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My Top Ten Video Games of All Time

Alright, I've worked long and hard on this. Trying to put in a list your all time favorite anything is very very hard. So I've compiled a list of my favorite video games that I've ever played and I'll give a little description of why I chose each.

1) Super Mario Bros. Series(NES, SNES)- I shouldn't have to tell you why this is my number 1. That plumber, his brother, toadstool, yoshi and the princess have been apart of my gaming since day one..............well not yoshi. This is what 2d side scrolling is all about and fun that lasts forever.

2) Street Fighter II(Arcade,SNES)- I will kick anyones ass with Ryu, I have played Street Fighter II on every system it has came out for since it came out on the Arcade. I used to spend my Saturdays at a local Stop and Rob putting quarter after quarter into that game to post my name in the High Score bracket.

Metal Gear Solid(PSX)- At my age of 17 when this game came out my friends laughed at me because of the amount of excitement I had. I went to best buy for a month straight, when I finally got the game, it changed the way I looked at video games for the future.

4) Madden NFL(SNES,PSX,PS2,Xbox,Xbox360)-I've played madden for almost 2 decades. Enough Said

5) Zelda: A Link To The Past(SNES)- I'm not an RPG fan or anything close, but this game when it came out was so much fun to play that I borrowed it from a friend and traded him my Street Fighter II. The game sucks you in from the start with it's story and never stops until Gannon is finished.

6) Resident Evil Series (PSX,PS2,Gamecube)- The first time the zombie munching on a body, turns, then growls staring at you was a pretty defining moment in my gaming career. They have just upped the bar with each game.

7) Tomb Raider (PSX)- This is what a "3rd person game" is all about, running, jumping, shooting, climbing, swimming, solving puzzles and a great story. There hasn't been a tomb raider game I haven't played.

8) Splinter Cell Series (Xbox,Xbox360)- Stealth, Action, Thermal Goggles, Night Vision Goggles, High Tech Weapondry. This was the first game I ever played on my shiny new Xbox and haven't not had the money to buy every game since

Ninja Gaiden(Xbox)- This was next-gen to me, from the graphics to gameplay this game had it all. When I worked at gamestop they had a video playing showing off the water and some fight scenes. It just blew my mind the things this game did right. When you can't even get past the first boss with like 10 tries you know you're in for a good game.

10) Sonic The Hedgehog(Genesis)- This is what Mario is to the NES, IMO. It's one of those games where there are no continues, you get 3 lives, that's it, unless you get a high score or find extra men. It was just fun spinning going through the loops with the incredible stages.