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And it's also what we describe as liberalism in our lexicon. So thank you for proving me correct: You are an idiot.

why the namecalling?

i haven an iq of 145 btw, so i'm actually the opposite of an idiot

Well liberalism where I come from means, free market, stuff like that. We're past the point we have to be liberated from religion or silly lawmaking.

Because you deserve it. You flame us constantly and I'm supposed to be friendly to you? Please.

You haven't been demonstrating those smarts.

You already know what it means for us Americans. So why did you press the point?

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now hold on, don't bring the off topic threads in the pc & mac discussion threads.

I hate exercise, boring as frak

This is the only thing that will get me moving at this time

Sorry, I point out stupidity whenever I see it.

You sound like you're just lazy.

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So now you're trying to damage control by saying its an opinion....

I've never said it wasn't an opinion. How about you actually respond to the posts directed at you(oh wait, I forgot, I owned you already), and let Crown attempt to stand on his own two feet.

You aren't really helping him.

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And it's also what we describe as liberalism in our lexicon. So thank you for proving me correct: You are an idiot.

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i don't get it mr airshocker. i just don't get it. this started because of post # 34.

Then I guess you will continue to not get it.

haha, i understand that you're arguing personal preferences now. (post 107)

i don't get the discussion from post 34, through to post 107. after all you started by arguing control schemes (an argument unsupported by reality), but then backpedaled into this personal preference position. it was as if you thought you had a point but later realised you didn't.

no skin off my back man. i'm happy with the posts i've made in this thread.

I didn't backpedal. I've always been talking about personal preference. It's not my fault you didn't understand that.

was that supposed to be an insult? you do realise i'm not unique in misunderstanding your post, tomgunmv, scottpsfan, clyde46, lundy86 4, suddenlytragic, and myself all seemed to get an entirely different understanding to the one you claim from post 107 onward.

you said 'you' in your responses on at least two occasions, didn't sound like personal preference talk until you modified the angle of your argument.

but anyway, from your perspective i'm a moron - i think that's pretty sweet tbh.

Saying you don't understand something isn't an insult, it's a fact. You've obviously misunderstood what I've said. As for the others, none of them seem to be pressing the issue. So I have to assume they didn't make the same mistake that you did.

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Why don't you just wait until the recommended specs are released?

I can't wait much longer , I'm getting weight problems

I can't tell if you're serious, or just really stupid. If you have weight problems(and lol, I thought all europeans were perfect and never had weight problems?) then your best avenue to tackle that issue is to exercise now. Not weight for something that probably won't help you.

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Rofl. Evildead you really are an idiot. If you're the result of radical liberalism, I really don't want any of that over here.

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Because America has a large influence on the globe and people don't like that. Along with being at the center of media doesn't help. It's easy to point fingers at a country that is getting attention.

it's mainly because a lot of your laws are simply inhumane.

and also because you invade countries for no reason and support criminals like israel

the attention has nothing do with it

obama brought your country forward, you should thank him.

This is comical. Your line of thinking is so beyond warped I...I...I can't even comment on it.

Since I've already responded to this in previous threads I'll pick your newest addition to this idiotic list: "Shooting someone when I'm a cop will give me a lot explaining to do." As an American cop I go through the same process that European cops go through when they're involved in an incident where they discharged their firearms. An investigation is conducted, I'm drug tested, and I'm either cleared to go back to duty, or I'm not. If I'm not the case will either get brought to the DA's office or if the incident didn't result in loss of life I might just be fired.

So please explain to me how that doesn't constitute explaining myself.

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Why don't you ask him?

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what has what he's said in the past got to do with this? Are you saying that there's a connection between NK and universal healthcare?

Where did anyone say that they never tell the truth? It's very clear that when it comes to healthcare they have lied. Can you say why it won't work in america? It works in every single other country, so why won't it work there?

My country doesn't refuse people care because they are to poor to afford to pay for it. I don't have to pay more than any other person in the world for healthcare and still get a terrible system. Is it really that hard for you to admit that Americas healthcare system is broken as hell? It doesn't mean it's a bad country, all it means is it has bad healthcare.

Don't deflect. Answer my questions. I've answered everything you've asked, so start giving me that same courtesy.

Holy shit, did you not even read what he said before you quoted it? "The republicans never tell the truth and will just spin what ever their cooperate masters tell them."

Are you not familiar with what has been happening at the VA? Do you know what the VA is? The scandal going on with the VA(shortened from The Department of Veterans Affairs) is that thousands of veterans have been on waiting lists for urgent care for an extremely long time. The administrators at the VA have also lied and fabricated reports to show that these veterans weren't on any waiting lists. A lot of veterans died waiting for care that is supposedly promised to us. The VA healthcare system is the closest thing to universal healthcare that we have in this country. So who do you think I would use to base my opinion on universal healthcare? A subsection of my country, or yours?

I never said the American healthcare system wasn't broken.

Do you know what a universal healthcare system is? You can't have something close to it. Either healthcare is universal or it isn't. The problem with the VA was that it was still running under Americas broken healthcare system. You guys need a total reform. You can't just make extension to your old system, you need to tear it apart completely and have an actual healthcare system put in it's place.

No, it wasn't. It was using an entirely government-run system. That is, at it's essentials, exactly what the NHS is. But since you aren't actually reading what I'm saying, there's really no point to this. You keep supporting those top-notch posters!