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It's time for another post.

I'm proud of myself! I can finally play the hard level in GH3!! :) And my wii's back from repairs. That damn grinding noise and broken disk drive. It kept me from my love for about 1.5 months.

Aside from that, nothing real exciting has went down. I've gotten good at GTA San Andreas as well. I love my slimline. It's light and it's quiet.

I'm sure you don't care anyway. I need to get out more.

Hey there!

I don't think anyone really pays attention to my profile. But anyway, the name's Jess. I've been a member for a little over 2 years here and all I really did was just post in the message boards until my fingers became tired of typing so much, lol. So now I guess I want to become more involved with the gamespot community just like most of the other members are. I figured I want to be known in a good way, so I'll be contributing a lot more now. And now that Nintendo has the crappiest "official" board on the face of the planet, it was a great opportunity for me to return to GS.

Aside from that, a little about me. I am a Nintendo fangirl, though I am starting to love Sony products now too. I just recently bought a PlayStation 2 and I'm enjoying it so much right now. (I'm too broke for a PS3.) Guitar Hero is one of my favourite serieses because I love rock music and it's such an awesome idea. I've been into videogames since the age of 7 and I always used to watch my brother play his old Nintendo Entertainment System when I was younger. (Which is now mine.) My first game was Pokémon Red version, and I still remember the day quite vividly when I bought it. I've also enjoyed the pokémon series ever since then and I still enjoy the games now.

And aside from my addiction to games, there isn't much that's interesting. I'm a high school student and I have a job at a local bagel shop. That's it, pretty much. Well if you were paying attention, then thanks for listening I guess. You'll see me here a lot more, I promise. Whether that's a good thing - I don't know, but whatever happens, happens. If you ever need a friend or anything feel free to drop me a PM. I love hearing from people every once in a while :)