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@speedfreak48t5p I doubt it will be 'always online' but stranger things have happened before.

@fuhgeddit The trailer really didn't reveal much, but that does have it's upside though. It creates a bit more hype, keeps us all excited just a little bit longer and then boom, they drop the bomb, either making us very happy or shattering our dreams completely.

It would however be nice just to have some more insight into what we're getting excited for. Would be a massive disappointment if it wasn't open world, really loved the idea of driving to race points instead of selecting from a menu.

Customization needs to be MASSIVE. No, tinted windows aren't going to make my car faster, but if I want it let me have it. But more importantly, performance modifications need to run really deep. Every tiny piece of equipment you bolt onto your car should effect it in some way or another.

100 000 views later, I should hope somebody from EA/Ghost has read these two blogs, so many great ideas out here - use them, and credit us accordingly :P

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Well if it has an Underground 3 title to it, I wont hesitate grabbing myself a copy - I will then also be hoping and praying that it wont completely suck.

For this game to work the customisation would really need to be a lot more in depth, it needs to feel real, and more importantly, it needs to sound real. Looking very forward to pimping out a pretty little rx7 again and getting some good old side ways action going. A nice online community would be a great plus to the game, but it needs to be optional I agree

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Well thus far it looks pretty good, still need to see a bit more before I'll be totally convinced, but I'm very optimistic

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@Coco_pierrot: it's nicer when the pluses outweigh the minuses though

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Come to South Africa, where its cheaper to buy a digital copy, but then you have to wait 2 weeks till its finally downloaded. Not to mention the small fortune you have cough up for that internet you're using to download it with. Then you have to worry about whether you're going to have enough data to actually download the damn game in the first place. So for us, its hard copy only. Sigh, the life of a 3 world country gamer - and yes, I might have a pet lion called Simba in my back yard ;)

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Can mods please confirm if I would be allowed to copy and paste entire article in comments section here?

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As with most sport titles, PC is completely skipped. Why I don't know, and its pretty sad actually.

I myself am a huge sports fan, and unfortunately for me I am a PC gamer, so its pretty much just Fifa and Rugby 08 that I have to satisfy my sports urges.

Would be awesome if one day Madden and NHL would make their way back to PC, because I have no intention of getting a console any time soon - master race ftw :D

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@speedfreak48t5p: Although I completely disagree, I have to admit that I had a good chuckle at the gif lol...

Well played sir

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When I say that this is the perfect game...(besides adding SUV's) haha I am not exaggerating at all!

This is almost exactly what me and my friend have talked about when we talk about this game being released!

Everything else that I read was spot on with what they need to do, Of course me and my friend have expanded on some of your great ideas that we have read and think that this could be "Racing Perfection."

Well done.

-Marlon H.

I thank you @mjhogains

It is great to see all the positive and constructive comments. Most of the ideas that are popping up are also pretty damn awesome.

We need to get this 'blog' and others like it out there so that the world, and EA will be forced to see it and realise that this is the game players want. We don't want some crappy Burnout lookalike, we want NFSU3.

I just want to thank all you guys for taking the time to read this article, and an even bigger thank you to all the guys that commented. True champions. Keep to comments coming, we can never have to many ideas.