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Something new beyond the horizon

It has been a long while since I last ranted. What was suppose to be a follow up to Brothers in Arms did not go as planned. Pretty much the whole time that I was supposed to play Brothers in Arms, I played Halo 2 instead. Here comes the good news and the bad news.

I played Halo 2 for about the whole two weeks time frame that I was supposed to dedicate to Brothers in Arms. The good news was I finally got over this so call Halo 2 hype, meaning I am sort of sick of Halo 2 now. I get killed so easily when I played online that it just made me so sick of it. I must have really bad luck or I just plain and simply suck at Halo 2. I knocked the guy (3) times and he was standing only to turn around somehow and killed me with (1) hit. Can you believe that? OMFG! I think that was the part where I drew the line of quiting Halo 2. I had since played Halo 2 in about 3 months now.

The other little thing adding to me quiting Halo 2 is just minor gripe. For example, people must be really skilled or have a lot of time on their hand. I noticed that if you can snipe real good in Halo 2, it pretty much, not all mind you, but pretty much game over for other people. If one can snipe real good in Halo 2, they can time their shot so well that you either die from their first shot on the head, or you will die from their second shot. There were so many times when I tried to out maneuver the sniper that I should had just threw the controller into my tv because there isn't a way to out maneuver a good sniper.

My third complaint is with the so called "energy sword" Yes it is cool and very satisfying to use, but man is it not balanced sometimes. I know the sword is suppose to be a one hit kill, and I know that sometimes it might take two hits to kill. But there are times when I keep on whacking people with the sword it they don't die. Am I nuts? I know by now that some people say that can't happened, but it did for me.

So after those little encounter, I am so fed up with Halo 2 that I decided not to play it for a long while if not forever. I guess perhaps I don't play enough to be good enough like some of the pros out there. But then I again who really have all those time to dedicate themselves to one thing.

As for Brothers in Arms, I barely had enough time to do anything with it. I was only able to go online with it and tried it out with other people. I found that the online mode did not have as much people playing as would had hoped. The rooms were somewhat limited and had low ping. Although the once the game started the players were very nice for a change. A lot of the Halo 2 players were very rude especially the good ones. I made some friends in Brothers in Arms and found out that they play Ghost Recon 2 as well.

Ghost Recon 2 is what I currently play online for XBox. Although I have not been playing Ghost Recon 2 *sorry Eric* I have been playing an older game on PS2 call Champion of Norrath. I am very drawn to this game lately for some odd reasons. I am a level 20 Barbarian Woman *lol* I think I am almost done...? So if anyone read this, email me so we can play online. I am so hype about this game that I got the second part to this: Return to Arms. So I guess other game will have to wait or whenever I get sick of it, but it looks like I won't be for a long while.

With what I just said above, I actually got a lot of new games: Ace Combat 5, Batman Begins, Champions Return to Arms, Cold Winter, Destroy All Humans!, Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires, Medal of Honor: European Assault, Metal slug 4 & 5, Onimusha: Blade Warriors, and Ys: The Art of Napishtim. I will not be playing some of these games for a while, but at least they are free, well almost. :wink:

Well, that is all the time I have for now. Got to get back to work. Until next time. Adios!


Gone with the Gods and on with my future brothers

I finally finished God of War last Friday morning at 6:00am. Man what a game. I love almost every minute of it except for some of the cheap death. I hate repeating part of a game 50 million times. The good news on the cheap death is that it does not require to many attempt, but maybe because I am only playing the game on normal mode and not God mode. Some cat walk area and some swimming part of the game is a b**ch, it require almost exact timing or else you will die instantly. I can't imagine how it will be like under God mode. Although I did replay the beginning of the game in God mode. It was much easier for me, I guess because I know all the combos and the in and out of the game.

Overall, I would suggest for anyone of my friends to play this game. Great graphic, innovative, and thus far one of the top 5 PS2 game on a Playstation's 2 console...maybe even the top 5 among the 3 console.

My next venture will be in Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30. I got the game last Friday, but have not started with it yet. I am hoping to start on it today, but due to the lack of time, I might not. From the looks of things, I might not finish this game by next Friday.

An update on current Blockbuster ventures. I am finding it very hard to beat games with a 2 week allotment of time. I work and go to school, along with a relationship is taking a toll on my gaming life. I guess this is the part where I am to tell myself that I am not sure how this will lead me down the road to the future of gaming. With the coming of marriage next year, I am to be more dedicated and possibly kids in the future :roll:, I am not sure how I will be able to game :cry:.

Although the future is just a blur, it is inevitably a great one. I am sure the outcome will be bright and shinny for me :D. I hope to connect to someone with the same stages in life and the perhaps the possibility of working some way to play games online together.

Until next time....I will rant bout Brothers in Arms. I will probably write about Halo 2 experience as well.

Peace 2 all gamers,


God Of War

Hi all--

Lately, I joined the Blockbuster online dvd rental and since been renting games to play for free. Blockbuster gives you two free rental a month, which I think is a great deal. If you would normally go out and rent the games from them, it would cost you about $7.50 or something like that. The whole membership only cost $14.99 + tax to get unlimited dvd rental + 2 free games, yeah! The unlimited rental actually comes out to be about 16 dvd a month and that is because I watch them quick or else you would only get about 12 or less. The trick with the game rental is to keep it for exactly 13 days or else you pay a late fee. I know your suppose to get a maximum of 7 days, but Blockbuster have the 7 day extension policy "No more late fee". So for anyone to take advantage of this program is a treat.

One of the games I rented with the membership is God of War. All I can say for now is WOW, God of War is awesome. Never had I played a game that so different and yet unique. I wish they would come out with more games like that. The graphic is also very nice on a PS2 system. It got rain mist and all kind of background special effects that add to the game. The control is accurate and precise. It has very fluid movement of the character with responsive control. Responsive control is very important to an action adventure game. I think the control configuration along with the innovative game-play really add depth to the game. The game play is very different than most games as it requires you to tap certain button to do different special move at a moments notice. You have to tap faster and harder if you want to pull off Medusa head. "Wow" is all I can say when I first get to pull of someones head or stab the minotaur with my blade. What I also like is the multi button combo that you can hit to kill a giant.

On the flip side of things, although the game play is fun, the game is some-what linear. It has its moments of slow down, but yet barely noticeable. Although I have not finish the game yet, I have played far enough of the game to write some comments.

Until next week, I will add another game to my play list. I am looking forward to Brothers in Arms: Road to hill 30.


Super Smash Brother Melee

Hi all--

Is it really that hard to find someone on Gamespot that lives around me to play SSBM? I been trying to get someone to play with on a weekend basis, but my chances are slim to none except for my usual friends to play with. I guess perhaps having a journal will perhaps increase my chances of having someone read it and post a reply.

I live in San Fernando and Los Angeles around Reseda, or Pasadena Area. Please send me a message as I am very interested in playing.

Although I only wrote SSBM, I do play other games. Check my game collection and you will have a pretty good idea of what kind of games I play. I know, I know, I have too much games with too little time on my hands, but I love games, so go figure *sigh*. Anyhow, just give me a line. Thanks all for your interest.


Halo 2 reign supreme?

In light of Halo 2, I am very disappointed in Killzone. I expected this game to play better and score better than a 7 on Gamespot. I hope the next Metroid Prime: Dark Echo will be that much better. I think Halo 2 will be a great game, but the hype is just over whelming. I did not expect Killzone to be a Halo killer, but I expected it to be at least on par with Halo. I am very disappointed. * Sigh* Until next time.