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NBA in the West and East. 08 Edition

Well, as you can see in my picture I am a basketball kind of guy lol... (Like people who are into video games, but hey I like it myself of course.) Anyways, for those of you who does care or watch NBA basketball then you would find this blog a little interesting, but for those people who does not watch then feel free to leave this blog eh.... Ok favorite team, of course the Miami Heat, but their record are terrible as the PS1 games out there and plus no more Shaq (Which is a good thing).... Enough with my team and let's move on to the contenders in the East for the playoffs.

#1: Boston Celtics, no question or doubt they will be the team to beat come playoff time. Pierce, Allen, and Garnett is all-day, all night.

#2: Cleveland Cavaliers, the defending champs of the East. They added some good rosters right before the trade deadline which includes Ben Wallace, Wally Szczerbiak, Joe Smith, and Delonte West.. Good addition on the defensive side and the offense is still the same old scoring machine, perhaps a bit better. Then there's King James as we all know. This will be the team I will be rooting for in the playoffs since my team isn't going to make it (sighs).

#3 and 4: Number 3 has to be the Detroit Pistons. the least team I go for, but you cannot sleep on this team because I would not be surprised if they win the East with those veteran players, but then again the King should agonize them if they meet in the playoffs like he did last year except this time with a little more help. Now, I believe number 4 will be the Orlando Magics. Young and still in the process of learning, but this team has a beast who goes by the name of Dwight Howard. They also have help by Hedo Turkoglu on the perimeter game and he makes things much easier for Dwight to work in the post. You can't forget about those role players including Rashard Lewis and Carlos Arroyo. I can go on and on about their rosters. Even though they have some young players, they have players who are experienced like Turkoglu for example. I wouldn't sleep on this team if I was in the East.

The rest would not really matter since I highly doubt they will be a competition.

Now for the West.

#1: Spurs, that's just self-explanatory.

#2: Lakers. Of course you have the selfish Kobe Bryant with the addition of Pao Gasol, two outstanding players. Also when Andrew Byum comes back from the injury, this team will be the scariest team out there. Bryant is showing some trust in his team mates the few games I watched him play, although that should be a no brain-er since some of them provide good help for him.

The rest of the teams in the West will pretty much be a dog fight among the New Orleans Hornets, Utah Jazz, Houston Rockets, Phoenix Suns, Dallas Mavericks, Golden State Warriors, Denver Nuggets, and possibly the Portland Trailblazers. The best team who has a chance of making out of this dog fight with the W would probably be between the Hornets and maybe the Suns. The West is filled with good teams and good players so it would be interesting who will win this conference and possibly the championship.