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Add Me On PSN

I KNOW its been forever since Ive done anything on here because I'm just so busy but add me on PSN BANANA_SQAUD (yes i know squad is spelled wrong) :)

Attack for the Betas and PSN hackers With a Side of Nukem

When I looked in the top news section I saw that the socom 4 beta was being released today, then I also found out that the gears of war 3 map beta also released. Its like Beta mania! But in other news that PSN hacker that we all heard about last month is also getting sued by sony. Which is pretty funny because I have a couple of friends who tried hacking into the PS3 and got permanantly banned from PSN. I told them that sony also charges a fine of 1,ooo bucks with that ban. They all started to freakout. HA. On the brightside sony raised a boat load of money for japan becasue of there relief for japan theme, which I thought was nice. Am I the only person that has a sketchy feeling about the duke nukem game? I've seen little bits and pieces of it and it looked ok. But I remember when Jace Hall infiltrated there offices and the world found out that they were working on there WoW accounts and not the game :(. That just made me laugh though...

Yes they did breach and clear his house...

Picking Up Some New Games For My Wii

Lately I haven't playedd my wii that much because I was just so busy with other things, but now I have decided to come back. I'll just start off by saying that I'm not a motion controller type of guy. I perfer a controller that I can hold in my hand and have to not constatnly move it around. So I will be picking up goldeneye 007 (the special edition). Also maybe super smash brothers brawl or I might just wait for the Conduit 2 to come out. Im going to be playing all of these games with my wii classic controller pro (which I love). but until i pick up those games lately Ive just been playing mario kart wii with the gamecube controller 9 which fits nicely in my hand :) ). OH I almost forgot to tell you about my recent purchase: I got this Call Of Duty warchest that has Call Of Duty 1 and 2 in it. Yeah I'm a collector.

New gamertag HELP

I need some help getting a good name for a gamertag if you guys could help that would be really cool.( And I'll tell you who won)


Pac Man, Tron , and pop tarts.

So lately been playing a lot of pac man CE. pretty adicting if you ask me. I have gotten all of the achievments and and can't stop. I totally recomend this game. and its only 800 microsoft points.

the new tron movie is definatley in my want to see list. also Daft Punk is doing the soundtrack and i cant wait till it comes out!!!!

Pop tarts are my new obbsesion because they are soooo good I love them. Strawberry is off the chain! POP TARTS FOREVER

The Walking Dead

So last night i saw this new tv show called the walking dead. This show is great!! Its a show that is about hardcore zombies. the story line is a masterpiece and the diologue is great to!( execpt for when they dropped the N word)I totally recomend that you see this show. epic Pic

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