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Crysis 3 Beta

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The new crysis 3 beta is so feels very similar to crysis..but these new maps are pretty cool. Can't wait to get this game in a few weeks:)

Achievements in Black Ops

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Currently trying to get the rest of the achievements in Black Ops. I hate those easter egg achievements. The are a pain in the a**:x

Grand Theft Auto V

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GTA V looks like its gonna be a good game. Definitely gonna pre-order it :D

Games Pre-ordered

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Curently got Assassins Creed Brotherhood. Such a fun game. I also got MW3, GOW 3, and Battlefield 3 pre-ordered. Can't wait. 5 more weeks of summer left.

Almost Christmas

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Getting Red Dead Redemption, Mass Effect 2, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour for Christmas. Going to be awesome.

Xbox 360 RROD

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I just recently got the Red Ring on my xbox. Now I got to send it to microsoft.:x Any Body think I should buy an arcade And put my old hard drive on it?