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playstation sucks. playstation has mediocer graphics, a bad controller and an allround terrible system. And the PSP is mediocer when compared to the DS or for that matter the Nintendo 64. The PSP like the counsel version is a terrible controller. the only reason anyone could want a PSP is for the videos and the internet. buy a freakin cell phone or something. And for the next gen systems, the only good one is the X Box 360. The revolution is ok for the old game's downloads, but who in their right mind wants to play games with a controller that looks like it's for a tv. And the PS3 will deliver the same disapointing graphics to the next gen audiance. To sum it up Playstation systems are and will allways be the worst of the counsel systems.Please don't buy playstation systems for your own good. P.S. I am now ready to receive hate mail from all those who love playstation and the PSP.