Back again

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Alright its been awhile, and I know that I dont't get on often. Everything has been pretty good lately. Been going to school to be an MA and will be done with that in December. Also I've been playing Final Fantasy 14: Realm Reborn and like it alot so far. So if anyone plays it. My character name is Epiphony Light on server Siren :)


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So I move into my apartment tomorrow!!!And even better, Brendan, my husband will be home Friday night. I haven't seen him in about a month. I miss him so much. I'm looking forward to a new start with him and hoping that we stay happy. Even though I know I will.So tomorrow Ill pick up the keys to the apartment go to work and then start moving things in. I work 11 to 5 which is not a bad shift.Tomorrow will be great, but Friday will be greater :)


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So I was thinking about what would make a new resident evil game, alittle awesome. lol, I love the final Fantasy games and all that but I do love my resident evil games. I think it would be great if they came out with another resident evil game, but more on the older characters like Jill valentine, Chris Redfield. Like the first game, and go back to the zombies. Im tired of playing them and have villagers run at me even if they are infected with something. Don't get me wrong I love Resident evil 4 and 5, but I love theoriginal resident evils better. I miss the puzzle system and having to figure out which key goes where lol. The newer games are just too easy. I heard that the newer may go back to the roots, but itll have probably claire and leon in it. Im tired of seeing Leon honestly I want to see some of the older characters.


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So I move into my new apartment thursday, I can't wait. Im waiting for Brendan to get home from Texas. Apparently, you can get discharged for Insomnia.I guess if you aren't sleeping it can lead to you not being as alert and to other things from what I hear. :(. I think everything will be fine even if its not what we planned on doing. I know its going to be rough for him since that was his dream job, but we will find him a way to be cop without having to go through the military. oh well, I'll be by his side no matter what happens. I just hope that he is able to rest when he gets home. He might be coming home a day earlier than I expected :). Im crossing my fingers for wednesday.

A long time since Ive been on here

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So its definitely been over three years since Ive been on here because I was reading my old blog posts and the last one was talking about Brendan and how we werent dating yet. Well, lets just say about two months after that we started dating and then last Oct. of 2010 we got married! So alot has happened since then. I really love this guy, and he is great towards me. We are still only beginng our life together but I know it'll be great. :)---------

On another topic, my bestfriend went out and bought this one girl a pregency test all because she wants to become pregnant to keep the guy. I told my bestfriend, Haley to tell the girl,Brittney, that its not a very good idea and in the end a baby would only make it worse. But Haley doesn't want to say anything like that to her. i want to speak up but, im pretty sure Brittney wont listen to me about that. How does it feel to have the one you love reject you and then you have to grasp at anything to keep. I couldnt even imagine. I feel sry for her. :(, I'll try to be a friend and be there for her.

Fall Break!!!

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I'm officially on FALL BREAK!!!!!I managed to get through my exams and pass all of them.I made a 99A on my U.S.History exam,a 85B on my world history,90B on my french,and a 80C on my business. Already know my grades for the report card which me teachers told me:I have a 97A in U.S,92A in French,89B in business, and a 89B in world history.And me and Brendan are officially boyfriend and girlfriend,so all my waiting paid off.So far my fall break as be awesome!!!

Confused!LOl, and sick of it.

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OK,the confused part is about my friend Brendan which I already have a blog about,go figure.Well,we're not going out still.But I've talked to him about it and at least that counts.He's still thinking about it I think.But I dunno,cause we flirt alot.ANd what I'm sick of is school.There's too much drama this year.And it's always over stupid stuff

Alittle worried

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Ok,I have this really good friend Brendan.Well,I've liked him for awhile now and he came over today and I told him how I felt about him.He said that he was going to say something but he was afriad that it make come out wrong and that he didn't want my mom to come outside and hear it.SO I'm alittle worried about what's on his mind, since that. And he told me that he's always known that I liked him and that it wasn't a surprise to him

School starts

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:xUnfornately I started school four days ago.I got stuck with boringstuff,but at least I get to see my friends. this semester I have:World History,French2,U.S. History, and Financial Planning.

I hate stupid people and liars.

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Okay,right now I have four horses at my house.One is Three and the owners wanted me to take care of it for them.Well,they got the horse from their neighbor and they were told that this horse was rideable.So when they brought me the horse,they asked me to ride the horse for them but to start him off slow.Well,about two days ago.I put a saddle on the horse and when I tighten it,he started to freak out.He was pulling,rearing, and bucking while he was tied.I was scared that he'd hurt himself or me while I was trying to get him loose and calmed down.Well,after the rope broke and I managed to get him calm,I undid the second rope.I quickly unsaddle him so that if he got away,he wouldn't ruin the saddle.I checked him for any injures,and he only had one.He had a cut right above his eye.I was mad and shaken.Because the people who own this horse was lied to and the horse was for their ten yr old son.And the horse is definitely not rideable.And those people probably just told them that so they'd get rid of a horse they didn't want.So that's why I hate stupid people and liars.

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