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Don't buy from GameStop

Help this man stop Gamestop and buy your games somewhere else. Also, tell your friends to also

This is an ex-employee telling us about the don'ts and don'ts (not a grammar error) of GameStop: Called Zero Originality

These videos show what really goes on at GameStop, such as them selling a Used game, for only $5 less than the New price, that scratched up and smells like it was owned by Cheech & Chong

Anyone who likes Zero Punctuation will love these videos

Anyway here's the videos

Episode 1-1
Episode 1-2

Episode 2-1
Episode 2-2
Episode 3-1
Episode 3-2
Episode 3-3
Episode 3-3
Episode 3-4

Please don't go to GameStop. Spend your money elsewhere, even at cheaper prices

Gettin close to a ban

So I got somewhat of a final warning from Jordan after I got my mod for a 3 day suspension. Not surprising since I already have about 68 mods. Anyway, if I suddenly leave Gamespot it is because I will be banned (unless I say otherwise). If I do get banned I will not try to return in anyway for obvious reasons as I cant use the same sig.

So this is an early farewell. I will still be posting but I will be watching myself

Goin on Vacation

Hey guys I am going to the beach for about a week 8)

Im posting this in case the shore house doesnt have wifi.....or a computer

Anyways be back about next sunday

I'm expecting a lot of moderations in my inbox so don't disappoint me mods

- Wolfy out :)

The Sig Funeral!

If some of you were wondering why my sig is different please read: The mods removed my sig because the site (which will be reffered to as Site X) that was stamped on the gif led to pr0n. This is true but you have to click a button and also have to verify your age. I'm not going to argue with the mods about that though. If someone with photoshop would like to help me revive that gif and get Site X removed off of it I would be very grateful. But until that happens I would like to have a moment of silence for the japanese girl making wierd faces. . . . . . Thank you For anyone wondering why I'm making a big deal out of this, it's because I intended to keep that sig for as long as I would appear on GS but that dream was crushed by the mods. As of now it is replaced by another wierd face japanese girl but it's not half as memorable as the old one. Again if anyone with photoshop would like to help me get Site X off the sig please feel free R.I.P Funny Face Japanese Girl June ?, 2008- August 1st, 2008 Yes I dont remember exactly when I started the sig but the earliest I tracked it back to was June 9th (according to my inbox)

Brawl Review and FC

Hey guys I just wanted to let you know that I have my Brawl Review up. Scroll to my reviews and Check it out

Also here is my FC: 1418 6374 0906

Name is Wolf

Tell me if you add me. I don't have too much space on friends list.

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