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GTA warm up before GTA IV

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I'm one of the guys who are waiting for GTA IV. But unlike others I have plenty to do before the game will be released the sixteenth of october. I have made a plan how to warm up before the game will be released.

I own every GTA game that has been released so far (yes, I own GTA Advance) and now I'm playing them all to the top so i can say when GTA IV comes out: "Now I own every GTA game and I have won them all!"

I haven't finished GTA 1, but have beaten GTA London 1969. Don't have much left of GTA 2, have finished GTA III, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, GTA Liberty City Stories. Now I'm playing GTA Vice City Stories and just a few days ago I got myself the GTA Advance. So I have a big job ahead of me but I'm going to finish it, the school can wait for me!