big HD and water cooling would be nice too. I hope i can keep it under $1000. o yeah my memory is crap too, need 2g.

LOTR Battle for Middle Earth (o how disappointing

oooo boy where do i start. BFME huge disappointment. Guys at EA made this game sound waaaaaaaay too good. I was kinds pissed. I was expecting some great huge enormous battles. I think i speak for alot of us when i say this. People were expecting muliplayer to be long vigorous battles amounting thousands of troops. And they made it sound like this too. In all the previews and devolpler interviews here at gamespot i saw they kept saying that you will control thousands of units, when in reality you wont even go over a command limit of 800. To make an example of how bad this is, remmeber in the movie and in the books how many soldeirs there were in the battle for helms deep? command limit for BFME (drum role)


:| yes 80. hmm yes ok 80 yes. WTF! first of all even the all time classic "starcraft" (not makin fun of it or nutin) had more than 80 units under one map they had up to 300 i believe, oMG its the one of the great battles of Middle earth and they give you 80 troops. They could of done waaaay more. why? i didnt understand. So if sum ea guy reads sersously, why? e-mail me. pissses me off. i quite right there didnt even want to see how badly they F'ed up batttle against the White city.

another was they made it sound like games could get up to 3 hours, but with the little strategy involved for some factions the game can end quite quickly. Also not much strategy just felt like i was building troops & sending them into battle. and its almsot impossible to defend your base and send aide to your ally do to low command points(grrrrrrr).

singleplayer wasnt what it seamed either, technicaly you really dont just attack whatever province you want in BFME they pretty much quide you every where. And anothe lie is you dont really decide if gandalf lives or dies, you dont have a choice. Gandalf has to defeat the Belrog in the Mines of Moria, you have to win the battle of helms deep, you have to take over Isengard. It would of been EXcelent if the game just ran on its own, instead of being guided through the game.

*sigh* 12/06/2004 was a terrible day for EA in my opinion. Me and my freind were like worshiping this game and just ithcing for the gaems release. Im sure you know what our reactions to it was.

thinkin bout mafia

recent: mafia was a great game & still is. the few who still play the pc version im sure were pointlessly crossing their fingers for the multiplayer patch . . . that never came. I too was sad after reading some old forums to find out it was canceled or sum1 just made it up, either one.

old time: I remember playing mafia on my dads computer ( back when i did have my own) geting yelled at to "turn it down" and the frustration from the bombardment of police blockades, think i was about 13 maybe younger then. Mafia was probaly so great becasue it had a good story line and plot, and getting to walk around with pump action shotgun under your trench coat, & acting like you you own little italy was the best part. also you get that kewl strut :wink: Just made you feel like the man and you were. I remember the most frustrating difficult part of all was the car race. OMG. the car race, how i loaaaaaaaaaathed it. all turns, braking, accelration, comprimising, seperating, and crashing had to be PERFECT(literally). For the next 3 days my life's goal was to beat that mission. after i beat it there was great pride. that was definatly one of the most difficult momments in gaming history for me any way, ill always member tat. i remember how sad i was when paulie died. why were we such greedy bastards? :cry: but i got over it. :D the end was pretty hard but i the race track was harder. mafia was a great game i still play it once in awhile.

Iv heard rumors and talk about mafia 2. And i would beleive it if it were true, considering how many copies they sold over the years. They just recently came out with mafia on the PS2 so i doubt they will be releasing it soon. They will try to make as much money on mafia 1 while they can.