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IM Back

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I have not signed into this account in a year:o man that is amazing, should start using this account more often now.:D

Xbox live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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hey its been a while since i last posted i just wanted to inform all of u that r up to the challenge of beating me at halo reach that my username is ag1001 and ill accept the request as long as u send me a message here telling me wat your username is for xbox live!!!!!! ag1001 out.8)

READ this!

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hey some of you might have noticed that i havent been on gamespot that much latley u could blame that on global warming.....................................................................................just kidding, its because my birthday just pasted it was in june 12, and i got got a ton of new games for my xbox. well i wanted to know if you had any reccommendations for me?


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so my friend matthew or silvermatt101 has joined gamspot:D so if you could track him because he is just starting out,thanks!8)


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i know that most of you are gonna think im crazy when i say this but i think p.e:oops: is awesome your opinion?


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glitchspot is at it again i logged in like 5 minites ago and sonic wasnt my icon but i logged out and then logged back in and sonic was there just like what happened to milesprowler :o freaky right:shock::(

my fav. character!!!!!:)

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so almost everybody has a favorite video game character mine is as you might have guessed sonic the hedgehog whats yours?:)

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