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ive heard rumors but i think they definitely should
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advance wars isnt hard really, unless youre talking about hard mode lol. hm hardest game ... id say uh i honestly dont know lol zx was a little hard at first. i find even with the games that seem hard at first, if you play them enough they get easier and more enjoyable. unless theyre just crap games lol
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Those games suck.but there are 1 game that's even better than the movie, the only Chronicles of Riddick. Oh, and Star war games, they are not bad but also not that greatNeroiam
xmen? anyway in my experience movie games always suck if i see a movie game taht looks interesting i find im usually better off to not get my hopes up, havent been impressed by a movie game yet. they are just cheap ways to milk the movies for all theyre worth before every one forgets about it.
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bigger screens and faster hardwareWaza19
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dam that is one cool cake
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another brick in the wall by korn is like 9 mins sumthin
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Awwww... I thought this was going to be a serious topic sparking a philosophical debate. Well I'll go ahead and make it into one.

Plato. (Generic, I know)

start one ...
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Realistic how? STALKER, for example, is filled with mutants and the like.

Call of Duty 4 seems pretty accurate, although I've never gone to war before.

yea id agree with you there CoD4 would have to be the most realistic shooter ive played