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40 years!

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They say time flies when your having fun. I guess I've been having to much fun. 40 years ago tomorrow (22nd) my parents brought me into this world. Yep! I said 40. When I look around the site at the ages of other members, I feel like I made a wrong turn somewhere and ended up in junior high. I think I've only seen about 6 other memebers over the age of 20. But, I've had fun over the years. I was just thinking, when was the last time I, or any of us, thanked our parents for the lives we've had. People give you cards on your birthday. Have you ever given someone else a card on your birthday. Thanking them for the things they have done for you, taught you, that got you this far. Something to think about.

Happy Birthday to any others who have reached another milestone in lifes journey.

God Bless!
and Thank You! to all of you who have decided to be friends with me, and make the gaming experience a fun time.


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Thank you to all those who've helped me overcome "convivial" and become popular. Here's to maintaining long lasting friendships.

New Game!

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:D I just got my copy of  Glory of the Roman Empire. Hopefully I'll be able to get in installed and have time to play tonite. Should have brought my laptop to work with me today. I could have installed it here, and then be ready to play when I got home. Maybe I can install in my work PC. I can play on one monitor and work on the other. :D


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I was just going into my profile to check to into any updates. I noticed a badge that looked different. On closer inspection I discovered I have become CONVIVIAL. Sounds like some kind of disease. But I guess it means I have managed to acquire a number of friends. So, thank you, to all those who where willing enough to make me a friend and for giving/making me convivial.

Rise of Legends update

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I managed to complete the campaign last night. I know for most gamers, thats no big deal. For me and my relatively short gaming career that was a first. (event it was just on the easy setting) I usually don't get to spent that much time just playing around. I have to go back and play it again at more difficult setting. I waiting for my Glory of the Roman Empire to arrive. So I don't know it I will wait and play it, or concentrate on the Age of Empires III.

Also thinking about trying my hand at Battlefield 2 again. I didn't fair to well the first/last time I played it. But now that I have my CyberSnipa gamepad, I curious to see how that will work out. If I survive the encounter I will let you know. If not, well it was nice knowing everone.


Swimming Pool done!

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The pool is up. It was 3/4 full when I left for work this morning. We put our puppy in it when it had a 2 inches of water. She had a blast running around in, I don't think she wanted to get out. Hopefully tonite, I can lock myself in my room and get back to the business of playing games.


Swimming Pool

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Not going to get much gaming in the next few days :cry:, as I am setting up a pool for my wife. I had to start by putting up extra fencing in order to keep the our dogs away from it. STINKING POOL!  I'm going to try to get it put up quick so she have her pool, and hopefully leave me alone long enough, that I can sneak for a quick campaign of something.

Rise of Legends

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I know some don't think much of this one. But I thought it was good. So much so I stayed up Saturday night to 5:00 Sunday morning playing. The only reason I stopped then, was my laptop decided it had had enough a froze. Only then did I realize what time it was. I played enough last night to complete the first part of the campaign. I made sure I quit in time to goto bed before this morning. When I get off work tonight, I plan to go home and start the next part. We'll see how that goes.

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