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Deux EX : Human Revolution

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I ddn't know what to blog about so I said maybe I could talk a little about the game I am currently playing.. To begin with the game is not bad.. The controls are precise although frame rate drops are un countable.. Me being playing it at dx 11 with tesellation on might cause such fps drops.. The game is easy to learn with many tutorials during game play.. To directly describe the game it very much combines the action from Splinter cell -conviction and the rpg stuff from Mass effect 2.. In the later the rpg is perhaps more incorporated into alternating texts which is nothing to mention anyway. The game , however, seriously is hard. 2 or 3 bullets and you are done. One thing I liked is that you can choose whether to play the misson in stealth mode or in action mode. You also can choose what type of inventory you would like to have before the mission starts.Learning curve is good as I mentioned earlier however learning time might not be analogous. The story seems to be nice and is genarally easy to follow. I hope I will be enjoying the game until its end..
Cheers All.. Testing

Mirror's edge 2

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I am seriously looking forward for this game to be developed..

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