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Heart Attack Playing Mass Effect 3

So for the past two weeks I've put on over 30 hours on Mass Effect 3 playing through on Insanity to get the the two last achievements and I get all the way to the end

[spoiler] So I had the three choices in front of me and I was going for the middle one just randomly shooting my gun and I thought to myself I wonder if anything happens if you shoot the little hologram kid and yup he gets all pissed of and you dont get to make any of the choices. But there's still an ending video and credits, so I'm waiting for the cheevos to pop.....and nothing. :shock: Now I had change the difficulty while still in the prologue on earth and everywhere on the internet said that was fine but...but no cheevos.:cry: I felt almost sick to my stomach at thinking of having to do it all over again. So I went through the damned half over ending that you cant skip any parts of and went through one of the three main endings and BOOM! They popped. Thank goodness, I would have hated to use my ME3 disk as a Frisbee. [/spoiler]

Now I've finally got all the Mass Effect games done, ready to move on to playing DOOM 3 from Gamefly. :D Should be fun.

Been Over A Year

Hope all are doing well. Works been bad, people aren't buying pc's much anymore and walmarts selling them so cheap most rather to buy new systems then to get theirs fixed. But we're making it by another year.

Been playing allot of Mass Effect, Skyrim, Call of Duty, and Minecraft. I'm looking forward to the early half of next year there looks to be allot of great games coming out like Dead Space 3, Bioshock Infinate, Dead Island Ripetide, Metro LastLight, The Last Of Us and South Park- The Stick Of Truth.

I've decided to get a puppy, I want to get a dachshund, they seem like good breeds. Now I just have to fine the right one for the right price. lol

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :D

Huzzah! Finished!

I've finally completed my playthrough of Mass Effect 2 on Insanity. No mission was left undone, even all DLC, all cheevos gotten. :D So unless they come out with more DLC ME2 is finally going upstairs on my game shelves.

After playing the ending again it fills me with desire to play the third game. Can't wait for it's release, and I really don't doubt it will be a another great game.

For this playthrough I mainly used Garrus and Grunt. Though in the final fight I used Legion. And yes the final fight can't hold a candle to the mission on the "damage" Collector ship. lol

One trick I learned is you can shoot people while standing up without them being able to shoot you if you do it just right, that helped allot.

One thing I was not happy about was Morridon died in the final fight and I have no idea why. :? Tis sad, he's one of my favorites.

Welp on to Far Cry 2. :D

Camping Time! YAY!


Finally getting some vacation time, and I'm heading to North Carolina for some easy camping with my mom, sis and sister's bf. As well as two of my aunts are renting a cabin in the same area. I haven't seen them in a couple of years so that will be nice. :)I will be siting in a screen in tent reading books playing my DS (PokemonZ!) with a cooler full of beer and snacks. :D Good times will be had by all.Photobucket

I've also started playing Mass Effect 2 on Insane difficulty. It's tough as hell but a blast. Every fight feels like a boss fight on the easier difficulties. And the first boss I fought was intense. I'm playing as a Sentinel, so I've got the mix of tech and biotic skills. After I beat it this time I'll have all the cheevos for it too, so that will feel nice. :D

Then I've got the choice of Crysis 2, Far Cry 2, or Knights Contract to play. But which one?!

Super Duper!

Hi-yo! Finally beat Clive Barkers Jericho, and umm yeah. [spoiler] Crappiest ending I've seen in awhile, you beat the boss and there like run the caves collapsing and it ends, roll credits. :? [/spoiler] It was fun to play but had some really frustrating points where they'd spawn explode bad guys right up your buttocks. :shock: There were some cheevos to grind out but the game wasn't quite that good. lol

Now on to trying to finish Splatterhouse(super cheap deaths+far checkpoints= me not playing much) and Fear 2.

The new map pack came out for Call of Duty: Black Ops this week and so far I'm likeing them. They do take some getting used to due to there size. But there well put together and unless your playing agenist some super clan(like we did the first night it was out -.- ) you can always find a way to get to your enemy. There pretty detailed stages too, like on one stage there's a gas station and if you run over the tube out front a bell will ring. :lol:

O and here is some more COD:BO videos. :D

Video 1

Video 2

First ones me second ones my buddy Schaun. Almost 15 prestige just one more to go so this weekend when they have double exp I'm going to marathon this son of a b**** and get it done. :evil:

Hope everyone has a good week and enjoys spring weather while it lasts. (fishing, fishing, fishing,fishing,beer!) :P

Happy happy, joy joy!

FINALLY! Finally I've gotten all the achievements for Dynasty Warriors 7. It was a long 99 hours, probably a quarter of that time pure grinding.

Had to keep playing the same stage over and over again to level each and every character and gain honor. I listened to allot of music, and started watching the first season of Pokemon that I got last Christmas. :lol:

Onto Clive Barkers Jericho, Fear 2, finishing Splatterhouse and Arcania: Gothic 4. ^-^

Another COD:BO Video

:O Another video here!

Alrighty this time I got two pretty sweet crossbow sticks on Kowloon. The first one's pretty deep where I figured I'd fire at him and at lest wound him to get an assist. :) The second I saw him and I'm like "crap he knows I'm here", so I just quick ducked out with the bow to scare him to make my escape but I actually got him. Yay! :D lol