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Dec 19 - Realized I'm on a path to darkness

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DEC 19

My first blog post. The first thing I do is change the font from Times New Roman to the much softer Arial.

This was a decision I made years ago and I'm sticking to it.

I believe I lost Lady Death earlier this week. While that means nothing to anyone but me, its my burden and my burden alone.

I should have started this blog when i took gamespot serious. However I will admit it was the excitment of the console launch that has led me to become a regular user.

This post will be long since it is my first since mid November.

My original intention on here was not to take sides, flame, or start wars. I simply came here for information. But the temptation to fight and pwn others on here was too tempting, too satisfying.

At first I too was sick of PS3 fanboys and the hype. So much bragging, so much confidence. Little did they know that Sony themselves would become their own worst enemy. Such few units, such few good games...leaving them wide open for the 360 fans to chew them to pieces like a pack of jackals on a wounded animal.

It was becoming clear that 360 was no longer the hunted, but now the hunter. One almost feels sorry for the PS3 fanbase, as one felt sorry for Darth Vader when he died. You quickly forget all the wrong doings and arrogance of the past.

The key word is 'almost'.

The day I went down the dark road of no return was when I posted a sarcastic post sticking up for PS3. I ended the post with 'xbox rulez!' and the next day I discovered I was on a 5 day ban.

Now I understood the barbaric nature of the forum posts.

During my ban I could have helped people find their Wii's and PS3's. Some were asking questions that I had answers to, but I could not help.

Revenge was something I could have resisted in the past, but after being contiminated with forum too much already, revenge was now a priority.

I soon discovered how easy it was to get someone banned. Targeting only PS3 fanboys, I gave their posts special attention. After submitting a violation and receiving the message telling me thanks for making them aware, it was now a mission. And a satisfying one at that. I would report one, two, sometimes three a day. All PS3 'cows'. All clearly in violation.

Would XBOX fanboys be next? Wii fanboys? Time will tell. But as of yet it has not been necessary.

But I vowed to myself that among all this chaos, I would always remain true and grounded. I would never announce that i had a system that I did not really have, or invent stories that did not exist or create a backhanded post supposedly praising a console or game but between the lines actually bashing it.

This has paid off. For my next hobby was 'busting' fake fanyboys using their own words against them. And when they get mad or embarrassed because of this, they toss an insult. And then I get another 'banned user' under my belt. I wish I could paint a symbol on a plane for each one shot down like a flying ace.

Currently I have SEVEN fanboys shot down. Will they be for the wiser? Time will tell.

As of this writing I am Level 11 at 6.63%

Farewell Lady Death, for we can never be equals, but I am proud to serve thee. I await your return...

Update: My number of bans is now up to EIGHT. I feel a little lame about this one since it was someone posting an anti-gamespot thread, no clear insults to anybody. Reminded me of censorship. I'm already over it.


DEC 20

Another day and the violence in the forums grow. Lemmings are taking over, if they haven't already. They are responsible one after the other for anti-wii/anti-ps3 posts. They should not care so much about the other consoles, yet they do not letup.

The constant bagering of the lemmings has led me to progress to not only ban cows, but lemmings as well. In fact, at this point even sheeps are not safe. Today I reported one lemming and I am positive he will be banned.

Still no word from Lady Death. Everything is darker now. Just when it could be no blacker, the absence of her darkens my already dimming soul. She was the cause of my downfall in the first place, and while her presence was the cause of the blackness, her absence makes it worse. The only way to have ever won was to never to have played..

Lemmings, Cows, and Sheeps. Whoever banned me a month ago awoke a sleeping giant.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. (Well, maybe not so equal).

Does my continuation of banning spread the desire? Possibly. But maybe everyone is not as twisted with revenge as I.

DEC 21


Getting bored with the forums. Same old things being said, nothing profound, too many trolls. Got one banned the second topic i went to. He deserved it.

I got my 'old school' badge back. I had it once and it went away. It went away after I entered in all my GC games. Then it came back for no reason. how long do the holiday badges last? Im still at Level 11 at 29%. Its taking too long to progress. Lady Death, tomorrow I hope to hear from you since Friday is usually the day. However, I dont count on it. And thats ok. Its probably for the best. I need to get back to playing Baiton Kaitos, but life gets in the way. I traded my game time for exercise, and its a good trade. Already I see results. Like John C. McGinley said 'Anyone can get in shape. It's staying in shape thats the hard part.' I play standing up now to burn more calories. It works. You get used to it shortly. During a fight or FMV, I do deep knee squats. My legs are so much stronger now. Have to remember to log in Monday morning in hopes of getting an xmas badge.

DEC 22


Another PS3 banned and they don't know where its coming from. Now I mostly don't even comment in the thread where I suggest the ban. A cowardly act? Maybe. But not so much as being efficient and enjoying an ambush strike.

I heard from Lady Death and nothing has changed. The reason for abscense was being busy. Makes perfect sense.

Played more Baiten Kaitos. Characters are getting stronger, but story is slow