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Midnight Release armed security ROCKS....not.

So tonight I have the glorious job of providing armed security at the local GameStop for the midnight release of MW3. Hopefully I don't get murdered by rabid 15 year olds waiting for their copy.

What's ridiculous is that parents will actually let their children do this, ON A SCHOOL NIGHT!

Oh well. Over-time is over-time.

GameSpot, you have a celebrity in your midst!

Thursday's episode of Red Eye featured my letter during the mail-time segment. Here's the video uploaded by my phone. The quality isn't too good, but it's proof. :P

Needless to say, I almost choked on my energy drink while watching this in the break room. It seriously made my night. Greg Gutfeld is my freakin' HERO.

EA owned E3. Hands down.

A lot of people like to compare the console making companies when deciding who won E3. I think that's just an excuse to not give EA credit where credit is due.

Let me start by saying WOW to NFS: Hot Pursuit. The intro video gave me goose-bumps! This could be because I'm actually a cop, but oh my god, that video was sick.

Dead Space 2 looks like nothing but an improvement from the first. The thrills are still there, and it's as beautiful as ever. Not MY kind of game, but definitely a major contender to the horror-genre.

Medal of Honor was, simply put, amazing to behold. The multiplayer game-play is as slick as you would expect coming from the triumphant DICE, and it's certainly going to be a major step-up from all existing modern military FPSes. EA Gunclub adds a loyalty program to EA's games, and guess what? It's working on me. The quality of DICE's multiplayer is enough to sell me on any of their games. EA Gunclub only gives me more incentives to do what I already want to do.

EA MMA scored some major points with me. I wasn't really looking forward to it, but after seeing the conference and what their plans are concerning EA Sports live broadcast, I'm nothing short but BLOWN AWAY. Can you imagine the feeling of fighting an opponent while thousands of people watch you? I can't, but I would die to find out.

EA Active 2's intro video pumped, me, up! This is a product I would use, and probably enjoy very much. Boxing on the kinect? Sign me up!

Now I'm not a fan of Madden, but I have to give EA Sports credit where credit is due. They're going to make games quicker, throw in 3vs3 online multiplayer, and make it simpler all around. If that can't get people hooked, nothing they do ever will.

The Sims 3 to consoles? Amen, brother. Bring it on. That video at the end? The epitome of what The Sims 3 is all about.

Crysis 2...well, it looks beautiful, but what have they done to make sure people's PCs can actually run this? I might have to get it on the console just to be safe.

Bulletstorm might be the only gripe I have with the EA conference. Grabbing people with laser lassos? Uh...really? Kicking them off edges? Nothing new. Everything about Bulletstorm is just that, nothing new. I'll have to wait on reviews for that, and see some multiplayer footage first.

Now onto my baby, Star Wars The Old Republic. I can't help but being slightly disappointed at the lack of information given to us by Lucasarts and Bioware. While every player being able to own a personal starship is cool, I was really hoping for a bit more. That nagging feeling in the back of my mind that they might be hiding unpleasant news from us is still very much in over-drive. The cinematic trailer showing the Republic defeating the Sith on Alderaan, and the announcement of a Spring 2011 launch-date absolutely made my day.

All in all, I am extremely impressed with Electronic Arts at E3 this year. The amount of quality games this company seems to be releasing is staggering compared to the mediocre announcements of all the other companies, and that is why I believe EA owned E3.

Why hack and slash action games need to go away.

I consider myself an average gamer. I go to work, I come home, spend time with my wife, and what little time I have to myself I throw in my most recent purchase, or a game that I absolutely love playing. I'm not the pickiest of gamers, but It's a bad economy and I can't risk 60 bucks on a game that's almost certain to warrant only one play-through.

Most recent hack and slash action games seem to be just that: one play-through wonders. It's fun the first time but then you're left with: Well, what do I do with it now? If you're an achievement *****, you go back and get all the ones you missed. Aside from that, it probably goes into your pile while you tell yourself you'll play it some other time. And if you're like me, it's three months down the road when you say: I can trade THAT in because I KNOW I won't be playing it again.

This is why hack and slash action games need to go away. Preferably to a dark cave and die.

I know we're all different. We all have certain genres that we're more partial to than others. Some people like JRPGs and think anybody who doesn't like them are weird. Some people like WRPGs and think those who like JRPGs are creepy. What we all can agree on---hopefully---is that a game isn't worth $60 to play through once and unfortunately, a lot of these recent action games fit that bill.

Games like Prototype and inFamous. Darksiders and Dante's Inferno. I'd mention God of War 3 but that game had such ridiculous production value it could not possibly be classified as a one play-through wonder. These games are, quite honestly, a waste of your money if you're a person like me who likes to get the most bang for his time spent playing a game.

This is why I shake my head in disappointment at the announcement of games like Splatterhouse and Knights Contract. They fit the bill SO PERFECTLY of been there and done that it's appalling that gamers will actually look at the trailer for Splatterhouse and think that it could possibly---REMOTELY---be a good game.

Of course I could be wrong and these two games will break the mold with something special...but I doubt it.

How about you developers make an RPG that people will play for years instead of a hack and slash that we'll play for months? That seems like a better use of your time. But hey, what do I know? I'm just a consumer.