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OMFG Gamestation have sent me a PS3 I forgot I pre-ordered!!!!! PROFIT

I had no idea that i pre-ordered a PS3, in May '06 I pre-ordered a 60GB PS3 from Gamestation and I just had a look at my email box and it said we have dispatched your Gamestation order. I was like WTF??? so i open it and it said we had billed your credit card for £425 :? but my mind clicked that the PS3 is launching in the UK in 4 days and the bill is for £425, bells were ringing in my head and dollar signs chinged in my eyes, I'M RICH!!! eBay all the way. I have an Xbox 360 and the have a Nintendo Wii coming very shortly so there is no need for a PS3, maybe in a few years but now yet.

Anyway, I couldn't afford one even if I did want to have one so I'm going to sell it on for a big fat wad of cash. PROFIT PROFIT PROFIT. Hopefully I will get well over £200 profit.

(I think I pre-ordered one off Freemans aswell!!!) :D have sent my Wii

YAY, have sent my Nintendo Wii Games Console on March 6th 2007. I should be in my hands fairly soon. Although I have a maths test in two days which I want to revise for and I don't want the Wii distracting me, anytime after Thursday will be fine 8)

I also bought Wii Play off Gameplay  for just under £36 including P&P.
I bought a Nunchuck Controller off Gametart Direct for £13.
I bought a Virtual Console Controller from HMV for £12
I bought a 2000 Wii Points Card from Amazon for £15

Coming to a grand total of

Wii Console - £172
Wii Play - £36
Nunchuck Controller - £13
VC Controller - £12
2000 Wii Points Card - £15

= £248 :shock:

I will get Sonic The Hedgehog (800 points) and Mario Kart 64 (1000 points) with my 2000 Wii Points. I still haven't bought any decent games...I have a rental thing going with, check 'em out, they're turnaround is very fast. Also there is a website that shows me all the online game rental sites in the UK and it also tells me if they do a free trial. So I'll be a tight-arse and use the free trails to test out Wii games instead of actually buying them. :P

Any ideas on good Wii games, enough to buy them, would be much appreciated. 8)

I have Wario Ware in mind but I might just buy the big blockbuster games like Super Mario Galaxy and Metriod Prime 3 Corruption and rent the rest. What do you think?

I was talking to my mate today and he told he that he bought a Nintendo Wii off the German eBay believe it or not for £180 + £20 for delivery and he said that it took around 25 days for it to be delivered!

So that gives me a rough estimate on when my Nintendo Wii should turn up!

Dispatch Date: March 6th
Estimated Arrival: March 31st

Fingers Crossed!

HP DV2175EA Laptop for 549.99 GBP, can you find a better price?

This price was taken from PC World. (UK website)

Even though my birthday isn't for several months I have been very recently looking at laptops, my laptop I use now is so slow that is needs a fan on it to stop it from overheating! thats how bad it is.

It will be my 16th birthday so I get something a little special and I've choosen to get a laptop, I had a look in Currys Digital and there was one laptop that impressed me, the HP_DV2175EA

The 2048MB RAM impressed me the most, with its screen that has that glossy effect, Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, another big plus, Windows Vista Home Premuim Upgrade Included. This is the laptop for me.

If anyone can find a better deal from a trust worthy website in the UK, that would be much appreicated. You have to beat £550.

I mainly want a laptop for my music, iTunes, I have over 1300 songs for my iPod nano and thats about 6GB of music. The laptop I use now has a 40GB hardrive and that music has slowed the laptop right down. But the new laptop I'm looking at has 120Gb harddrive. I will delete alot of songs off my iPod before I get a new laptop, just incase my music slows down my new laptop. Also to surf the net, and to watch movies online, and play music on my laptop.

My Nintendo Wii is on its way

I ordered it from

Its the German version of Amazon and I am British so I can't read it but I got the jist of it anyway because I already have an account. They said they would dispatch a Wii in 4 - 6 weeks. Thats 21st March - 2nd April. It only cost EUR 252.95, that £172, cheaper than in UK shops.

UPDATE : On their website it says that they will dispatch the Wii in 5 - 9 weeks! So Amazon have changed my predicted dispatch date to 21st March - 12th April, adding ten days.

The Wii Rocks!!!

My mate got up at 7am this morning to get a Wii, he was successful. I went round his house at about 4pm. We set everything up and got into Wii Sports. He liked Tennis whereas I preferred Boxing. Then we tried Zelda...oh dear, WTF is that. poor game it my opinion, my mate didn't think much of Zelda either, he said that he would trade Zelda in for Red Steel 2moz.

I really got into the Boxing though, I floored every enemy in seconds by keeping my arms up, blocking whilst dodging, and then doing quick jabs. very fun. I then just raised havoc on the enemy KO him in about 30 secs. very very addictive game, liked it alot, definately my favourite game out of the five Wii Sports games, closely followed by Tennis.

I also have an Xbox 360 so the Wii will be a nice break from the serious gaming of the 360 to some fun on the Wii. I'm set to get a Wii in either January or Febuary so I can't wait for that!

