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It's been a while

Hello everybody, not sure how I should start this one...well since it has been 9 months since my last blog post...it really hasn't felt that long though. I graduated from my high school with honors recently, but I have more urgent news... [spoiler] about a month after I posted my last blog I was accepted to my preferred university! [/spoiler] Sorry msudude211 that we can no longer room :(. And in preparation for college I will be getting a new computer! A macbook pro to be specific. I dislike that it feels like I am jumping on the band wagon, but with increased user friendliness as well as easy accessibility to hardware, it was the sensible choice.  E3 was somewhat disappointing for me. Other than the 360 slim, Halo Reach, and a few others there was nothing of interest. In specific nothing was mentioned of Dragon Age 2 one of my most anticipated games. Oh well this might make it easier to concentrate in college. :P. Unless I keep playing MW2...because I keep prestiging. I hope Y'all have a great summer! ajarbuckle.

Bro's care for some Modern Warfare 2?

Well at midnight tomorrow Modern Warfare 2 will be released...Need I say more? This game is predicted to be the number one selling game of all time, and all the hype? Well it isn't hype. I am glad to say that I was able to preorder so tomorrow I will feel like a 7 year old as he wakes up christmas morning to new toys :). On a different topic however I am pleased to say that life is going well. I was just accepted to Michigan State University, and more specifically the residential college for science.

Although I considered this my safe school, I am quite happy that I got in especially since my real life friend msudude211 is going there as well. The status of Michigan State University is basically the equivalent of my first choice, but I have been working on getting a large scholarship to my first choice. Hope y'all enjoy Modern Warfare 2! Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.

November 10th

November 10th I will be a happy camper as I have finally done it....

Yes, I pre ordered the prestige edition yesterday, and I am quite happy :). On another note I a want to apologize to the Lounge 21 and the Achievements + Trophy Union. I am in somewhat in a posting rut and I am trying to get out of it. Please don't demote me.

Hope everyone's weekend is good.

School's in Session

Well not until September 8th, but it still feels as if summer has slipped through my fingers. I have done many cool things, and met many new friends, but I still wish that I could redo the month of July :P. In Gaming news I have completed all of Fallout 3 with Mothership Zeta.

I have to agree with Gamespot on this one, in all honesty I thought it was terrible. It lacked the story that made the other DLC's and the original Fallout story such a gem. The last instalment to the great game focused mainly on the game's action aspect, which while fun, can get quite annoying for four hours straight. You'll basically just move through the space ship blasting aliens who will shout curses at you in their dialect ( or so I presumed).[spoiler] However, the view at the end makes up for most of the boring story [/spoiler] . For the money I spent though, I would say it wasn't worth it :?. On non-fallout related news however, I will be preordering the Prestige edition of Modern Warfare 2!

Looks pretty cool eh? Those nightvision googles actually work :o. Normally I can't justify buying the extra edition, but with such cool stuff in this one, I couldn't resist. Oh and last but not least, my friend msudude211 pointed out that I have made a monthly blog on the 28th since June, without trying :lol:. Well to all my friends at gamespot, I would like to say to those of you still on break have a great one. and to those of you back in school, I will be joining you soon :(.

The Lounge.

Hey guys! I am finally back for the Summer. and upon my arrival back my good friend msudude has brought back his UCB. The Lounge 21.

It is an off-topic UCB, and we post about almost anything. Recently I have lost some of my favorite places to post to some inactiveness. If any of you feel the same come check us out ;).And the best part is everyone is welcome to post! In other news I have been getting into battlefield: 1943. It isn't my favorite game, but it is the most fun thing I have to play on my 360 at the moment. Well I hope everyone has a wonderful summer and visits the Lounge for a post session.

Summer and Point Lookout

Well Summer has been here for almost 2 weeks now, and I haven't done much. Right after school got out I went to camp, which was definitely fun but also a lot of work. However, when I got home yesterday I got the new Fallout 3 DLC, Point Lookout.

Maybe I was just having withdrawl from gaming, but I found this DLC to be more fun than Broken Steel. The cool swap, funny looking enemies, and a spooky swamp enviornment really gave fallout 3 a new flavor that I really enjoyed. The new weapon on the other hand really made the DLC drag. Each new DLC that bethsda makes comes with a normally cool/sweet/epic new weapon. The Gauss Rifle, The Infiltrator, The Tesla Cannon, and the Double Barrel Shotgun? Honestly Bethsda, you dropped the ball on this. Had there been the addition of another new, smaller weapon it would have been fine, but I felt somewhat ripped off. Next off the story. It is pretty good with a new perspective, and an unrelated quest to the waters of life which is very good, but also very short. All in all I thoroughly enjoyed this DLC, even if it only took me 2.5 hours to complete. To every one at gamespot, have a sweet summer!

e3 2009

Well another E3 has come and gone, and with the return to the LA convention center, this E3 has returned the game show to it's former glory. While no truly big hardware changes were announced this year (psp go! being the exception) the new games, sequels, and news stole the show. As most of you are probably aware of by now, I am a microsoft fan. Now, don't go off calling me a fanboy;), but I was definitely pleased with Microsofts press conference, game demos, and the new motion sensor natal. The innovation in motion sensing really says a lot about where the future of gaming can go, but I hope game developers still keep the controller for shooters. For gaming news I had a 3 way tie on my favorite.

All of these games had amazing gameplay videos, trailers, and features available for the gamespot staff to watch, play, or use during E3. I will most likely be broke by Holiday 2009 :P.

So this is how it begins.

Well hello there my favorite gamespoters! As some of you may know, other than being an avid gamer I am also quite the biking enthusiast. With the first signs of summer here, gorgeous weather, I have finally done some real biking, starting with a simple 50 mile trail ride. I am hoping to continue the trend I had last year, but would also like to add some mountain biking to it as well. My Bike is a Novara aspen, an older model, but nice none the less.

Also, sorry if my appearance on the site has been short, especially if I haven't been posting in blogs. I have been working on my AP's and have also had to deal with some family issues. Please don't remove me from your friends list :).

Things I've done...

Sorry PJ24...thought I'd steal this from you :P

well this blog is a dedictation to all the things I have done in gaming :)

I have:

Saved a fantasy world more times than I can count on both hands

Earned a "S" ranked combo

Met a living tree

Survived postapocolyptia

Found the 3 Heroes of Old and destroyed the tower

Beaten the elite 4 20 times

Saved the Human race from aliens and Parasites

Become a brutal ninja

Gotten a Killtacular (but only on social matches :evil: )

Done mutliple trivia questions

Saved the Crusades from the Templars

Raced in Mario themed go Karts (I need to do this is real life as well :P)

Killed Nazi's

Saved the World from a Synthetic AI and secured humanity's place in the universe.

Assembled guns/weapons/gadets/tools

Upgraded something

Sold Pinatas

And smashed zombies

And there are so many more 8)