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pick a sig, any sig

mkay so i made a few sigs and i cant really decide what one to use so heres all of them lol. new zero sig, quite alot done to this one. i think the text is a bit off tho this is my current sig, pretty basic really.  and my newest one is a bass sig(yes im a little obsessed with megaman at the moment) i like it even though it is pink lol

phoenix wright: ace attourney

just got this game, i dont really know whats like but every one seems to think its awesome so i thought id give it a try. better not be as crap as nintendogs lol, i really dont get that game

final fantasy versus 13 extended trailer

[video=diRgkGT85bwEvTPb]this is the extended trailer for final fantasy versus, i may get a ps3 for this game. any way the trailer is about the same as the other ones except with an awesome fight scene

emblem upgrade

woot my tagger emblem went from maker to leader, ooh yea im kool. also been playing some advance wars DS and lozPH almost finished both games, i have a bad habbit of playing games to the point of almost beating them, then getting a new game and totally ignoring my other ones lol.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2

Is anyone Dieing to play this game? ive been waiting for freakin ages an i wanna know when its out. it almost makes me want to walk to my friend kris's house and cut him up. any hoo it shud be good. ^_^


oh yea an holy crap i now know exactly what everybody meant when they told me lvl 20 was the slowest level on GS, 12%? come on lol. its gonna be a slow ... um level .. thing.

Level 20!

woot im now level 20, Metal Slime which is some monster from the dragon quest game series. finally i can feel special lol

So close

haha im on lvl 19 and 99.96% lol. so close yet so far away, oh well guess ill jus wait till tomorrow to feel special lol

level 19!!!

wow that was fast, do you only get exp once a week on GameSpot now? anyway my new ranky thingy is Gitaroo Man which is a game on PS2 and psp what is the really bad lvl again? is it 19 or 20 or sumthin? cos these levels are starting to get pretty crap already lol

heroes finished already!?

heroes season 2 is finished already, at only 11 episodes, why does god hate me? stupid writers strike, but hey season 3 looks cool ^_^ also i got a nice shiny exp boost from gs for not giving me any exp for almost a week