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MOBAs , The broken system and how to fix it.

Hello everyone , this is my first blog and i decided to talk about something that is way too popular right now : MOBAs (or ARTS , or DOTA clones) doesn't really matter , anyways , i am not here to talk about the gameplay , i am here to talk about how unfair MOBAs can get , and how they can make a turn for the better.

First of all , I've played all the popular ones : LoL , Dota and HoN.

Yup , same community , doesn't really matter which one , rude players are all over the place , abusive chat , elites acting like the game was made for them , it's all the same (i played over 500 matches of LoL and 600 of Dota , believe my words , the matchmaking level doesn't even matter) it's almost 100% positive you'll get a rude player/ragequitter/elitist in the team , and it goes on.

But the report system was made to fix that , right ?

it was made to do so , but it isn't working.

Instead , the report system is used for rage-filled players to spill their rage over others , you left the game ? reported for communication abuse , you built something your "teammate" doesn't like ? reported for intentional feeding , but , the report system isn't blind , and takes something other than reports into consideration , right ?

Wrong , it acts like this : the more reports you get , the bigger the punishment.

But why ? , why does the report system work like that , i mean , sure, tons of reports are sent , but it has got to be less blind  , or at least , make a better way of recognizing who actually did something and someone who got rage-reported.


Example , the GGeasy case , and how the LoL players deal with it , and players are split between GGeasy being "disrespectful and hateful" and "it's a game , lol noobs" which makes the tribunal a bit weird , because it doesn't follow a set of rules , instead , it follows opinions .

On the other hand , we got the Valve report system , which because of a recent update , takes away your communicating privileges because of a bunch of reportes got thrown at you . (limiting you to 3 reports everyday doesn't matter , the only thing this system means is : the more friends you have , the more people you can mute)

Now , since both systems aren't doing their job , what could be the fix ? 

I got it , a system that takes into consideration what actually happened.

A person got reported for intentional feeding , how many times did he die ? 5 ? that doesn't seem like intentional feeding.

Communication abuse , check the chat records or if the players even used voice chat , yes , no ?

Another huge problem with MOBAs is leavers , either ragequitters or just people who lost their connection , the system tends to deal with them well , however , they still do ruin matches, and no fix was found...

until now , The White Knight system.

Sure, Rise Of Immortals isn't the best or most polished MOBA out there , however , it brings a great idea to the table , that might be the end of leaving problems , one of your teammates left ? it's ok , another player will take over , the skill level of that player doesn't matter , however  , you are no longer a -1 team , you are a full team again.

Communities were always the weak point of MOBAs , however , not a single company focused on a fix , instead , they foucsed on punishments on leavers , instead of returning the balance to a match that was a promising one at it's begining.

There isn't really an obivious fix for all the MOBA games problems , however , it would be better if companies foucsed on how to fix the system instead of trying to releease new content ASAP , it'll probably not just make the game better for everyone , but fetch some new players who are leaving because of how bad the community is.