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Sup Gamespot guys?!?!?!!

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Yo!! I haven't logged in on this website in almost 2 YEARS NOW. I been gone a looong time. But i'm here noww weeeeeeeee. How is everyone doing?!? Haven't talked to any of you in so long! I might get back to writing reviews like I used to do. I had a lot of fun doing that in the past and i've gotten PLENTYYYY of games to review since the last review I posted here.

Sup my Hoes?!?!

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It's been 10 months since i've really even been on this site, or logged in at least. I come back from time to time to check reviews and stuff, but I rarely ever log in anymore. So what's been goin on?

First time logged in, in about 7 months

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So how's it going all? My life's been crappy. Bad things left, and right. My personal relationships went down the drain, my bike has been damaged onmore than 1 occasion, and my grades in school arent so great. My life isn't going so good right now, and i've just been depressed more than anything for a few months now. But enough about me, what about you guys?


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Havent been on in a looooota months. Just been bored with this. Not a whole lot of changes lately, but I got a ps3. Its pretty good. Guitar hero metallica is awesome, and I got a 2008 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R. I love it. So whats been going on?

Me no has Xbox 360 =(

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I'm sending in my system for repair on Monday. So i'll be 360-less for 2-3 weeks. =( This sucks..

A few new games.

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Yesterday I borrowed Rainbow Six Vegas 1, and Army of Two from my friend, and I bought Condemned 2: Bloodshot. I will say little short reviews on what I think of them so far.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas for Xbox 360 - Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas Xbox360 Game - Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas Xbox 360 Video Game

Rainbow Six Vegas: I do not like this game at all. I am not a fan of such tactical squad based gameplay, so that if you have no one else to play with, you must rely on the stupid A.I to help you. It's live is okay, but my favorite thing is probably doing terrorist hunt missions. Overall, since this isnt my type of game, I give it a 5/10. But I wont give it a review since it would be biased as I dont like the genre.

Army of Two for Xbox 360 - Army of Two Xbox360 Game - Army of Two Xbox 360 Video Game

Army of Two: I like this game a bit. Its not one of my favorite games, but I do like it. This game really shines if you have somebody else to play it with, otherwise it's not nearly as fun and in my opinion not even worth buying. It's live is pretty fun to because like a few other games out there, you can have a guest play with you, which is always fun. Overall, this game is pretty cool. The main problem I have with it is that its really short. I beat the main story mode in 1 day. But still its recommended. 8/10

Condemned 2: Bloodshot for Xbox 360 - Condemned 2: Bloodshot Xbox360 Game - Condemned 2: Bloodshot Xbox 360 Video Game

Condemned 2: Bloodshot: Now this was my gaming highlight of the week. I loved the first condemned and I think that this game improves upon the first in almost every aspect. The fighting system is MUCH better, the investgating system is a lot funner, and the game is still just as creepy as the first. I havent beaten it yet, but im almost 1/2 way, and ive jumped many times already. But my favorite part of this game is the live. I didnt think live on a game like condemned would work out to well, but most of the modes are really fun. Bum Rush mode is pretty fun, Team Deathmatch is horrible because the maps are REALLY small, you practically spawn in an enemies face, deathmatch is pretty cool, mass chaos all the time. But Crime scene is the best one. Whether you're hunting around for the box with the head in it, or you're hiding and protecting it, it is so much fun either way. I would HIGHLY recommend this game if you like horror games. I will be typing a review for this game hopefully within a couple of weeks if I can get it beat. This game so far gets a 9.3/10 from me.

Well thats it, army of two I might write a review for, vegas I will not, and I definetely will be for condemned so be looking out for those two. Please comment, thanks!

Super Smash Brothers Brawl!

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I love this game! I got it today. I have put about 3 1/2 hours into it so far and love it so far. I should have a review up within a few days, when I finish the SSE, and do some other things around the game. What do you guys think of it?(who have it)

Dynasty Warriors 6

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I'm getting this game for sure near when it comes out. I love hack and slash games but not many other people do. Do any of you?

Dynasty Warriors 6 for Xbox 360 - Dynasty Warriors 6 Xbox360 Game - Dynasty Warriors 6 Xbox 360 Video Game

Rock Band

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For some reason, I never really got into this game, but seeing that the metallica pack has ride the lightning just sparked my interest. Im going to get everything that it comes with minus the drums. My friends have the drums so if I have to , ill borrow if from them. About 3 of my friends have the drums too, but most have had to get a replacement pedal(which they say gets annoying). Also, I tryed it at a circuit city and I have to say im not a huge fan of the drums. So im just getting the game. I already have 2 guitar hero guitars I can use for the guitar/bass and i dont realyl like the feel of the strat anyway. And as for the mic, I will just use my 360 headset. So pretty much im good. Im getting the game probably by this saturday, so anyone who has this game, please give me some feedback on it, like if you like/how much, how the songs are etc. I will play with/against you sometime, But im going to have to get used to those rectangle notes for a bit. =P