Wanna get the Nintendo Wii

The new Nintendo Wii looks very unique and even though I have an Xbox 360 the Wii is something very different, these two consoles aren't in the same league. On the one hand you have the Xbox 360, all about the graphics and on the other hand you have the Nintendo Wii, a lot of fun. The Wii is mainly for families and people who like having parties to let their guests entertain themselves.

 In January my mate is hopefully getting a Wii and I will go round his and try it out, I know the Nintendo Wii isn't about graphics, because I know its about having fun (and exercising) and basically just messing around. At £180 you can't go wrong! with Wii Sports as-well this is a must have package.

I was watching the Gadget Show this evening and the last part of the show was about this Christmas's must have gadgets and the two top contenders were Samsung's Blu-ray Player and (yep you guessed it!) the Nintendo Wii. With three of Britain's top gadget critics there they all voted for the Wii. I won't be getting the Nintendo Wii this Christmas because I'm getting the Sony PSP but maybe in a few months or even next Christmas I'll get the Nintendo Wii.

Anyway I would just like to take this moment to say, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

See ya in 2007! =)

Getting a Sony PSP Giga Pack for Christmas

I'm getting a Sony PSP Giga Pack including 3 games for Christmas, the games that come with the PSP are Poker, Virtua Tennis and another poor game so  i'll just sell them games on eBay soon after because I've bought GTA Vice City Stories and Wipeout Pure, two excellent games with awesome soundtracks. I know I'm getting a PSP is because I was searching through the hundreds of slighty different deals on eBay taking in to account they had to have PayPal, as close to 100% feedback as possible, a Sony PSP deal that included atleast a 1GB memory Stick and some games for £150 which is pratacally what I got!

All the great PSP deals where for 'Buy It Now' £150 + a little postage around £5.

I've had a PSP before from March '05 till September '05, because I bought a PSP from Hong Honk because the PSP wasn't actually released until Sep. '05 anyway so I had a PSP six months before anyone else in the UK!

My favourite games when I first had a PSP was

1. Wipeout Pure
2. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06
3. GTA Liberty City Stories

The main reason I sold the PSP was to save some money up for the Xbox 360 (released two months later) but because stock was very low and I was desperate to get an Xbox 360 I bought one off eBay for £410 (Premium Pack) a whole £130 above the RRP.

AAA Games out this month

With my birthday just passed I have a bit of spare cash to spend on new Xbox 360 games coming out this month. I have already pre-ordered Call of Duty 3 and Gears of War. COD3 should be here Friday. I might get Rainbow Six Vegas, not entriely convinced at the moment, I will probably rent the game and get some of the achievements and try out the camera feature in the games multiplayer section. I will rent FEAR because I am not buying 4 FPS game in three weeks, thats just stupid.

I will buy the full versions of Call of Duty 3 and Gears of War and rent Rainbow Six Vegas and FEAR.

HDTV coming tomorrow!!!!!!! (UPDATE) HDTV Arrived

I've been waiting about a year for this day. Ever since I got my Xbox 360 I wanted a HDTV to get the most out of the Xbox 360 and tomorrow my dreams will come true!

I'm so confident my HDTV is coming tomorrow because Currys rang me up today to confirm a 4 hour delivery slot for Monday, 16th October 2006. Between 8am - 12 noon. and they will ring 1/2 an hour before they deliver it!!!


Yes finally I've got a HDTV just in time for Call of Duty 3 and Gears of War.

My iPod Nano 8GB Black has arrived!

Bought the newest version of the iPod Nano (the one without the chrome back is the newest one) for an amazing price of £113.99 off
The reason why its an amazing price is because it beats any eBay price by a mile! and any other online retailer.

Really happy with this buy.

Selling my iPod Video to be replaced by the iPod Nano because;

- The iPod Video's battery life lasts 4 hours whereas the Nano's lasts 24 hours!
- I don't watch any videos on the iPod Video meaning having an iPod Video pointless.
- The iPod Video weights 152g whereas the Nano weights 42g, 4x lighter.
- Finally, I will never use all 30GB in the iPod Video whereas the Nano has a more sensible 8GB of memory.

(UPDATE) My sister has just bought an iPod Nano 4GB Pink for £119. I know, compared to my price she's been ripped off because i've got double the space she has and it was cheaper!

(UPDATE) Amazon sent me a message saying there listing of the Apple iPod Nano was incorrect so they cancelled my order but they gave me a £20 gift voucher for their mistake. Fair enough.

(UPDATE) Bought an iPod Nano 8GB Black off eBay for £148, and its said Royal Mail Special Delivery 9am, which is like the fastest post you can get in the UK so the iPod Nano should be with me on Thursday, thats if the seller posts it tomorrow.

(UPDATE) My iPod Nano has arrived at 8am this morning has royal mail promised me. and now i'm going off to sell my iPod Video on eBay! hoping to get £170 for the video.